When is the earliest time you can tell you’re pregnant

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New pregnancy test can tell up to 7 days before a missed period. Some test require testing after you have missed a period. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-is-the-earliest-time-you-can-tell-you%27re-pregnant ]
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When is the earliest time you can tell your pregnant??
Typically speaking a woman will ovulate 14 days after the start of her last period, so for example if your last period started on the 1st of the month you would ovulate on the 15th. However it is not the same for every woman, some women ovu…
What’s the earliest time that a physician can tell if you’re preg…?
Blood tests can tell after implantation. Earliest would be 6 days after ovulation, but more commonly 10.

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when did you/is it ok to tell people you’re pregnant?
Q: Does anyone know when the risk of miscarriages goes down? I remember hearing after the 3rd trimester but i dont know if it is week 12 or 13? I didnt want to start telling everyone until after that time (i’m at 11 weeks today)When did you tell people? I have only told my parents a couple days ago (awkward) but my mom is a blabbermouth and can’t keep her mouth shut for much longer. I dont know if it is earlier than normal to tell people?Last one: My brother and his fiance have been iffy about getting married soon they keep switching dates….started “in 2 years when he graduates” then its “sometime this summer”, then it changed to “july” then it changed to “this january” and now it is “justice of the peace ceremony in january and have a wedding in july” and i am due in july 6th. Everyone thinks we tried to get pregnant and frankly i dont want to tell them otherwise but would you get mad if you found out that i was due the same month you had planned your wedding? My husband thinks she will get mad and i dont know how to handle it because i’d rather not have a newborn and/or be fat (since i was planned to be a bridesmaid) for her wedding but not sure what to expect with her or what to tell her.
A: i told everyone that is important the minute that the test told me i was. its not your fault that the baby is coming when her wedding is she will get over it.
How early can you tell if you’re pregnant?
Q: My boyfriend and I had sex for the first (2nd, 3rd, and 4th time) Valentine weekend. We used a condom 3 out of 4 times and the other time he didn’t “finish” I knew pre-ejac. fluids contained sperm but I thought it was like the actual ejac. fluids & we’d be able to tell if he did or was about to? I was supposed to start my period around Monday & I haven’t yet, I’ve been extremely tired all week, and (TMI) the past two days I’ve had excessive discharge (?!) when can you tell if you’re pregnant? what is the likeliness of me being pregnant? when can I take a test? should I be worried?please, I need as much help as I can get, thank you
A: So, you just had unprotected sex one week ago? You won’t be able to tell if you’re pregnant yet if thats the only time you’ve done it. Stress can cause a period to be late… If you had unprotected sex at all last month, take a test. If not, try to relax and put it out of your mind. You’ll drive yourself crazy with worry! Good luck
How early can you tell that you’re pregnant?
Q: So it’s been a week since me and my boyfriend did the deed. We’re both 18, it was my first time and it was unprotected and he didn’t -ahem- finish, if you know what I mean… Still, there’s pre-cum and all that jazz, so I’m super worried. We got to the pharmacy after approx. 48 hours and got Plan B, but it’s only 89% effective. I’m only 2 days late for my period so far, and I’m driving myself crazy with the “what ifs”. I could just be stressing so bad that I’ve forced it to be late, but I’m pretty much always stressed and it stays consistent every month.Ever since I took Plan B, I’ve had an extremely sore lower abdomen, and it’s gotten worse the past few days. The instructions said pain was only supposed to last 24 hrs, and it’s been 6 days now. My breasts are also extremely sore–worse than they get when I’m PMSing. I’ve been extremely moody (could be lack of sleep due to stressing over this) and kind of nauseous. And (I’m not sure if this is a symptom) I’ve noticed I’ve had excessive saliva the past couple days… So how early can I take a test to be sure and get some sleep? I told my boyfriend if I don’t get my period by Wednesday, I’m taking a test, but should I maybe wait a few days longer? I just don’t know how much more sleep I can lose over this. Any suggestions? Sorry for the long post… :PAnd please no lecturing about safe-sex and blahblahblah. I obviously realize my mistake, so save it. Thanks.
A: Take a test when it’s been 14 days since you had sex. It usually takes that long for tests to be accurate.
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