When is the earliest you can have pregnancy symptoms

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One can sometimes have pregnancy symptoms the first day they are pregnant. Signs of pregnancy include nausea and vomiting. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-is-the-earliest-you-can-have-pregnancy-symptoms ]
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When is the earliest pragnancy symptoms?
ok, the person that said they had morning sickness 2 weeks before their period was due is incorrect – because the fertilized egg had not even implanted yet so that’s not even possible (ovulation has to occur at least 10-14 days prior to the…
What are the earliest symptoms of pregnancy?
Missed period Nausea or being sick. Urinating more frequently Tender breasts or nipples Cramping Gas Bloatedness Headache Tiredness These are the usual pregnancy symptoms. Urinating more frequently is supposed to be the first pregnancy symp…
What are the earliest pregnancy symptoms?
There are no distinct pregnancy symptoms that occur before a missed period. Sorry. All the symptoms you might get at that time are the exact same as the ones you would get right before your period came on. There’s no way to tell them apart….

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When you are experiencing early pregnancy symptoms does it mean that the hcg level can be read by a hpt?
Q: Hi all…my husband and I are trying for a baby. This is suppose to be day 11 since ovulation and 4 days before my period. I have had the spotting and later that day had severe cramps at six days past ovulation, i feel bloated and i have really bad back pain. I also am experiencing hot flushes and these pimples keep popping up. My nipples are also very sore, sensitive and have become bigger. All of these things I never normally get during my normal cycle.I am just wondering if this is a sign on whether or not I can take a home pregnancy test and get an accurate result. Im so curious and cant wait till i miss a period to find out.Any feedback is appreciated 🙂
A: I just recently fell pregnant after trying. It does sound like you are pregnant! There are actually home pregnancy tests that can detect quite early in the pregnancy. Ask the pharmasicst about them if your too excited to wait. I know I was! I tested positive just before my period was due.
When does someone have the earliest of pregnancy symptoms?
Q: At what day past ovulation if you can remember did you have signs?? We are at 5-6 days past ovulation. BBT has stayed high and never dropped. Nausea, breast sensitivy, dizziness, and cramping. I know if may be too early to tell, but I am VERY hopeful. Thanks!
A: I had cramping first and it was about a week or so after ovulation. Then came the sore breasts. You should get some symptoms any time, and if not… some people don’t. I would start taking a prego test about a week or so before your missed period. Mine turned up positive 8 days before my missed period. Good Luck!
How do you tell the difference between going on your period or early symptoms of pregnancy?
Q: I had sex the week of my period , and I don’t know if the bloating ,tender breast/nipples, and nausea are coming from me about to get on my period or if its early pregnancy symptoms. I do get all of the symptoms above when I am about to be on my period or when I am on it. But im just making sure because this is the first time im actually having a pregnancy scare. Im kinda new to all this pregnancy talk, so i mean is there a way I can tell or do I have to wait it out until the 2nd week?? Because my period varies quite frequently and I wouldnt be sure when to take a pregnancy test.
A: The chance of getting pregnant from having sex the week of your period is slim to none. You had already ovulated about two weeks prior, which is the window in which you are likely to get pregnant. One of the more common early symptoms of pregnancy is very tender breasts (more tender than associated with PMS, and lasts longer than it would during PMS). You can take a pregnancy test five days before your missed period, but the test isn’t quite as accurate until you’ve actually missed your period. The pregnancy hormone these tests detect doubles every 48 hours. So, if your first test is negative, wait 48 hours to test again – the hormone will have doubled by then. With all of that said, based on when you had sex, I doubt you’re pregnant.
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