When can you get some one pregnant

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The best time to get a woman pregnant is when she is ovulating. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-can-you-get-some-one-pregnant ]
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When a girl gets pregnant can she start throwing up about one to …?
It may be possible, each woman’s body acts different during pregnancy some get symptoms very early and some don’t get any at all
How does one get pregnant?
Typically a person becomes pregnant by having intercourse with the opposite sex. Do to modern advances women can get pregnant now by in vitro fertilization as well.
How soon after birth can one get pregnant?
It does not take long to get pregnant again after giving birth. You can ovulate again in as little as six weeks. Your body is used to being pregnant, so it’s easier.

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How many times a month can you have sex and remain pregnant? Is it true only one time?
Q: How many times a month can you get pregnant? Some has told me only one time a month. I also know that you can only get pregnant when you ovulate, how long does the ovulation lasts? When does it occur?
A: Ovulation occurs normally for 24 – 48 hours mid-cycle (in theory, this would be 2 weeks from the first day of your last period.) HOWEVER, this is based on an absolutely regular 28 day cycle. I don’t think most of us have this. Add this to the fact that sometimes sperm can live in the body (yes, your body) for a couple days, that means that if you had sex 11 days after the first day of your period you could still get pregnant. Add that to the fact that if you had a shorter cycle, you could actually be in danger even if you have sex right after your period’s over. So, yes, there is only a short period of time each month you can get pregnant, but it’s not easy to determine when that time will be.
Can some one give me some getting pregnant details..?
Q: Now a days; information is So HERE and THERE.. I hear one thing.. Read one thing.. Mom says one thing.. hahaIts really crazy.. Me and my friends got talking last night about when you can and cant get pregnant.. Some of us agreed you can only get pregnant when you are ovulating 4 days out of the month, others said that was incorrect..I was also informed that condoms were like 85% affective.. and birth control was 99.9% affective.. and they seem to think that condoms are closer to 99.8% or something.. hahaI’m just looking for details.. Cause I cant believe how scattered all of our info was!by the way; were all young adults.. (not kids) And one of my friends is going to get married. Hence why we were on this topic.. Thanks!
A: I’ve been looking this stuff up A LOT lately, while trying to find the right kind of birth control. You’re pretty right on about the birth control and the condoms’ effectiveness. Condoms are NOT as effective as hormonal birth control. You CAN get pregnant any time of the month, but it’s really unlikely that you will get pregnant during a period. Although it does happen. You HAVE TO ovulate to get pregnant. However, there are more days during the month than 4, if you are not using birth control. I am about to take NFP (natural family planning classes) and if I understand it correctly, there can be up to 7 or 9 days the couple will have to remain abstinent if they don’t want to get pregnant. That’s while the woman ovulates, and a little before since sperm can live in a woman for up to 5 days before fertilizing an egg. With that you have to also take into account women with longer or shorter cycles (not everyone is 28 days btwn periods).ETA: I didn’t mean to put so many random words in ALL CAPS to be annoying! lol… just for a little emphasis 🙂
14 yrs. old and MIGHT be pregnant. Some one help me PLEASE?
Q: Omg. iCant even believe myself. Im crying my eyes out right now as i type this. Before i say this online, i just want to ask everyone to please not judge me. I just made a mistake like any other human. But this story is horrible, so please don’t think anything bad of me. So, today my friend called me out of class and took me upstairs. Im like “ummm where r we going?” then he went in the emergency staircase that no one goes in, and i already had a bad feeling about it, so i told him i was going back to class, but he pulled me in there. I’m like “what do you want?” and he says that his friend is coming in with the test answers. i told him i already took the test. He says “nah, nobody comin. i just wanted to hang out with you” and he starts hugging me, nd then kissing me. then he started undoing my pants and i told him stop and moved his hands, and he was like come on f*** me real quick. nobody’s gonna come. im still trying to say no. im a quiet girl and dont say much. i dont know what the hell is wrong with me, but after a while, i just stopped trying to stop him. i noticed he had no condom. he said he was gonna pull it out before he came. so finally, he layed me down on the stairs and did it. then after a while he went “let me stop before i bust inside you” i got up and looked down. i noticed he already had. when i got up he just kept repeating “im sorry. im sorry” and hugged me for a long time. i know him. he’s really immature when it comes to girls and i dont even wann talk to him about it cuz he’s not gonna help me out. he’s just gonna talk sweet and pretend he wants to help. that’s th worst thing about being pregenant at my age. IMMATURE ASS DUDES!!! and what makes it worse is that we dont even have a relationship. Ewwwwww, i feel horrible. can i like go to a doctor or something without my ma’ finding out??? that’s the only thing. i dont trust adults kuz they will get your trust and wen u share things with them, they tell. but if there’s a way to go to cousleing or a clinic/doctor with out them trying to talk to my parents, please tell me. I’m not a slutt or anything. I’ve never done anything that bad before, and im not that stupid, i just..Damn, maybe i am. Damn, im an idiot. Please help me. I’ve benn putting myself down all day. Im usually a confident person, but i feel like im turning into a sluut. anyway, about the pregnancy. What do i do? im almost sure im gonna be prego because my periood should be coming up by next week. Damn. help me!Thank you everyone who answered. You made me feel a little better, but i still have no clue what to do. But you guys are right. I’m getting way ahead of myself. I may not even be pregnant. As far as getting the guy in trouble…..i just don’t want him to think im a snitch or something. idk. i just have to go to school with him for the rest of the year,and if i get him in trouble…yeahh. Thank you. You guys are so sweet!!!!!!!!! <3Omg guys. I think I am pregnant! Then again it might be just stress because of all the things going on in my life, with THIS top it off.Although I know that I’m really busy and stressed and all that, a part of me wants to keep the baby. I’m mature for my age, and think i could actually make a good mother, but I don’t want to tell my parents and lose their trust, have a baby without a father, or stress myself out anymore. So I’m not keeping it, but a part of me keeps thinking about it. Idk why. I may not even be pregnant, and i hope I’m not. I don’t wanna be pregnant until 22. I can get an abortion without my parents knowing…right? Ewww, gosh iFeel lika a hypocryt (however u spell it. lol). kuz i always talk about those people who do stupid stuff and get prego, then KILL the baby, but….yeahhh. I’m pretty sure I’m prego, even though my bestie said all of this could just be stress. Oh yeahh, and my counselor (who i haven’t told) thinks I’m depressed. WTF. Heyy, iLL find out.
A: tl;dr.Speak english!
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