When is the best time of the month to get a girl pregnate

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The general rule is that the best time to get pregnant is fourteen days before your menstrual cycle ends. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-is-the-best-time-of-the-month-to-get-a-girl-pregnate ]
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When is the best time for a girl to get pregnant during the month…?
That’s only if you have an average 28 day cycle. Some women have irregular periods, which would make it extremely hard to tell. The best time for a girl to get pregnant during the month is when she’s ovulating. They have tests that can trac…

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What do I do now?(long question but I really need help!!)?
Q: Okay so I lived in Illionis and had two bestfriends, Mary and Drew. Then I moved back to Ohio (I went from Cali, to AR, to Ohio, to Illionis, to Ohio). In Ohio I met a boy, his name is Kris. I was a real good girl before I met him, I got okay grades and the most trouble I got into was for talking back to my parents. But as I was going out with Kris it all started to change. He was real cool and sweet and I lost my virginity to him and then we didn’t talk for awhile but then I called his house to yell at his sister for screwing around with one of my friends and he answered and we started talking, he was real pissed off and was talking about how much he hates fake people. Then he ask me if I was fake and I really thought about it and thought abut how sometimes I would say things that wern’t really me and said yes then he got real mad and I ask him if he hated me. Then he sighed and said, I think its the opposite. Then we didn’t talk for awhile, I met this guy Matt that really sucked and stuff happened with him. Then it was the summer before highschool so I called Kris and asked him what highschool would be like and we decided to go back out againand I knew then that I was in love. We had sex again, a couple times blahblah. He smoked weed and did alot of drinking. i’m not sure why Istared doing drugs, I popped a couple of pills every now and then since sixth grade and sometimes had a beer but nothing hardcore. Then I turned into something ugly. The second I knew that Kris actually loved me I felt the need to see how far I could push him before he would leave me. I stared doing all these drugs all the time, everyday was something knew and then I started cutting myself. When Kris would out he broke up with me. That killed me and I started doing a lot of coke. It toke me three months to get over him. Thats when I started talking to Jake who got my number off of myspace (Kris and Jake always hated each other). we were just talking. Kros called me about 7 times (I wasnt picking up, I didnt know who was calling and kept missing the phone.) then I finally answered and when I discovered it was him my heart stop he asked mefor twentybucks for himand his friends so I gave it to him, slightly pissed because I wanted that money for acid and they were going to spend it on crappy trailor weed. But then I snuck out with himand his friends and we had sex then the next day his BESTESTESTEST FRIEND started texting me hiting on me and told me that Kris said that he could have me (his names Andy) So I got mad and started going out with Andy. at a party that Andy and Kris were at I asked Kris if he was mad at me for going out with Andy and he said no in a really rude vocie. Andy and me had sex and Kris got word of it and I’m not sure if it was Kris for someone else but someone started making up rumors that I was cheating on Andy and he broke up with me on Valentines day.Well, Andy had this ex named Jackie. Her and her friends started giving me a real hard time at school calling me a wh*** and stuff like that. To the point that I’d go home and cry. But my best friend Megan was there to help me threw it. Eventually they stopped and I became friends with them all (Alex, Becky, Meredeith and Jackie were all sicxk of the drama as much as I was.) Jackie has found a new guy that she loves and is over Andy (they were at one point engaged and almost had a kid). There are rumors that Andy is abusive. Jackie refuses to talk about it, but Andy’s sister, Haylie admits it. So me and Andy remain friends. Me and Jake. We started hooking up. It was a pure sexual relationship. Me and Kris started a talking and Jake dropped me. Then Kris freaked out on me and told me never to call him again. So I listened and tried to kill myself, I ended up passing out from the number of pills I toke. Then Jake got me pregnate. Will be back to that in a moment.Drey brouught pills to school, tried selling them to me and his phone got taken away with text from me saying I’d buy the pills. I told the pricpal Iwas splitting the pils with my friend Megan (which I was)and this got her in a lot of trouble. Hudge argument between me and her in the lunch room with lots of yelling and screaming and crying and Mr. Henry dragging me away. I walked into the computer lap to work on my paper. I had manged to keep my parents unaware of the fact that I’m doing drugs. Good forme, right? Then Kris is in the lap. I sat as far away from him as I could and he threw a note at me that said sorry for being such a dick. Out at the bathrooms I said I couldnt call him because Jake was coming over. Just to hurt him. But that day after Jake left (I hadnt told Jake I was pregnate) I called Kris and we decided to be best friends and I told him i was pregnate and he told me that I shouldn’t have a baby because I’m so small and he rather me have one later in life with someone else (hinting at him, by this point we both already knew that we wanted our relationship to last forever.) but e
A: Dude thats too mainey but I remember all sort a s*** happening like that back in High School(just graduated c/o 08 so dont think that im just some dumb adult trying to give you some shi*ty @ss advice aite). So I kinda understand where your coming from with all this changing, the drugs, and getting pregnant, so lemme try my best to help with this:1. So you do drugs? Well personally i’ve tried thizz and weed stuff like that and the reason I tried it was cuz ya know I was dumb and was curious about how it would feel and pretty much everyone was doing it right? So why not try it? I think thats why the drug stuff started happening like especially since Kris was doing them right? Well you get what im saying tho right about how the drug use started, ANYWAYS I say try to stop doing drugs its just all bad I know they can make you feel good but they can really mess you up try to think about the future like if your addicted or something now I know its gunna be tough cuz some people I knew were like that but just try to stop.2. Sex is great but be careful like use protection n s*** and dont let just any guy get in your pants3. Are you sure your in love with Kris? Or do you just like him A LOT. I remember back in high school when I used to think that I was in love with all these girls then I realized that it was all just an illusion even now I dont think I know what love is cuz with all those girls I though I was in love with I just ended up playin them and sometimes I would get burned in the process, yeah I used all them smooth words and said things like “Aye babe were gunna stay together forever” or “Imma love you till I die” but did I really mean them? I thought I did at the time but now I realized that I didnt really mean those things and in the end someone would always end up getting hurt, then I just started saying those things to random girls I met just so i could play them and get into their pants sure it felt good but in the end I always ended up never calling them or seeing them again. I think if you want to see true love then look at those old people that have been together for like 60 years and never get tired of waking up to each other and are just happy being in each others company thats what I think true love is. I know what I experienced wasnt love it was just high school drama and BS. But I say follow your heart and think about all this cuz if I didnt make the mistakes I made I wouldnt of learned from them and be the person I am today.4. Your pregnant? I never personally had to deal with that but a friend of mines was pregnant and had a abortion when she was like 14 and now she regrets it and whenever the day she had the abortion comes up she starts to feel all sad and disgusted with herself…her exact words were, “Mike it was like a part of me died when I realized what I did and even now I still think of what i’ve done in some ways it was a good thing and in some ways it was bad”…What im saying is I think you should do whatever you want with your pregnancy dont let other people choose what to do for you if you want to have the baby then do it if you wanna abort it then go ahead its all on you5. Jus try to fix up your life as best as you can try to stop with the drugs, find yourself a nice legit guy if you can if not now then later, do what you want with your baby. You might think that some of my advice is BS I would have probably thought that some of this was BS back in tha day but you were the one looking for help in the first place right? At least try to think some of the things I said over…I tried helping with all the experience I had and without learning from those experiences I would still be the retarded kid I was back in freshman year I know I personally still have a lot of maturing and learning to do, so good luck with everything
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