What would happen if a human got a monkey pregnant

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If a human got a monkey pregnant it would create some sort of hybrid being, much like a mule is the cross of a donkey and a horse. Have a great night! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-would-happen-if-a-human-got-a-monkey-pregnant ]
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What would happen if a human got a monkey pregnant
If a human got a monkey pregnant it would create some sort of hybrid being, much like a mule is the cross of a donkey and a horse. Have a great night!
Can a female human get pregnant by a monkey?
No. In the 1920s, Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin sent an animal-breeding expert to Africa in hopes of creating an army of half-man, half-monkey soldiers. Attempts both to inseminate women with monkey sperm and impregnate female chimpanzees w…
Can a human being get a monkey pregnant?
No. Gorrillas and monkeys are a different species than human. The main thing that makes a species different from another species is the inability to produce viable offspring.

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Animal Testing, Good or bad?
Q: Okay, so I decided to work on a speech about animal testing. Now, I thought of going out and simply saying, ‘Animal testing is wrong, protest against it, blah blah.’ but I remembered this topic and the few good and repetitive points (if you had cancer, wouldn’t you want animal testing? animals getting tested on barely feel any pain. there’s animal right laws, so it’s all good, etc.) made by people for animal testing. So, I did further research, deep down in the world wide web, and I’m ready for and argument brought up against me.I’ve confirmed that the animal well-being laws are complete bull. Firstly, the laws are very weak. It only sets small limits for transportation, handling, and housing of the animals. Therefore, scientists are, for the most part, free to do whatever they’d like to the animals in the laboratory, even without any anesthetics. Secondly, the laws exclude birds, rats, and mice. Those animals are the most common to be tested on, next to fish. Finally, multiple studies have been done to prove that these laws are poorly reinforced anyways.Before I go further, I’d like to state my opinion. I think that animal testing is completely wrong, because we have absolutely no right to stick needles up their abdomens and whatnot. I am not one of those PETA-crazies who wish to protest against it by setting buildings on fire, mind you. I just have an opinion and I’m stating it. Also, I think cosmetic testing is just disgusting. Like, why would anyone put untested chemicals onto a poor animal for beauty purposes? Medical testing, on the other hand, is a little bit different because they are at least doing something greatly positive for all of us. I still think it’s inappropriate, and I wish there was some other way to get the cures we need. I think we should take human testers honestly. They would have to be doing it willingly, of course. I think it’d work better that way. If we want the cures so bad, we’d be willing to test it on ourselves, wouldn’t we?But there is one medical animal testing that I’d like to make you all aware of, and that is the March of Dimes, or as PETA likes to call it, the March of ‘Crimes’. You may have heard about this organization before. They do research for premature babies/birth defects/etc. Seems harmless enough, right? Wrong! These guys are cruel out of their minds. I’m not sure what the point of their research is… personally, I think they’re just sick in the head and enjoy causing pain to these poor animals. They took four kittens and sewed their eyes shut and left them like that for a whole year, and then they killed them and studied their bodies. They also took baby ferrets (as you know, I’m a ferret lover, so when I heard this, I was just in tears), cut their skulls open, and put harmful chemicals into it. See, they already knew these chemicals were harmful. The poor ferrets did not deserve to have that happen to them. They also addicted pregnant (killing two birds with one stone now, are they?) to cocaine, nicotine, and alcohol. In 1998, they cut into the womb of pregnant sheep and destroyed the ear drums of unborn lambs. Before birth, both the mothers and children had their brains removed to be tested on. There’s many more brutal ‘experiments’ that they performed, but I won’t bore you with that. The sad thing is, ten years later, March of Dimes is still at it! These guys really need to be put to rest. This is where PETA probably got all their videos of monkeys screaming and eyeless bunnies. I’m sure someone is going to say that this is all made up and didn’t happen, but March of Dimes even admitted it to be true.
A: Testing on animals is always wrong, and, though I could go on forever about why, I realize that you probably know all of this too. So I will address the arguments you said some people have that are pro animal testing… 1.Animals getting tested on barely feel any pain.-Of course that isn’t true. Like you brought up in your question, some scientists do horrible things that only insane people could think up. 2.If you had cancer, wouldn’t you want animal testing?-First of all, is that what we as humans have come to? Sacrificing their lives for ours? And secondly, with all of the goverment’s technology and resources, couldn’t the spare some of the moneey they have on a simulation of human skin and reactions? Yes, I’m SURE they could. We could then possibly save two lives at one time: the cancer patient’s and the would-be test subject’s. I know these are probably not your arguments, and you probably already realized these things, but this is an incredibly important issue to me, so I wanted to bring it up.
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