When does a pregnant woman start experiencing symptoms

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Pregnancy symptoms vary from woman to woman and from pregnancy to pregnancy, and usually appear near the time of missed period. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-does-a-pregnant-woman-start-experiencing-symptoms ]
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What week in pregnancy do most women start experiencing the first…?
When I was where you are, I was very moody and would get short with my husband. I also had very general abdominal cramping that was a bit different that my menstrual cramping. My stomach would get queezy when I was about 4 weeks. I also got…

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How soon can a woman experience symptoms/signs when her next period will come?
Q: My gf always experience sore breasts and LBM before her period starts. the last day of her period was sept 7. we had unprotected sex the week after. now she’s experiencing these symptoms again for the last 3 days (it started sept 17). can you tell me if this is normal for women? could she be pregnant? do women always get advanced symptoms for their period? i know that periods do come either a week in advance or on the dot but i’m sure it’s another story if she’s going to be delayed… tell me what you think. now i know that a woman’s body are pretty complex when it comes to things like these. and all of you ladies out there, U have my respect for that…actually, my main question is: is it normal for a woman to have menstrual symptoms a week before she gets her period? and just to follow up, are these symptoms synonymous to that of pregnancy? thanks for your answer!i forgot… when she & i had u.p. sex, i didn’t come inside her… and yeah i know all about that pre-cum/pre-ejac stuff…
A: i dont know for sure what your asking. if your worried about pregnancy some tests can tell you even before a missed period. i myself have back pain, leg pain, cramps, moodiness, extreme tiredness. and this is before my period.
When did you first start having pregnancy symptoms?
Q: My husband and I are trying to conceive and I was just wondering how soon you begin to “feel” pregnant or experience symptoms. I know everyone woman is different, I was just curious about other’s experiences. This would be my first pregnancy and I’m not sure what I should be watching for and how early I should start to feel “different.” I am only a couple of days past ovulation.I know what the pregnancy signs and symptoms are, I was just wondering when you began experiencing them.According to mymonthlycycles.com I should ovulate today, but that is based on an average 25 day cycle. However for the past 6 months I range anywhere from a 23-27 day cycle. According to that website I should start my next period on May 28th (but it has been coming a couple of days early lately)
A: My first hint was extremely tender/swollen boobs probably a week or so after conception (about a week or so before my period was due). It was very noticeable! I waited a few weeks to take a pregnancy test and it was positive.I never got morning sickness (thank goodness), but I didn’t start to “feel pregnant” until I felt the baby moving early in the second trimester. Even then, my tummy wasn’t really pooching yet.Now I’m 30 weeks and I definitely feel pregnant! I have a belly now, I’m fitting maternity clothes, the baby moves all the time, and my sciatic nerve is killing me. LOLI think it sets in at a different time for each individual… just focus on your body and your emotions, and you and hubby can eagerly anticipate all the fun milestones together!Tip: When/if you conceive, when you go for your first ultrasound, don’t try to see the screen, but focus on hubby’s facial expression instead. You’ll get your turn to see the baby, but you’ll only get one glimpse of “Dad’s” initial reaction!
For Pregnant Women: What Symptoms Did You Have?
Q: I’m asking this just as sort of a survey. Last evening people started getting nasty about it. Relax. It is just a question.When you were pregnant, what were the first symptoms you experienced, and how early did you have them?Thanks for all of the responses so far!
A: Before I found out I was eating more and sleeping more. After 6 weeks I knew I was pregnant and I started eating less, because everything sounded awful, I had cramps, headaches, and nausea. My breasts felt like they were going to explode, they hurt so bad, they also grew a full cup size at 6 weeks. Now at 15 weeks my back is killing me, and my ribs ache.
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