When do you start to get a big stomach when pregnant

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The stomach starts to grow immediately but begins to really show in the 2nd trimester. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-do-you-start-to-get-a-big-stomach-when-pregnant ]
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Is that true? can i be pregnant? oh and when does your stomach st…?
No, that’s not true. There isn’t sperm in preejaculatory fluid, but if the guy had ejaculated within the last 72 hours, there could still be sperm in the urethra. For this reason and many others, ALWAYS use a condom. If you miss your period…
When in pregnancy does the stomach start to get bigger in size..a…?
it really depends on the person. I have known people to get bigger at different times. With my first about 5 months was when I could tell in the shower and 6 1/2 through clothes. Some are 4 months to be obvious. And it depends on the clothe…
What’s the earliest you start to feel your stomach get bigger aft…?
at about 12 weeks a had slight bump, that only i noticed. if its your first pregnancy you shouldnt show until between 15-16 weeks. if its your 2nd pregnancy you can show as early as 9 weeks

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when u are around a month pregnant where do you start to get big at around the stomach?
A: it grows from region below the umbilicus and then it grows upwards occupying whole of your abdomen…/
After how long does your stomach start to grow when you’re pregnant ?
Q: In about how long would a woman’s stomach get big enough to get noticed that she is pregnant ?
A: Typical is about 15 or so weeks along but slender women show sooner and heavier women show later.
when do you start to get a line down your stomach while pregnant?
Q: when does your belly button stick out ? i was just wondering when did these things happen? o yea when you your waist line start to get bigger (thicker)?
A: It’s different for every person and every pregnancy. I never got a line down my stomach and my belly botton never “stuck out”, it just sorta stretched flat, and I wore my same jeans until I was almost 7 months pregnant.
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