When does it start showing when you are pregnant

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It is different for every woman. Most woman start showing between 12 and 15 weeks but some show earlier and some much later. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-does-it-start-showing-when-you-are-pregnant ]
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How long does it take a girl to start showing if they become preg…?
Usually a women starts to show that they are pregnant around 2 to 4 months. Have a ChaCha day!
When do you start showing when pregnant?
When you show will depend on what shape you are in, how tall you are and how many babies you have already had. For a physically fit women having her first baby, you might not show for a few months. For a petite women on her second pregnancy…
Did you start showing earlier with your second pregnancy??
I am 6 weeks pregnant with my second child. Let’s be honest, I am still not back to my pre-pregnancy weight, and have about ten lbs left over from my first pregnancy, especially in the middle. But will I start looking pregnant sooner? Wi…

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When does skinny people start showing that they are pregnant!?
Q: I’m 3 months and about 2 weeks. I barely even have a tummy at all. I eat and eat..I’ve never really been the one to gain weight and keep it. Does eating alot have to do with when you start showing!? I just want to show that I’m pregnant!
A: Well yes showing does involve weight gain, but theres also a number of factors that will contribute to when you start showing.Smaller women are supposed to show earlier due to weight gain etc vs. a heavier set woman. Also the babies position whether their towards the front or more towards the back is also a factor. Another one would be how strong the womans abdominal muscles are.I’m a very tiny woman i’m 5`2-5`3 and was about 100lbs when i first got pregnant and I didn’t show until i was about 7 months to people who knew me. For people who didn’t know me I just looked chubby. I was pretty much 9 months pregnant when people at work started really noticing my belly and i gained 31 lbs. You’ll start to show to yourself pretty soon, its more obvious to you because you know how you looked prepregnancy but to strangers you may just look chubby for a while, but you’ll start to show eventually. I know its exciting but dont worry you’ll get there… Congrats and god bless
when do you start showing when you are pregnant?
Q: Ok I want too know when exactly you start showing when your pregnant. Like from the day you had sex too the day you acctually start showing and your belly gets a tiny bit bigger. How long does it take from the day you had sex?How many weeks from the day you had sex you start showing?
A: okay okay, from the day you had sex. lets see with my first it was probably seven weeks from the sex. okay good?
How long does it take to start showing, when you are pregnant?
Q: I know every woman’s pregnancy is different, but I am just wondering how long does it usually take to show. My names Cristina, I’m 19 and this is my first child. I am almost 10 weeks pregnant. If it helps i am 4’9 and weigh 105. I haven’t gained much weight due to severe morning sickness I am assuming. But i have gotten alittle thicker around my mid section if that makes any sense..but i do not have a belly yet!
A: Being that you are so petite, you probably wont “show” until about 20 weeks. You, yourself, might notice your lower abdomen swelling around 15-17 weeks, but you aren’t going to look pregnant to the rest of the world until around 5 months…thats my guess, but like everyone says, every woman is different! Congrats and good luck!
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