What vitamins do you need to take if your trying to get pregnant

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Vitamins to take before trying to get pregnant would be prenatal vitamins. They combine many different vitamins found in food. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-vitamins-do-you-need-to-take-if-your-trying-to-get-pregnant ]
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When do I need to start taking vitamins before trying to get preg…?
start taking them now.yes the one a day is good for now

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Do you NEED to take vitamins when your pregnant?
Q: My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. Should I be taking vitamins now? Or only if I get pregnant? And if so then what kind of vitamins? Will the doctor recommend something?
A: You don’t Need to take vitamins right now but it helps! I would start taking Prenatals. That will help get your body ready for baby and get your folic acid levels up. When I was ttc I went ahead and started my prenatals, their good for you and besides you’ll have healthy hair and nails!
Women please help me im going through a really upsetting time now, i need 2 hear your experiences with pcos?
Q: Hi everyone.. Well i have been crying for good part of an hour now, i just cant seem to stop. Everything just feels so hopeless, i feel so alone, and so let down by my own body. I am crying because i am scared i will never be able to have kids, i am quite young though please don’t judge me on that, i have experienced things most adults wouldn’t in their entire life time.. So guess you could say i have grown up quite quickly, i have been trying for a baby about 3-4 years and last year found out i’ve got PCOS.. I am not overweight, though yes, i admitt i have a LOT of sugar in my diet which i am trying to change; can anyone suggest a diet to help get me pregnant?? And any vitamins too?? I was thinking of trying Wild Yam tablets, Maca powder and something called DHEA which i am not sure about though think that is also some kind of vitamin.. Women, have any of you on here been able to reverse your PCOS and get your normal ovaries back, i heard that is possible, if so what steps did you take in order to achieve this. This is my ultimate goal and the hope i cling onto.. Also, even if you didnt reverse the condition, what diets/ vitamins did you take which helped you to concieve? Please help me i beg you, im quite tired from crying but im gonna sit here and wait to see if i get any responses tonight.. Many thanks x
A: Your doctor should be able to help you, First You can go on birth control for about 3-6 months to help shrink the cysts on your ovaries. I know that sounds horrible when you are trying to conceive but it actually works. Also you can get on metformin that helps with regulating your hormones and then there is clomid that also forces you to ovulate. There is a diet that you should follow that mainly says cut out carbs and NO caffeine. Caffeine is a big no no for PCOS
taking prenatal vitamins even if your not pregnant?
Q: i was just wondering if it’s okay to start take pre-natal vitamins even if your not pregnant, and not trying to get pregnant or anything, just taking them like you would take any other daily vitamin. im not trying to get pregnant or anything, i just wanna know if it would benifit me personally.im also a vegetarian so i dont get alot of the vitmains/nutrients needed from meat or whatever. will taking these help give me the vitamins im not recieving from not eating meat?what will all these vitamins do?im just really curious. haha
A: nothing, you just get extra iron. if that’s what you want.
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