When becoming pregnant, do you cramp

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Some women experience abdominal cramping early in pregnancy. These cramps are similar to menstrual cramps. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-becoming-pregnant%2C-do-you-cramp ]
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Do pregnant people feel slightly cramp-y a few days after they be…?
I’m pretty sure it takes a fews weeks (like 3 or 4) for you to notice anything. I didn’t notice I was pregnant until I just start puking my brains out one morning in the toilet for like 4 hours straight and I was around 7 weeks pregnant the…
Is It Normal To Cramp When You First Become Pregnant??
Cramping is not a sign of pregnancy. It can be due to many reasons. In fact all signs of pregnancy are not authentic because many conditions can cause these signs. Whenever, a sexually active woman misses her periods on due dates then she s…
Is it normal to have cramps when first becoming pregnant??
Yes. I had them with three pregnancies. Two ended in early miscarriage, so I thought the cramps were a precursor to that, but I had them with the third pregnancy – which ended with a live baby boy being born – so have realized that the ligh…

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When you became pregnant did you have menstral cramp type symptoms?
Q: I think I’m pregnant, I have to wait a week to take the test. I have had that bloated abdomen feeling for four days now, no period the periods not due for another week and and a bit, I had cramping about a week before that for a day. Some constipation but also extreme emotions..more than I usually am.Just wanted to know if anybody had the bloated abdomen feeling or can relate to any of the early pregnancy symptoms?
A: The week I was supposed to start my period I had the worst PMS (or so I thought) ever! I even broke out! I was bloated and cramping and running to the bathroom armed with a tampon because I thought I was bleeding. My husband even said that my emotions were more extreme than usual – he was on eggshells for a few days! 😛 That started on a Wednesday and I was due for my period Saturday, which never came!
When you first become pregnant, do stomach cramps occur?
Q: I may be pregnant with my first child, and its too soon for a pregnancy test, though my period is about 2 weeks late. I am having stomach cramps, which I usually don’t get them when it’s that time of the month, so I was wonding if pregnancy can cause stomach cramping, or if I am just being weird…
A: sometimes when the fetus is implanting into the uterus it causes cramping and spotting making someone think that they are fixing to start, so it is highly possible that you are pregnant, i would wait a few days and take a first response test, they seem to be better at detecting early pregnancyby the way, i remember cramping a lot with my first child and spotting which made me think that i had a period, when i went to the doctor finally i received the great news that i was pregnant!
Do you get cramps just for periods or can u also get cramps when u just became pregnant?
Q: i had cramps like 2 days ago but i havent had any since…i havent started my period yet so does that mean i could be pregnant?
A: There is always the possibility. My first symptom of pregnancy was cramping like I was going to get my period. That was before I missed my period, so it starts early. It’s the uterus stretching. Mine were pretty much almost constant, though.
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