When is it safe to get pregnant after giving birth

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Becoming pregnant within the first couple of months after giving birth is not generally recommended. Talk to your doctor for more. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-is-it-safe-to-get-pregnant-after-giving-birth ]
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Is it safe to get pregnant right after giving birth??
You are at an increased risk of miscarriage and further “female” problems if you don’t give your body some “downtime” to recoup. The body needs time to re-establish its “bearings”. Your uterus needs to return t…
Is it safe to get pregnant 3 months after giving birth??
I would think (and I am not sure) but I would think that it would be safer for a vaginal birth than a c-section. If you had had a c-section 3 months ago you would still be healing and possibly (and again my opinion) risking rupture at the u…

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when is it safe to get pregnant again after giving birth??
Q: Baby is now 6 months old and she was born by c-section
A: I’ve always said 9 months is my goal to wait, I think a doctor recommended that, actually and I’ve always kept that goal in mind, but I only use natural family planning and condoms during peak fertility days so I have become pregnant before that. It is okay to be, just a little riskier and harder on your body. I like my children to be close in age. They have natural play mates and peers to learn from that way. Not to mention we home school and it is so much nicer having two in the same level than all different levels. lol 🙂
When it is safe to get pregnant again after c section?
Q: The doctor at the hospital told me to wait “2 or 3 years”, and gave no more explanations? Is it 2 or 3 years then? 2 years to get pregnant or to give birth? When do you know your body is ready for another pregnancy?
A: Well, it’s really 2 years for delivery but sort of – they (the doctors) like you to wait 2 years to get pregnant. Most of us do not wait that long, such as myself who delivered vaginally 18 months to the day after a c-section. Whatever. We didn’t wait but then again I am under a time pressure due to my age, but for your health it’s better to wait.
Is spermicide safe to use just after giving birth? Is it safe for unborn Baby?
Q: First of all I know allot of ya’ll are gonna say “ask your Doc!” and I will but until then I want some advice from people who really know so don’t give me some BS answer just to get points (this is my health we’re talking about) and if you are going for points just say “Ask your Doc!”Now for the question….I just gave birth 2 weeks ago. I know I shouldn’t have sex at all but we all know that’s impossible for most women who still have a libido so I was wondering if I use a spermicide if it will hurt me by getting up into my uterus or whatever. I know they gave my sister-in-law spermicide when she left the hospital after giving birth but was it special “after birth” spermicide or regular spermicide (I can’t ask her)? They only offered me pills but it goes against my beliefs so they sent me home with nothing. I’ve used spermicide before and have had no reaction to it but would it be harmful giving my current situation.Since we are on the subject I’m also gonna ask just for the heck of it….Will spermicide hurt an unborn baby if I do get pregnant again?
A: I would seriously reconsider having sex before your 6 week checkup. I could see maybe at 4 weeks, but definitely not before then. You need to know that you are healing before you do something that may hurt you. I personally would not use spermicide until getting the ok from your doctor. I think that it may cause you some problems (like risk of infection) if you don’t seek medical advice. Sorry for saying what you don’t want me to say but I think that it is not a good idea for you to be having sex already. Do 5 minutes of research online and you will quickly find plenty of resources stating why you shouldn’t. #1 is that you would be risking infection by having sex.
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