When is a girl most likley to get pregnant

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A woman would most likely to be pregnant 14 days after the start of her 28 day cycle with a 14 luteal phase. Keep ChaCha-ing! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-is-a-girl-most-likley-to-get-pregnant ]
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A girl is most likely to get pregnant around ovulation which is usually about 14 days before a period is due. For someone with a regular 28 day cycle this is 14 days after the START of a period.
Oh, I don’t think many people do the talk. Not that many people ever did the talk. Mine was my mom sitting me down and saying “Is there anything you want to know?” To which I said, “Nope!” A girl is most likely to get …
When they are inseminated during the time of their monthly ovulation

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I have a couple questions about HPV Genital warts..?
Q: I’m not looking for idiot answers..I’ve made some mistakes.When I was 16,I met this older guy.You already know the whole story.”Young girl meets older guy.Older guy bullshyts young girl.Young girl falls in love with older guy.Older guy breaks young girls heart.” Well I stayed with him for about two years and put up with his shyt.It turns out back in December I went and got checked and I caught HPV Genitals warts from him.He cheated on me multiple times..He was manwhore…I broke up with him in December after all that.I was hysterical. I seem to have got a wierd case.Not to be graphic but I was getting bumps on my anus..I’ve never got anything in my vaginal area.I had pap smears and all that.I was getting acid treatments for about 2 and half months.Every week.It didn’t hurt till after about 4 or 5 treatments..I couldn’t make bow movements because it hurt way too much. Then all the sudden Plan Parenthood started to tell me they can’t treat me more because I don’t have it on my vagina.I was pist.They told me to go see an Anal Doctor at surgeon specialists. I haven’t been treated in about three weeks because I’ve been waiting for them to make an appointment. I’m scared.It doesn’t seem to be getting worse..It’s barely noticable.I’m sort of new to all this hpv shyt.I’m 18. My doctor at Plan Parenthood told me don’t worry..My case isn’t bad,and most likley it will go away.But then I hear people say the warts just go and the virus stays.I Know a girl who had Genital warts a while ago..she’s 33 now. She had them burned off and it’s been years..She never had another breakout.She has also had kids since then and never passed the virus on. How is that true..When there is no test to tell if someone has hpv Genital warts unless the warts are noticable.And if the warts go away and never come back then how can someone say the HPV virus stays forever?My doctors have told me that there is no test to tell if someone has Hpv genital warts unless the warts are noticable..And it is a proven fact that there is no cure for hpv..Only your body’s immune system can heal itself.That’s why the doctors tell people with hpv to eat healthy..and stop smoking..Because they gotta build there immune system up to defeat the virus.And also I understand that if a woman was pregnant and had warts..They would most likley do a C-section.Would my case be different because I don’t have it in that area? I think alot about all this.I have so many concerns.I’m also tired of people judgin me because of this.I didn’t ask to get this..It just happened..I’m not nasty..and I’m far from a whore..I just made a mistake..so plz keep the ignorant comments to yourself.
A: The body CAN rid itself of the virus, but there is no way to do that for sure. Once you have HPV (which is the viruses that CAUSES the warts), you always have it. How often someone gets a wart varies from person to person: someone with HPV may get one wart (which is often how they find out they have it) and never get another one, another person may get them often, and another might NEVER have one. Depends on the person and on the strain of HPV that they have.HPV can show up on a pap smear, even if the person doesn’t have a condyloma (wart) at the time. So, it is NOT true that there is ‘no test’ for it if there isn’t one there. It also isn’t true that you have to have a C-section if you have HPV. If you have warts present at the time of birth, perhaps they would, but not if you don’t have any at the time (if that were the case, almost all women would be having C-sections all the time, since HPV is so incredibly common). You don’t run the risk of passing it on to the fetus if there aren’t warts present when you deliver. Planned Parenthood may not want to treat the warts because they are not in the vaginal area, and they don’t specialize in treating things in any other area. Don’t worry about having to wait to get in to see the specialists, it’s not going to cause you any harm to have to wait. They just want to err on the side of caution, since it’s not something they normally do.Don’t feel badly for contracting this infection. It is extremely common, more women HAVE it than DON’T have it. People are always going to judge, but don’t let them get to you…they’re morons, and they’re ignorant. Having HPV (or any STD, really) doesn’t make you a whore, it only takes sex one time with one person to get one.Hope all of this helps.
Is this normal for her to think this way?
Q: My girlfriend/ex girl friend (long story she got mad at me and left me cuz she hates me? lol) before we found out she was pregnant was always thrilled with the idea of having a baby, she loves children and couldnt wait to have one of her own. Our pregnancy was no accident, we even found out she was pregnant on her birthday. We recently split up because she got really angry at me one day and said she hated me, i figure it was most likley hormones so i have left alone for about a month now. I called her yesterday and she has finally settled down, we actually had a regular convorsation! But when i asked her if she was excited about being a mommy her attitude has seem to shift. Now she says “im not sure” “i dont know anymore”. Long story short i know the hating me part is something i cant avoid due to her hormonal imbalance, but her not being sure about the baby coming and her being a mother, is this normal? Or do we need to get her some help? Any advice would be great. Thanks!
A: I don’t think it’s hormones. I think that she’s scared now. Before, she was with you and wanted to have a baby, WITH you. Now there is no you and she doesn’t want to do it alone. I know how this sounds because she was the one that pushed you away but pushing you away was probably hormones… and when you didn’t call her for a month, well, she was probably hurt.Hope that made sense. Well, as much as us girls can make sense…Talk to her.
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