When is a woman the least fertile

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The least fertile days are days when women has her period, but there is still a small chance of pregnancy. ChaCha Later! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-is-a-woman-the-least-fertile ]
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A woman is least fertile, right after her period ends. This less fertile period will last up until she starts ovulation, which might be two weeks prior to her next menses, in some women.
It’s a myth that a woman can get pregnant any time of their cycle, but unless using a method like Natural Family Planning or Fertility Awareness Method (where she would track her fertility by monitoring basal body temperature and cervical c…
usually at that time woman are not likely to get pregnant. there most fertile time or the time they are most likely to become pregnant is mid cycle or about 14 days before there period is due.

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When is a woman least fertile?
Q: Is it right after their period, before, or inbetween the end of one cycle and the end of a new one?
A: just don’t do it between the 14-18 day from the 1st day of your cycle.
Whens the time when a woman is LEAST fertile?
Q: Isnt it right after your period?
A: the first few days after or before your period.
Right after a woman’s period has ended, is that when they are MOST or LEAST fertile?
Q: 50% of sources (people i talk to) say it is when they are most fertile and likely to conceive.And 50% say it is when they are least fertile and chances of conception are slim.What am i to believe? and why? I just had sex with a girl who was one or two days maximum off of her period and I believe some sperm seeped out of the condom. I really need to know this!
A: It really depends on the woman. A woman is at her least fertile during her period. But it generally depends on the woman’s ovulation cycle. A girl can generally get pregnant any time she has sex, because of the longevity of sperm and ovulation. She is most fertile about 14 days after her period, and 14 days before, so in the middle of her cycle. So she is neither more fertile or less fertile right after her period.
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