When does diarrea start when you are pregnant

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You can get diarrhea any time during pregnancy because of hormones, but it is not necessarily a symptom. See a Dr. if it persists. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-does-diarrea-start-when-you-are-pregnant ]
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When Does Diarrhea Start When Your Pregnant?
It is not necessary that every woman should suffer from diarrhea during pregnancy. Diarrhea or constipation during pregnancy can be due to hormonal or dietary changes. This diarrhea can be for short duration and can occur during early or l…

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im not newhere close to when my period should start and im having something like a period, could that meanpreg
Q: i stopped taking the pill last week and my husband and i are trying to get pregnant and now two weeks before my periods due im having something like a period but its different it started out like brown spotting and now is more like period blood and im having diarrea and thats weird because usually iam constipated could this mean im pregnant? and by the way i have a 1 year old and when i got pregnant with her i was off the pill for only 3 days before geting pregnant with her so i know im really fertile and this whole period like thing didnt happen with her, but every preg is different so i cant tell if i am preg or not what do you think?
A: when you come off the pill you usually have a light period a few days after. this soundss like that call your doctor and talk to them if unsure
Could I be pregnant? When to test?
Q: I have been have an array of symptoms and I am not sure if I should test yet. I took a test on Mon and it was negitive, but the symptoms are still present. I was on implanon for 2 years, and depo before that, I have not started a period yet. My implanon was removed on JUly 16 2009.Symptoms are:Sore muscles all over (legs, arms and abdominal)]DizzinessNausea (at night, just like when I was pregnant with my daughter)LightheadednessDiarreaLeg pains (woke me up last night)Abdominal pains (really hurts to walk)Does this sound like pregnancy to you? When should I retest?
A: If you ARE pregnant, hCG can be detectable within 6-10 days of implantation, but it is advised you wait until around day 25 or 26 of your menstrual cycle to be sure. Blood tests are more sensitive than a home pregnancy test (5mlU/ml vs 20 for urine). Since you’ve had no period, calculating the date isn’t really an option. You can take another test in a week if you believe pregnancy is a concern. If you do this two weeks in a row and both are negative it is fair to say you are not pregnant. Make sure you take pregnancy tests first thing in the morning when hCG is highest. It is also possible you’ve just come down with something. Those symptoms are very general and apply to most illnesses. It’s also possible you are ABOUT to get a period. Bear in mind you are a hormonal rollercoaster right now. Your body is still sorting things out. It usually takes women a few months to become fertile after Depo and Implanon.By three weeks, any pregnancy test (assuming it is not faulty) would read positive.
ever do this when pregnant?
Q: have you ever had diarrea in the begining instead of constipation i noticed i started going more often and that lasted a couple weeks to a month now its diarrea. ( not enough to be concered bout dehydration) sorry tmi but im currious
A: I did experience this with both of my pregnancies, and like you too, was curious about why. I spoke to my doctor about it at my first prenatal and he said that there is no normal symptoms for pregnancy, everyone’s hormones cause there bodies to react differently to pregnancy. As long as you’re not in discomfort and not feeling dehydrated, I wouldn’t worry about it, it could even be a strange flu symptom, you just never know.
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