When do pregnacy symptoms occur

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Most women begin experiencing symptoms a week or so after their first missed period when pregnant. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-do-pregnacy-symptoms-occur ]
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When do pregnancy symptoms occur?
All women are different on whey pregnancy symptoms will occur. Many women never have pregnancy symptoms, while others have symptoms beginning in the first couple weeks of pregnancy. So, I guess depending on your body you may begin to have p…
How long after pregnancy do symptoms occur?
How long after pregnancy do symptoms occur will vary between women with the earliest symptoms appearing with days of conception , other women it may takes a few weeks, and a very few women have no symptoms at all. So depending on which cate…
How early can the symptoms of pregnancy occur?
they can start within a few days of implantation depending on how quickly the pregnancy hormone begins working in your body and how strong it is. however, many of the symptoms of a period start about this time and are also similar to those …

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What was your earliest pregnacy symptom(s)?
Q: When did it or they occur?
A: When I was 6 weeks pregnant, my first pregnancy symptom was bloating and I was really tired. I had a yucky feeling in my tummy, but not like I was going to throw up, it was more like a empty stomach that didn’t want to eat. My jeans just felt uncomfortable around my waist,like I had gained weight (but I hadn’t at that point). I was pretty moody as well and felt like I could cry at anytime! I didn’t really get the sore chest thing…although I hear a lot of girls do. The biggest thing was I could have slept alllll day when I first found out I was pregnant! I also had a crazy sense of smell at that time. I HATED any strong smells..thay made me want to puke. Especially flowery smells….blah.
am i Pregnant or whats going on?? I’m 16 Years Old..help
Q: alrighty, you all are probably thinking, ohh my god not another teen pregnancy but..hear me out help meokay so..yes i’ve had sex, i have a boyfriend same age as i am and the last time i had sex was when i spent some time with him about two weeks ago now and ive been feelin kinda differentwe did use protection..but hey anything could happen and i know that but im just wondering if all thats going on could be worste case senario (me being prego) or if im like PMSing and im gonna have my period and its just gonna suck..because i actually havent had my period all that long and im still annoyingly irregular and this is happened before. and i was reading some thigns about pregnacy symptoms and they said that they don’t occur untill after your missed period? well..even according to my irregularity i should be getting it within the next week or so so..i don’t even know if ive missed it.but i have been really tired and fatigued, my boobs don’t hurt and they haven’t gotten any bigger, i’m breaking out, i feel really bloated and yuck in general, my stomaches gotten a little bigger but..ive been kinda eating alot so i don’t know if thats my bad or..the other alternativei just..agh im a mess, i can’t tell and i’m scared to get a test and im embarrassed and i need help what other signs should i look for or at what point in this do i really need to take some form of action and what actions would i be taking?
A: Sounds like PMS to me.Don’t jump to any conclusions until you have a pregnancy test.If you think its next week, take a test next friday, the “four days sooner” just in case you’re wrong about the date.And don’t stress about it until then, or you’ll do as many girls on here do, convince themselves they’re pregnant, and start noticing random symptoms.
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