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Catch the next episode of “16 and Pregnant” at 11:00 AM tomorrow on MTV. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-is-16-and-pregnant-on ]
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Did Whitney’s baby die (on 16 and Pregnant)
No, there hasn’t been any news about Whitney’s baby dying. Thanks for using ChaCha!
Does MTV’s 16 and Pregnant Keep Girls From Getting Pregnant??
Jenelle, the young subject of the , which aired on Feb. 16, is a spectacularly surly new mother. Before she gives birth to son Jace, Jenelle says in her thick North Carolinian accent that she imagines motherhood will be like ‘dressin’ up a …
Can the MTV reality show 16 and Pregnant keep teens from conceivi…?
Jenelle, the young subject of the , which aired on Feb. 16, is a spectacularly surly new mother. Before she gives birth to son Jace, Jenelle says in her thick North Carolinian accent that she imagines motherhood will be like ‘dressin’ up a …

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When did 16 & Pregnant become the “in” thing?
Q: MTV started a TV show called 16 & pregnant (that led to the show teen moms) to show the youth of America how hard is is to be a teen mom and all the struggles that they go thru…NOT!All its done, it seems, is made girls want to jump on the baby bandwagon. I predicted this when I saw the show and am seeing (even on Y!A) more and more teenagers not just pregnant but wanting to get pregnant. Now I know there have always been kids who get pregnant young but it seems as though we are idealizing them, its cool to be preganant! They have a season 2! Their lives really don’t seem that bad..heck their on MTV lets join the fad!! That seems to be the only message I’m getting from this and it is so sad..Thoughts? In our attempts to prevent are we encouraging? By pushing these girls in the limelight are we giving our youth people to look up to?and yes I have seen the show teen mom, one gave her daughter up for adoption and got engaged to the father, one still went out and partied every night while her mother watched the baby, one faught all the time with her baby daddy and the other broke up with hers…but overall it wasn’t too bad. No mental breakdowns or working two jobs to support the baby, crying about how they should have been more careful…Its MTV…they make everything cool! yeah, right.
A: I think it’s a good idea to scare teens into not having babies but I don’t think the show does a good job of that.They kind of skip over the labor & delivery.They skip over the financial aspect.It seems to me that the show could be done in a better way but I do watch it.
what’s the first thing you think about when you see a 16 pregnant girl-year old girl,who had 2 abortions?
Q: okay,in our cultural sensitivity class,we had to view pictures of people-based on appearance diagnosis make judgments,and discuss-blah,blah.anyways one was a 16 year old about to deliver, who already had 2 abortions- the question was as a nurse what do you think of this patient,and would you mind caring for her.I said I would highly suspect that she was raped/molested a couple years ago-cause those girls tend to turn promiscuous, and since she uses abortion as birth control-she might be neglected/very ignorant or be mentally ill-cause she is only 16- she had to be closer to 15 with this last pregnancy.anyways-the instructor said that in all the years she taught this class, no one ever suggested those things? I was blown away- how the hell could someone not see this girl needs some serious help/education? she said all people feel is hatred/disgust for her. anyways, I was wondering what do you think about this girl?okay,maybe she had a wonderful life-but wouldnt you then assume she is seriously mentally deficient?the oldest she could have been when she started this was 13.how can you find this child disgusting,and not her parents?
A: I think she lacks love and attention from her family and has looked for it in the wrong places in the wrong ways.
I’m 16,pregnant and the guy lives out of town?
Q: I’m 16,pregnant and the guy lives out of town?I know,I should be ashamed of myself I have heard that a few times here and there.I don’t need people to yell at me,I just need some advice. I am 16 yrs old,and met this kid who lives out of town it’s only about 45 minutes away from where I am from.We both are 16 yrs old.We knew each other a little while before deciding to have sex.Actually I didn’t post some of this info in my last question but we knew each other for about 2 yrs.We both were 14 when we first met.He lives with his grandfather and friend.He comes to my city every couple weeks and stays a few days with his friend.We had sex and I went to the doctor and I found out that I am 9wks .I told him about it on the phone and he said that I can move in with him.I like his friend and him a lot..Would that be legal if I am not 18 yet? My parents favor adoption.However,I don’t.No,I have not told them yet.I really want to leave though.
A: Well, first of all you should never be ashamed of yourself, at least not for creating life. I know this is a tough situation for you, but you need to be strong, because not only do you need to take care of yourself, but there is someone else you need to take care of now as well. As for the boy, you need to get through the next 31 weeks before you worry about him. If he wants to help you through this then good, but you don’t need to worry about him. Now, the parent situation is a tough one. You are pregnant, and the longer you wait to tell them the more upset they will be. What you need to do is sit down and talk with your parents and tell them that you know this is a big responsibility, but that you want to keep the baby. Don’t cry, don’t gt upset, and aproach the situation in a calm and mature way. Keep in mind that this will be a big shock to your parents. But you are going to need their help… and you might be pleasantly surprised by their reaction. Good Luck though, and just remember to take one day at a time.
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