When does your appetite start getting bigger when you are pregnant

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The 2nd trimester of pregnancy often marks the end of morning sickness & the beginning of of insatiable hunger. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-does-your-appetite-start-getting-bigger-when-you-are-pregnant ]
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When does your appetite start getting bigger when you are pregnan…?
The 2nd trimester of pregnancy often marks the end of morning sickness & the beginning of of insatiable hunger. ChaCha!

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am i pregnant ? what are sighns of pregnancy ? when does your stomach start to show you are preganant?
Q: well on my last period i was on it for about 2 weeks the first week was my regular cycle but then the next week was just nothing but spotting and i also would have morning sickness and i noctice my appetite is getting bigger and i also havent came on my period yet please help
A: Well Love, Sounds like you could be or are preggers. Why not get a home pregnancy test and see. If you don’t trust that source (and personally I wouldn’t) go see your OB/GYN, that will set your suspicions into stone.Are your breast tender? Are you smelling things you never noticed before? Are you ultra sensitive, such as your sense of touch and the feeling of clothes on your body? These can all be signs that your body is changing with the impending growth of a new life, on top of the things you have already experienced.The best way to tell for sure is to go see your doctor and get tested.
When did You start showing?
Q: im only 6 MAYBE 7 weeks and a few days before i found out i was pregnant i was bloated……alot of people that knoe me say my stomachs starting to look biggeris this bloating or what? cuz i knoe the baby is really really small.. unless im just putting on weight for the baby..is that it? i have noticed that i am eating more..when did you start to show?andwhen did you notice your appetite to be getting bigger?
A: Your appetite can increase immediately @ 4-6 weeks along or you could go the other way & have morning sickness the entire first trimester but either way you really don’t start showing until the second trimester but what you might be feeling is like a little knot like feeling in your stomach already. One that even sucking in won’t get ride of, that’s your womb in which the baby is in. That can make you feel as if your showing. Congrats!! & Enjoy!! =)
pregnant stray cat, when will she have her kittens?
Q: I took in a pregnant stray cat several days ago. She seems very young and was skinny. Just in a matter of days she has grown much bigger. Just wanted to know from others with experience on cat pregnancies how much longer before she might have her kittens… i know you can’t tell exactly but just an estimate. I tried taking her to the vet but she went absolutely crazy when i tried to put her in a carrier, so that is out of the question for now until she has her babies. I don’t want her to get too stressed. So, she is very lovable but has been starting to get more moody, won’t let me touch her belly anymore, bites and scratches… the fur around her nipples is already gone ( is this a sign that it should be happening soon ??). She still has a big appetite but it could be because she hasn’t had any food for awhile. Doesn’t really sleep much, seems to be on edge a lot. She was sleeping today when i sat with her for awhile though, she seems to like the company and gets mean when i try to leave, jumping at me and biting my toes… weird for a stray cat… anyway, i know that pregnant cats about to give birth are usually very sleepy, stop eating, and are nesting…. but what are some other signs?? like the fur around her nipples, do they pull that out shortly before a birth is coming or months before?? Thanks for your help 🙂
A: First, get ready . Get a large shallow box, about 8 in tall, put old clean rags inside then put it in a closet away from a lot of foot traffic. Show her where it is.If you stand the cat carrier on end and put her in back feet first quickly it will be much easier. Shut the door fast and off you can go to the vet. The gestation period is approx. 9 weeks( or about 63 days) The bulge will set further back as she get farther along. The skin around the teats is stretching making the teats more prominent. That is why it looks like she is loosing the fur. It will be very difficult to tell since you just found her, but a showing of blood drops would be an indication that the time is very near, within a day or too. You will not always notice this, but excessive licking of the area will also occur. Thank you so much for rescuing her. Don’t let her out after the kittens are born as she can become pregnant again right away. The kittens can be re-homed after 8 weeks of age, no earlier and then you can have her spayed.
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