When do pregnant women get their first ultrasound

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A baby’s first ultrasound should normally occur between 12 and 14 weeks. More questions? ChaCha is here for you 24/7! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-do-pregnant-women-get-their-first-ultrasound ]
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When should pregnant women get first ultrasound?
This question really depends on your dr. Alot of Dr’s now will do a ultrasound at your first visit at around 10 weeks but this is not always the case. Typically most dr’s give one around 18-22 weeks of pregnancy to make sure all the organs …
Can a women get an ultrasound on her first appointment during pre…?
An ultrasound is generally performed for all pregnant women at 20 weeks gestation. It may be done earlier is a condition warrants.

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?when do most women get their ultrasound ?
Q: Iam 7weks pregnant and i was wordering when do most women get there 1 first ultrasound ??? thanks ****baby dust to all of you****
A: Most OB’s will order an ultrasound to be done after they first see you to analyze the baby’s size and compare it to the estimated due date given from your last menstrual period date. For example, my edd was 11/28/08 and the ultrasound at 6 wks showed that my actual due date was going to be 11/27/08.
Pregnant. How do I let go of negative feelings towards other pregnant women?
Q: This sounds terrible but I am jealous of other pregnant women.I spent a very long trying to get pregnant, and then went through a miscarriage once I finally did get pregnant.I spent so long first looking in awe and admiration at pregnant women, then slowly it changed to hurt… I would turn away when I saw a pregnant woman. It was just painful to see a reminder of something I wanted so bad, especially when the mother was standing outside a restaurant smoking a cigarette or doing something that made me think “I would never do that if I could only get pregnant!”. It seemed like everywhere I turned was a baby belly.When I miscarried, I was in the ultrasound ward of the hospital waiting with all the other pregnant mammas with their big bellies, happily waiting for their u/s while I waited to see if the “products of conception” were still left in my womb.I am finally pregnant again and so happy. Yet I can’t shake these negative emotions I still have! I see a pregnant woman get on the city bus with me and I look away and try to think of something else. I go to my doctor’s appointments where I am surrounded by other pregnant women and I just feel like I can’t get out of there fast enough.How can I get over this? The scars from my infertile time still run deep. I don’t like to be jealous, it is not a good feeling. I am not normally a “competitive” person in any way, I am in fact rather easy going and passive. So I don’t understand why I still feel this way even now that I am having a baby.
A: perfectly normal i have had three miscarriages and my last one was the worst as i found out on dec 23 and everyone had already been told at thanksgiving……..we had tried so hard for that baby and i went in for a routine appointment and they couldnt find a heart beat so i was sent to the waiting room to wait for an ultrasound wih other women smiling and so glad to be seeing there babies….the found out baby had died and had to walk past all those women who were so happy and showing off pics and all i was left with was a memory and pain….. i am now 12 weeks and my (angry) jealousy towards pregnant women has started to subside but it is still there especially when i see people not taking care of themselves while pregnant….. my only saving grace is that i always take something (crossword puzzles or something like that) to distract me when i see them best of luck and hope yours starts to go away ….. i am praying that mine stops as i progress and my mind realizes that this one is my miracle that will last
3d ultrasound question?
Q: ok on tuesday of this past week i was 11 pregnant and I had my first ultrasound done and we got to hear the heartbeat. the heartbeat was 164 on that day and I guess by the way that the baby is positioned they were able to measure the nuchal skin on the back of the babies neck. When I got in to see my mid wife she had asked me if I wanted to have the downs syndrome test because they were able to measure the nuchal fold. I asked her if everything was ok and she told me that everything looked like it should on the ultrasound that they were offering to pregnant women in their first trimester instead of women 35 and older. So I told her that I would have the test done. so they took blood from my finger and I go on thursday for a 3d ultrasound where they will look at the baby to make sure that everything is ok. My question is is this a normal procedure? did anyone else have this test done? this is my first baby so I am a little worried about everything. or nervous is more like it. A few of my friends just had babies and they had mentioned to me that they too had the test done, but I am just an overthinker. Should I be worried or is all of this routine? Thanks so much in advance for your thoughts and answers and God Bless.
A: My midwife asked me if I wanted the test ran,… but they don’t usually ask until you’re a little further along to prevent abortions just because the baby might have down syndrome. Or that’s how it is where I live (kentucky). I was almost at the cut off for the test when they finally asked me.Also, they don’t suggest you get a 3D ultrasound done that early because you can’t really see anything. I’ll be 23w1d when I get mine.But I also think that if anything was wrong or they thought something was wrong, your doctor would have told you. Good luck!
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