When do you get symptoms of when your pregnant

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Happening about 6-12 days after conception, implantation bleeding can be one of the earliest pregnancy symptoms. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-do-you-get-symptoms-of-when-your-pregnant ]
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How long does it take for you to find out if your pregnant or to …?
Most pregnancy tests can detect pregnancy after a missed period. Some women may experience symptoms within a week of conception.
How soon do you get pregnancy symptoms?
Some people get pregnancy symptons before they even know they are pregnant. Breast tenderness, fatigue and even morning sickness can start before you even think you might be pregnant. Most of the time these things are what prompt women to t…
Do fathers also get pregnancy symptoms?
Yes, fathers can get pregnancy symptoms because of the emotional aspect of their wife being pregnant. The name of this phenomenon is ‘Couvade’. It is said that 80% of all expectant fathers will experience Couvade in some form or other.

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what kind of early symptoms do you get when your pregnant? ?
Q: like i know vomiting, nausea, ..but wat else…ohh and like especially at the very beginning…like you find out when your pregnant like after 2 weeks or something right? but hows if its just a week..and prolly your pregnant..do you get like any kind of umm..symptoms or like sickness or sumn?
A: My only symptom was an upset stomach, not bad just upset. So I took a couple tests at 2 AM and was exactly 4 weeks (2 weeks after conception) and both came back positive right away.. You can find out 2 weeks after conception because on the day you have sex you are technically 2 weeks pregnant because it goes from the first day of your LMP and since most women ovulate 14 days after the first day of their LMP they are already 14 days pregnant on the day they ovulate (give or take a few days).. Best of luck!
Is it possible to still get pms around the time you would get your period when your pregnant?
Q: My last couple of periods were not normal. I have had some symptoms of beign pregnant but I am not sure yet. My regular time to start my period would be in a couple of days. I am having really bad back pain, which i normally do have when i am on my period. I was just wondering if anyone else still had pms like symptoms when they were pregnant. Also what is the longest period of time that someone has tested negative, but was really pregnant?
A: my early pregnancy felt exactly like my period was about to come. Tender breasts, a bit bloated etc and of all the people i have spoken to they had a similar experience.
Q: I was just asking because i found out i was pregnant on July 22 after 3 1/2 yrs of trying and they say your suppose to start counting your weeks from your LMP and if that’s correct i would be 6 weeks but since Ive been pregnant i haven’t really had any symptoms except that my breast will hurt occasionally increase sensitivity to smell and back pain from time to time but nothing major and even those symptoms seemed to have decreased is that normal?? And when you started to experience symptoms did it decrease,get worse, or did you not experience any symptoms at all?!
A: before i took a test i thought i was actually starting to come down with flu or something similar. just felt ‘icky’ and bunged up and generally run down. i felt worse after the 12 weeks that you should have morning sickness and it carried on until about 19 weeks then felt better until i was too huge to move lol
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