When is the earliest for pregnancy signs to show

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For most women, missing a menstrual period is usually the very first sign that they are pregnant. Thank you for using ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-is-the-earliest-for-pregnancy-signs-to-show ]
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Do you have to miss your period before the earliest pregnancy sig…?
From what I’ve read so far (online and in books), most women don’t experience pregnancy symptoms and morning sickness until at least 4-5 weeks pregnant earliest, which means you would have gotten a missed period by that time.
When is the earliest signs of pregnancy will show up??
every women is different. I didn’t have morning sickness at all BUT I did have some of the worst hot flashes in the beginning. I’m not exactly sure when I conceived but with in a couple days I remember I thought I was dying I had such a bad…
Are there any early signs of pregnancy that may show up before yo…?
Missed period. This is the earliest and most reliable sign if you have a regular monthly cycle. Though it is possible to have a little light bleeding or spotting around the time you expected your period, even if you’re pregnant. If you don’…

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When do you start having pregnancy signs?
Q: Well my period is due May 8th is it to early to be showing any kind of pregnancy signs me and my husband are trying for a baby? So if anyone has ever had early pregnancy signs it would be great to hear. I been going to the bathroom a lot for the last 2 days it seems like am starting to get more tired and not wanting to do much. My last period was April 10-16th i have a normal 28 day cycle. So if you could help out that would be great. Thanks!!!
A: its possibly to early, def to early for a preg test but every woman is dif, for my 1st child I started urinating a lot more way befor I was far enough along to use a preg test. now I am 9 mo preg and with this one I had no idea until I actually missed my period, also if you conceive close enough to your period you can have a period, with my 1st one I was urinating a lot more and having signs of dizziness early in the morning but then I started my period so I blew the urinating and dizziness off, but my period was really irregular compared to usual. it only lasted about 2 days unlike my normal 4 to 5 day cycle, so if you do start this month don’t get discouraged right away it could still happen! good luck I hope for the best!
what are the earliest signs of pregnancy? and with these signs can a test still be negative?
Q: hi. i’ve noticed in like the past week I have been extremely moody. like to the point of being intolerable. I have also been pretty tired, and the past two days i’ve become increasingly more exhausted as the day went on even though the night before each exhausted day i slept for almost 10 hours. (both nights). which was odd to me. well because of my moodiness, i went to the doctors to see if maybe i was anemic or maybe my moodiness could have been a form of depression. while there, the nurse had me take a urine pregnancy test which came back negative and mind you i had my period about a week and a half prior to this testing.. i went to rule it out. but when i was talking to my mother about my visit, she said that while pregnant with me she had her period (well bleeding) the first month and the tests from the doctor came up negative too. so i’m curious if i’m having these certain symptoms, can a test from the doctor still say i’m not pregnant even if i am? like is it too early to tell i am pregnant? how early do these signs show? and what were some of your very early pregnancy signs? how long did u wait to test? and has anyone else had a doctor give them a urine test and have it come back negative when they were actually pregnant? your answers and insight are greatly appreciated! :]
A: It is certainly possible hun .You see the Dr’s urine tests are not even as strong as the Early prediction tests you use at home , They use bog standard tests .So if you was very early in pregnancy this could of just been missed .I have never had a Dr’s negative , But with this pregnancy i took tonnes of tests at home all came back positive , Went to Nurses to confirm as they have to for there records , And she refused to confirm it as she said it was too faint for her to call !!!! . anyway 2 days later she had me test again and told me what i knew all along lol …Although your symptoms could easily still be anemia hun .Good luck . xxx .
Is it possibly to show very early pregnancy signs? and if u have earlier signs can you test earlier?
Q: Im 18 (please dont lecture me ive lived on the streets and grew up really quick and all ive ever wanted was my own family) I’m very skinny and my period is still a week away but ive been feeling pg signs for a few days now, first my lower belly bloated and never goes flat like it used to be (its like i just ate a big meal and bloated but the bloating is lower and its there all the time even when im hungry and when i first wake up in the morning) also my nipples are VERY sensitive (which was one of the major signs i got last time i was pg, and when i pms my boobs get sore not my nipples), i’ve also been more tired lately and every time i eat i get this uncomfortable feeling in my stomach after a few minutes like something’s different in there.I had slight cramps a few days ago too which i read is another sign. I was thinking maybe becaz ive been pg before and im so tiny that could be why Im showing sooner? or could it be twins? Also if Im having signs earlier can /should i test earlier?
A: I am also 18, and two months pregnant : ) Noone should judge you hun, I did not grow up on the streets, and if you are 18, it is def legal to conceive, don’t worry about it, my doctor says I am the perfect patient. Take a pregnancy test, I found out a week after conception. (which would be a week from your period coming). If you have been pregnant before, which I haven’t, but it could be possible that you are showing a little early..highly unlikely, I am very skinny as well, but could be twins (I am one). During pms my nipples would hurt, but now my boobs KILL, that was a big sign. Being tired is a big sign too. Take a pregnancy test.
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