When do you start getting cramps if you’re pregnant

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Early pregnancy cramps can begin at 10 days past ovulation, around the time a period can be expected. Call a doctor if worried. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-do-you-start-getting-cramps-if-you%27re-pregnant ]
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When do you start getting cramps if you’re pregnant
Early pregnancy cramps can begin at 10 days past ovulation, around the time a period can be expected. Call a doctor if worried.

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So, in your experience, do OPK’s really turn positive when you’re pregnant like I have heard?
Q: My temps start to decline after 9 days, and this month it’s been waaay up for about sixteen days now, and I had lots of period like cramps (which have now mostly subsided thank god) but no bleeding, and I’m exhausted, so I basically know that I’m pregnant, but I can’t get a pregnancy test until saturday for lack of time to buy one (ugh) and so i have been peeing on my opk’s which have been coming up all negative. This month I only got one day of barely positive and most months I get at least a week of positive results, so I’m wondering if I just got a bad batch of opk’s. (They’re really cheap ones.) What do you think? Supposedly an opk will pick up pregnancy hormones because of the similarity of the molecular structure. Baloney?Here’s my lovely pregnant chart :)http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/1d4a0dYea, yea, we’ve all been to fertility friend… I just wonder what the success rate of using opk’s is I guess. Also that woman is no scientist, she’s just like you or me. What one person says is true is not always necessarily correct.Sorry I didn’t mean to be rude, it just seems like whenver I ask a question thirty people direct me to that site…
A: Well, I don’t think it is a rumor, one of my girlfriends had one turn positive but not until about six weeks into her pregnancy. You should try it out lol
Does this happen when you’re PREGNANT?
Q: I think my Period has just started coming every 2 months, anyway iv got my period about a month ago now, i think i ovulated either around the 20-25th of April, or the 8-10th of May, im quite certian i ovulated on the 8th or 9th of May because i was experiencing white discharge and Mild cramps ( i had unprotected sex on these ovulation days)I had 1 pair of underwear on for 5 minutes last night, and there was already heaps of white discharge in my underwear.For 2 days now iv had sore achy, sharp pains on my right side around my ovaries area and a bit above aswel.I had sex last night and today, and it was really sore if i went deep…I heard that the baby starts growing on one side first, so im not quite sure what this pain is, please help?
A: First off, the embryo isn’t even implanted if you ovulated a few days ago. It takes 6 days or more to travel down the ovaducts. Once it does implant, it won’t give you cramps because of the embryo growing on one side???? IT sounds like you might have a yeast infection, they will make your cervix sore and it will produce thick, white discharge.Once your uterus starts to grow, then you can experience pain, like round ligament pain.
If you’re pregnant after a miscarriage please read ?
Q: How do you feel about your pregnancy?Are you nervous? Freaking out?I am 5 weeks 1 day and have had 2 miscarriages in a row. One at 9 wks one at 5 wks. I’m so nervous about having another miscarriage. It’s hard to even realize that I’m pregnant. When I start thinking about the future, like having ultrasounds and feeling the baby move I stop myself and think..Why am I thinking about this? Its not like I’m gonna make it that far anyways. I had this same attitude with my last pregnancy and I miscarried at 5 weeks. How do you stay sane? lol I am constantly worrying…everytime I go potty I always check the tp for blood, every little cramp or twinge I feel I start freaking out. All this worrying cant be good for the baby! How do you stay positive?I can’t wait til next week when I go to the dr, hopefully I’ll get an ultrasound and see the ♥beat.I haven’t been to the doctor yet, my first appt is next week 🙂
A: Wow – I don’t know what to tell you other than I’m sorry you’re feeling this way and I know how you feel. I had a miscarriage last year and got pregnant 3 months later. I was super nervous the entire first 12 months (and checked my undies for blood until I was 20 weeks along!) I’m not going to lie, it’s super tough. But try to give faith a chance and believe this will stay. I use to do a variety of things to help pass the time until my ultrasounds/doctors visits and to help make me feel better.I started reading a lot! – Pregnancy books, Twilight Book Series, etc.I started crocheing blankets! I did 3 in 2 months!I would talk to my belly and say things like “you stay in there, stay strong, I don’t want to see you until (due date)” stuff like that.I would make sure I ate all the healthy foods and stuck to the food pyramid.I went from work to the couch or bed most days and didn’t over-do myself physically.Just keep your head up and find comfort in whatever works for you! Good Luck and I hope this one is for keeps! Congratulations!
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