When is pregnancy detectable

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When a woman becomes pregnant, the amount of hCG in her system should be around 25 mIU at 10 dpo (days past ovulation). More? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-is-pregnancy-detectable ]
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How soon until pregnancy detectable?
Well it all depends on the length of her cycle and when she would have ovulated and if they had intercourse during this time. In a normal 28 day cycle, a woman would probably ovulate around day 14, so her period would be due on day 28 or …
Do all women that are having a healthy viable pregnancy have dete…?
Yes, a pregnancy at 12 weeks should have hcg levels higher than 50 mIU in their urine. The HPT’s …
How soon after termination of pregnancy does serum beta hCG fall …?
Would depend on the gestation the pregnancy was at, and the method of abortion used

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Metallic Taste?? Pregnancy or sanatogen pro natal?
Q: I’ve has this taste all day, its now driving me mad!!!I would only be 9 days pregnant, so would this be too early, or would this be the sanatogen pro natal doing this to me instead.??Im aching on my sides and back , have no appetite but can eat when give food and i believe i have had implantation bleeding.I haven’t had a AF since oct so have no idea when i should be testing!!Will the pregnancy hormone be detectable yet??I keep taking them its costing me a fourtune!! I never know the right time to take test. xx Im gonna take one 2mrw morning, the last one i took was tuesday but i know now that would have been too early x
A: My friends #1 complaint when she first found otu she was pregnant was a metalic taste in her mouth…so yes take a test!
How long do i wait?
Q: How long do you have to wait untill the HCG is detectable with a pregnancy test? Ive posted a similar question last week when i had done my 3rd pregnacy test, ive just done my 4th and its still negative, my period is over two weeks late and im very regular.If i go to the doctors for a blood test, is it an instant result or do they have to send it away to the lab. Im in the UK.
A: Try testing with your FIRST morning PEE and make an appointment to see your doctor. Try to be calm and have a beautiful day!
when do HCG levels become detectable?
Q: hey, i think i may be 2mnths i have all the symptons nd missed 2 periods tho the tests keep comin up negative im goin 4 a blood test this coming week but is there any other reasons why the pregnancy tests arent working?..
A: dont worry i just asked the same question like not but 12 minutes ago.ok first your body may be stressed and you might not be pregnant.ok so you say your not stressed…well then say you are pregnantare you young? if so then the hormone might not be showing upis it your first then maybe your body is trying to react to it. or adjust.i would be 2 months too and the tests are negative.dont worry and get a blood test that is what i did today.im hoping i am pregnant but who knows..well good luck and email me if you want to talk [email protected]
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