What vitamins should women take when trying to get pregnant

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Folic Acid, B6, B12, Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin E should be taken. You should also eat well to maintain your weight. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-vitamins-should-women-take-when-trying-to-get-pregnant ]
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What vitamins should women take when trying to get pregnant?
Folic Acid, B6, B12, Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin E should be taken. You should also eat well to maintain your weight.

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Been trying to get pregnant for a year now..So I decided to start taking Folic Acid But..?
Q: I dont know which one to get….I read its good for babys development and is good to take before you start trying (i know im alittle passed that) but im just reading and seen women should take folic acid when trying and when pregnant..so it wouldnt hurt to try right? anywho i dont know which one to get i found one on the gnc website 1 is 1000 another is 800 and another is 400 i kinda dont know what the numbers mean..but i wanna get the best one…and i also read something about a B6 vitamin..can someone tell me what that is please if you know..thx….oh and also can my fiance take the folic acid to or is it just for women??? thankyou and godblessxoxoheres how it looks in case you wanted to know…if you suggest something better (with no side affects pleass tell me…just scroll down its the blue bottles that say folic acid http://www.gnc.com/search/index.jsp?kwCatId=&kw=folic%20acid&origkw=Folic%20acid&sr=1
A: I took while ttc my first chile folice acid AND prenatals w/ it in there & concieved in 2 months….so I am doing the same thing this time around…been tryn since nov.1st
I hope I’m pregnant! Do you think I am?
Q: Hey guys. I’ve been pregnant before with a set of twins… but sadly, emotionally, unfortunately, “heartbreakingly” I miscarried them both one by one. During the whole pregnancy I had bleeding not knowing I miscarried the first baby in early pregnancy. Although I am up to getting pregnant again!! So… my fiance an I have been trying our best 🙂 I’ll let in the details. The first day of my last menstrual period was.. January 9th of 2009. It is February 5th 2009. I have indeed been feeling pregnancy symptoms like tender breast, frequent urinations, umm.. I’m sick at the moment.. I’ve been feeling a bit of “moring sickness” I took a nap today for a few hours woke up feeling weird in the chest and esophagus area like I want to puke but not really. I don’t know if it’s just from my cold.. I caught an awful cold it’s a chest cough stuffy nose thing. They are very similar to my past symptoms but it does feel a bit different. I can only notice my breast are a bit tender when I squeeze them. Also, I’m not too sure if stating I’m sick has anything to do with being pregnant although I’m assuming it’s because I’ve been told your immune system isn’t as strong as normal when your pregnant. If me being sick and taking Robitussin is a bad thing, and I should go to a doctor PLEASE LET ME KNOW! 🙂 I’ve been starting to take my prenatal vitamins already. I just want to make sure I have the right amount of folic acid for my baby if I am pregnant. Experiencing another miscarriage would be devastating. I have experienced some “Implantation spotting” too -hopefully it’s not my menstrual period- Since yesterday on February 4th 2009 I may have had some on the 3 and 2. I might have not noticed it. The bleeding is very light pink and it’s an on and off kind of thing. I went to the bathroom and whipped and it looked as though there was watered down blood. I put a liner pad on and nothing really got on to it. During all of this in the hopes of being PREGNANT!! I’ve been feeling different around my abdomen ect. I just had an instinct of “Yes! I’m pregnant :)” If you know what I mean. I’m sure many women can relate to the instinct of knowing or thinking your pregnant. But at times I think maybe I’m so excited that I may be over joyed, and end up not pregnant. So… if you have any information you can give me, tips ect. LET MEEE KNOWW! I would totally appreciate you taking your time to answer this awful LONGGGGG question 🙂 Also, my normal menstrual period should be coming around in 4 days normally. When do you think I should take my pregnancy test? Did I mention I’ve been experience a lot of short term memory?? Lol It will be great hearing from you all soon!! I will be waiting on replies. Please only reply if you know what you’re talking about. Thanks!! xoxoxxoxoI’ve also been experiencing dehydration. Like I need to drink more water, but I think it’s from my cold 🙂
A: Well your period its kind of late there is a 70%chance that you are pregnat. Sometimes thinking too much about whether your pregnant or not it driving you crazy just dont stress too much . good luck!!
I am concerned about the amount of iron in my prenatal vitamins.?
Q: (First of all, I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t answer this if you don’t have any reliable information about it. I hate when someone answers with a “non-answer” and the question is now marked “answered” 🙂 This is really important for me and thanks for your understanding. )We are trying to conceive. I might be pregnant right now, but if I am, it’s probably only 5 days old. I won’t know for sure for another 2-3 weeks. I know that the first 3 weeks of fetus is one of the most important stages. A month ago, my doctor prescribed me prenatal vitamins. I looked up online and found out that they have 90mg of iron. Usually prenatal vitamins have 30-60mg of iron. And those are for pregnant women! I am not even pregnant yet – at least I know I wasn’t a month ago and there is a possibility that I still am not. 90mg, from what i have researched, seems more than twice the recommended amount – and too much iron can be toxic. Now, asking my doctor isn’t a good option since she is the one who gave me those pills (oh and, i didn’t get blood work done, so it’s not like i am anemic or something – in fact i am just perfectly healthy)I have been paying attention to my diet, and it looks like almost everything i eat has iron in it. I am worried that i am getting too much iron – and i am mostly worried about my baby IF i am pregnant. I started taking them every other day without asking my doctor (i have been out of the country for over a month anyways so i didn’t have a chance to ask her if I wanted to). But I also know that I need the Folic Acid in those vitamins. Although I am getting a good amount of folate from cereals or breads, lentils i am consuming. I still don’t want to miss out on the folic acid i need to take everyday.I am looking for a second opinion from another doctor – but you know how things work: It takes at least a week to schedule an appt these days. And if first 3 weeks is important, every day counts now. Anyone with experience, knowledge about this? Is taking them every other day is a good idea? What should I do? Maybe get a folic acid supplemant and take it on the days i don’t take my prenatal vitamins?Thanks so much!
A: Just keep taking your vitamins every other day, since your saying your getting enough Iron already. I dont think is gonna do any harm to the baby. you should go to the Doctot and get a blood test done to confirm pregnancy, and if you are the most probrably thing to do is that your Doc may change the vitamins and prescribe something else. if you are pregnant the most important thing is take care of that lil angel, so FEEL FREE to ask your Ob about any concern you have!! Dont worry about it. is your baby, your body. your paying for that! so just give a try and ask her. Hope you r preggo!!!! good luck!
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