What times during the month can you get pregnant? MORE

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You track your cycle for several months to be sure that your cycle is always between 26 and 32 days long. Never longer or (More?) [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-times-during-the-month-can-you-get-pregnant%3F-more ]
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What time during the month can you get pregnant?
During ovulation. it’s like the two or three days before your period when you’re most likely to get pregnant. But really you can get pregnant anytime of month if you’re not careful enough.
Is it true its more likely to get pregnant during different times…?
since i suck, i looked it up on google for you: There are days when a healthy woman is likely to get pregnant, days when she is unlikely to get pregnant, and days when she will not get pregnant from unprotected vaginal intercourse. And ever…
What time during the month are you least likey to get pregnant??
Well, this is the information I have gathered. Chances of getting pregnant around your period are impossible. Sperm can only live for 5 days in the fallopian tubes. Which means IF they get there, they can get you pregnant if you’re due to o…

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My wife may be pregnant or what do you think this is (part 2-we have had more developments)?
Q: My wife and I have been together for 14 years and married for 11 years, so we are ready to have a child. If we are having a miscarriage or some other health issue- I would like to know, so I can do some research to be able to help her understand what is going on (sometimes not understanding something is more scary than the actual situation). Please respond ASAP (she and I are getting pretty nervous).Overall description of the situation:My wife had a two weeklong period (she never has one more than a week) with light bleeding at times and heavy cramping (she says it hurts in her lower abdomen/uterus area) throughout (it has been bothering her for about a month). We thought that it might be implantation bleeding, so we took a urine test (on Tuesday July 14th)- it showed negative. She then went to the doctor for her annual check up (on Friday July 24th) and the blood test came back (on July 27th) indeterminate. We took another urine test and it was still negative (on the 27th). She took a second blood test on July 28th and the test results came back on July 29th showing that her HCG levels were at 10. She normally menstrates sometime during the last week of each month (it varies).She took a third urine test (on July 30th) and it still showed negative. She is now going in for a third blood test (on July 30th) (we are waiting for the results). Overall the symptoms: a longer than usual period, three negative urine tests, abdomen pain for over a month, multiple blood tests without a definitive answer, and low HCG levels. The cramping is now extending all the way across her lower abdomen. She is complaining about lower back and leg pain. She had some back issues in the past/fairly recently, but now we are thinking that they may be related.1. Do you think she is pregnant or what do you think this is?2. Please list what you think it is (with #1. being the most likely) (I want to be able to do some research to help put her mind at ease).Thank you for reading this- any help/info on this matter is greatly appreciated.
A: I am so sorry you are going through this. Yes, bleeding for more than a week is not normal. Nor is bleeding more than once in a month so if she is having either I would want to know why. I know years back I had bled twice in one month and went in to get an ultrasound done. They didn’t find anything but I was glad I went in to check it out. If it were me bleeding for more than a week I would be leaning more towards a cyst, but more because you mentioned low hcg, though a miscarriage is still a possibility especially if the bleeding is heavy or if she is in a lot of pain. I wouldn’t think too much about the negative hpt’s as not all women test positive in the first weeks on being pregnant on a home pregnancy test. I would definitely go for an ultrasound internal and external if possible. I should tell you though that if she did have a miscarriage she may need a D&C to remove anything left in her (which may be causing her the pain). Those are really the only things I can think of at the moment but will update if I can think of anything else. For now though try to have her relax, whatever it is the doctors will find it and fix it. Good Luck.
please help, no rude comments, i have a problem dealing with alcohol during pregnancy.?
Q: i am not an ignorant person, yes i know that it is VERY EXTREMELY bad to continuously drink while you are pregnant, but i literally haven’t drank ANY alcohol for the past 4 months. i am 5 months pregnant i didn’t know i was pregnant the first month and obviously had been drinking alot, the baby is fine but i don’t know WHAT is wrong with me i am going completely and utterly insane without drinking liquor. i can’t go anywhere i literally just sit in my apartment ALL day if i have no classes to go to for college and listen to music thinking about drinking EVERY day. the first month or two without drinking was okay but right now i am just going totally mental i don’t know what to do my vision is getting all crazy i get light headed i can’t even eat i feel nauseas if i think about eating a lot of food. i eat about one meal every two days and a bowl of cereal. i’m about to crack i don’t want to feel like shit about it, but i just REALLY need to drink some fucking liquor i never thought it would be this bad. and when i think about having to go another FOUR MONTHS without it??! let alone another week i’m going nuts. i read articles and did some research about women in the 1600’s 1800’s etc. back then and they would drink wine almost every day when they were pregnant.. so i don’t see what a few drinks will do. i’m trying to care as much as i can, but i really am about to just go out and get 3 bottles of vodka and just DRINK them. you don’t understand, i used to drink EVERY day and when i wouldn’t drink everyday it would be at least every weekend. it’s like i am obsessing over it. so i guess what my question is, is drinking only ONE or TWO times really THAT harmful during a pregnancy? some people drink waaay more than that when they were pregnant and it was all fine. another thing is i’m not even showing on my stomach at all it’s really weird. if i’m 5 months and not showing.. anyways, and if you comment this telling me i’m an alcoholic who needs therapy, i’ve been to many counselling sessions, but it must just be in my genes because i CAN’T get rid of craving it. i just need to drink some liquor asap. does anyone have any factual advice about drinking during pregnancy any leniency for me if it is okay to drink sparingly at least. please do not comment this saying no drinking is good during pregnancy, i know that, i just want to know if there is ANY other information out there. thanks.
A: Speak to your doctor about it. I don’t know if they could do drug therapy since you are pregnant, but that’s probably the best source of information on how to deal with the cravings. Some women drink a glass of wine while pregnant, not every day but on occasion. It doesn’t sound like this would work for you- if you are already having trouble resisting, having a glass of wine would not be likely to sate you and it could spiral out of control. Whatever you take into your body will also be taken into your baby’s. I would not risk it- you’ll only increase the chances of your baby having fetal alcohol syndrome and all of the health problems that are related to it. Motherhood is hard enough, you don’t want to have to deal with that, not to mention the quality of life for your child will be compromised. You can make it without alcohol– if not forever, for the rest of your pregnancy. It’s hard now, but you’re probably going through the worst of withdrawal. Talk to your doctor and here are some hotlines that could offer advice, support, information, etc. Good luck, and be strong.National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome at 1-800-66-NOFAS (666-6327)National Clearinghouse for Alcohol & Drug Information (800-729-6686)National Alcohol & Drug HopeLine 1-800-NCA-CALL (622-2255)
What is with people saying you are more likely to get pregnant with twins while breastfeeding?
Q: I keep reading it on here. I have never heard that before. Is it true? Can anyone give me a reason or some documented proof? I am breastfeeding my 23 month old son and trying to get pregnant. I got pregnant with him while breastfeeding my daughter (she was 6 months at the time). While I was pregnant with him and nursing her I heard lots of people’s opinions about nursing during pregnancy, but never the thing about conceiving twins.I thought it was dumb too. As far as I know breastfeeding suppresses ovulation, not the opposite.
A: Breastfeeding has nothing to do with twinning. If you have twins in your family your odds increase but that is the only reason that you would be more likely to have twins.
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