When do you start craving foods (when you’re pregnant)

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Some people crave food as early as 2 weeks into the pregnacy. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-do-you-start-craving-foods-%28when-you%27re-pregnant%29 ]
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When do you start craving foods (when you’re pregnant)
Some people crave food as early as 2 weeks into the pregnacy. ChaCha on!
How early do you start craving sweets and food when you’re pregna…?
Every woman and every pregnancy is different..Some start craving before they know they are pregnant. This happened to me this pregnancy..I had this unbelievable craving for hotdogs..my partner told me I must be pregnant..a few days later I …
When do the food cravings start when you’re pregnant??
I got the cravings around 5 weeks.Before that they weren’t exactly “cravings”I thought they were,but I think they were just wants because now I know the difference!I will crave like 3 things at once and can’t get them out of my mi…

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How early do you start craving sweets and food when you’re pregnant?
Q: lately i’ve been craving a whole lot of sweets and food, but i don’t know if i’m pregnant or not. is this a step?
A: take a test
What kind of foods are most filling, especially when you’re pregnant?
Q: I know people say, eat foods that don’t have preservatives in them, but I don’t know what preservatives are. The labels don’t say “contains preservatives” so I’m wondering what foods are actually filling. I’m only a few weeks pregnant, with my second child, and I want this pregnancy to go smoothly. My first pregnancy I had toxemia/pre-eclampsia (whichever you want to call it) and I want to make sure I do things right this time. I know, later, when I start craving more I’ll end up eating my junk food on occasion, but what foods can I eat to fill me without going for the chips or quickie meals?
A: Fruit is extremely filling and it is great for you especially if you are pregnant. Also, nuts are very filling as well because they are full of natural fats that will keep you more full longer. “Good carbs” like whole wheat items are filling as well. I would try making a trail mix of some sort with raisins, nuts, dark/semi sweet chocolate, etc. This will keep you very full and has all good and healthy foods in it. Oh and water keeps you very full too! Good luck!
When you’re pregnant you gain some pounds right, but why?
Q: Because you start eating too much or is there some hormone thing going on besides the food craves? And do all women get larger?What I mean is Fat like around the arms and butt, not the pounds I now that will increase, I’m talking besides that?P.S. Not pregnant.
A: Yes all women should gain weight. Although some lose quite a bit in the first trimester due to nausea or loss of appetitie before the start gaining. Not all women experience food cravings. And the weight you gain should have very little to do with what you are eating. Here is an approximate breakdown of your weight gain during pregnancy:Baby: 7-8 pounds Placenta: 1-2 pounds Amniotic fluid: 2 pounds Uterus: 2 pounds Maternal breast tissue: 2 pounds Maternal blood : 4 pounds Fluids in maternal tissue: 4 pounds Maternal fat and nutrient stores: 7 pounds
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