When is the safest time to sleep with a girl so she does not get pregnant

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Ovulation for women is different for everyone. It is hard to predict but there are only 6 days when she actually can get pregnant [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-is-the-safest-time-to-sleep-with-a-girl-so-she-does-not-get-pregnant ]
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When is the safest time to sleep with a girl so she does not get …?
Ovulation for women is different for everyone. It is hard to predict but there are only 6 days when she actually can get pregnant

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What would you do with a situation like this?
Q: I have seven daughters. They are of course all different in every possible way. They all have strengths, they are all beautiful and are full of many talents and gifts. They are all doing fairly well. However, one of my daughters, who is 19, has a son that will be a year old in October. It is such a long story to explain everything that has taken place with her since before high school. She is brilliant but has never used her intelligence to further herself in any way. Before high school and throughout high school, we spent thousands of dollars on Dr’s, therapists, different types of meds and the like. Nothing ever seemed to turn things around for her. She would continually make harmful decisions with her life. After some time, her dad and I gave up trying to help and decided she has to make her own decisions and her own mistakes and own up to whatever the consequences would be for bad choices. We had her signed up for Boys Town, but that fell through. She got pregnant and decided to keep the baby. The father of the baby is a complete waste of skin. Can’t hold onto a job, has gotten a number of girls pregnant, spends money on booze before he will spend money on diapers or anything else to help out his son. She is currently living with me because she and her boyfriend broke up and she had no safe place to go for her and her son. I told her she could stay with me as long as she decided to do something with her life. I needed to see some effort on making a change for a better life for her and her son. Whether the change be a better full time job, signing up and taking classes etc, just something that was a change to help break the pattern of bad choices and move forward in the right direction. She has since gotten a job with more hours but that is it. She sleeps in, she doesn’t help clean around the house most days. She sits on the phone and talks all day unless she has hours at work. Her room where she is in at the moment is a disaster area. The list could go on and on. She moved in at the beginning of July. I told her at that time she had 3 months to make a change to show me she was serious if she wanted me to help her out. Nothing changed for the first 2 months, I told her that she was going to have to pay some small amount for rent if she wanted to continue to stay at my house, I also told her she needed to get a job close to the house so she could walk to work since she doesn’t have a car. She has a hard time keeping jobs as well. However, she has landed a job at a place w/in walking distance from here, and she gets more hours than she has from jobs in her past which is good. I understand well that people make mistakes and forgiveness is needed in many situations when it comes to families. Families need to be a place where your children know they can always come back to when they need to. However, with all of this going on, with all the hardships she has gone through, etc, I found out last week that she was pregnant again, but that same week had a miscarriage. I am to the point where nothing with her surprises me. She is home most of the time with her son while I am at work. I am a teacher, so I work full time. I also take grad classes, I am separated from my husband, and my father is in the hospital not doing so well. I have a ton of things going on. I am wondering if I need to get tough with my 19 year old and kick her out. I am to the point where I may just take custody of my grandson and tell my daughter to leave and not come back until she has her life put together. The sad thing is and reality is tough, that I am thinking this may be as good as it gets for her. She is very very self centered and I don’t know any other way to help her, but yet I can’t let her stay here forever and be a mooch and take advantage of the situation where she has no motivation to make a positive change in her life. I know this is long, thanks for reading and what would you do? Kick her out, let her stay, etc etc,Jeb, I do understand what you are saying about being an enabler. But understand that 1, she does have her high school diploma, 2, she doesn’t get use of the cars, she doesn’t get rides from us, she needs to find her own, 3 we do not watch her son unless she pays her sisters a fair amount to do so, she also has a day care provider during the week for her work hours during the week 4. she does do some things around the house, she does pay a small amount for rent, 5, she does have a job, and has been working more hours, so that is progress in the right direction, regardless of how small. I am torn because a person needs to be tough, I understand tough love. Last night I laid down some expectations that need to be met or she is out. I will see today if she has complied. I do understand what you are saying though.
A: You sure have the world on your shoulders. I’m sure that kicking her out would make things harder for her but it would seem it would make it even harder on you, she might even find life easier if you did because you would be taking care of HER child. Take each day one at a time, find a common ground that you can live with as well as she can, set rules with expectations and consequences (such as pay rent or do all the house work). It sounds as if she needs to realize she is a guest in your house and she should be doing everything she can to make sure she will be welcome to stay. If she’s taken on a new job and appears to be turning things around let her know that you are proud of her and the things shes changing but also let her know that she has a long road ahead of her and that she needs to be making plans as well for her and her son and that you won’t always be there to bail her out. So give it awhile but let her know as well that the free ride will be over if she doesn’t turn things around soon. As for all of the other things happening in your life once again take them one day at a time, let your dad know that you love him and that you wish him the best, work on the things you want the most and if time allows work on the rest…best of luck to you and your family.
Lacey’s story/What would you do?
Q: This is a question about what you would think about this girl. My friend Lacey is going to be 24 years old in a week. She’s [or she used to be at least] your average girl, looks average, averagely smart and she used to be a really great person. She was a hard worker, caring to all of her friends, has a 3 year old son, and loves her fiance’ more than anything in the world [it seems she loves him even more than her son, or herself]. Anyway I want to know what went wrong here. Lacey’s childhood was not the best she grew up as an only child, her dad smoked crack cocaine and drank throughout her entire childhood and she told me she never was close to him until she started smoking pot, drinking [around age 14]. Her mom worked all of the time and she never saw either one of them. She got kicked out of her mom’s at 15 and lived with her dad at a party house, dropped out of school at 16 and lived at her dad’s trailer with an older guy [her son’s father] who was 21. He beat her up constantly and told her she was fat, ugly, b*tch, whore any name you could think of in front of everyone and she stayed with him for 5 and a half years anyway because she was too afraid to leave. She’s drank to get drunk every day [except for the few months she was pregnant] since she was 15. Then Lacey met Jack, in 2007. Her whole life she’d been a hard worker. She had several waitressing jobs [nothing was ever good enough for her ex though] and at the time she was working at a liquor store which is where she met him. Jack promised Lacey the world. He got her to leave her ex and move in with him [they had only known eachother for about a month, he had just gotten out of prison.] So she did and they were happy, so happy even though the drama was out of control with her and her ex she felt safe with Jack. A month into the relationship Jack started [re] using heroin. Lacey would give him her whole pay check and it usually just went to pay for his habit [she wasn’t using at the time just drinking.] He lost his job at the liquor store and hasn’t really held anything serious since. She worked 80 hours a week trying to take care of him and her son [who she only had half of the time]. Jack doesn’t hit her and I think that’s why she thinks he’s so “perfect” as she says and she does everything for him. She bought him drugs and handed her paycheck over to him every time she got it and she said it made her “happy” to do it.Well she ended up losing her job at the liquor store, waitressing, then she met Jack’s ex girlfriend Tina, who was also a heroin addict and used to hustle the streets and airports for money [saying she was stranded and what not]. Lacey quit her job at the restaurant and started hustling with Tina. This was last June. They made enough money to pay for a hotel room every night for Jack and Lacey [they got evicted in July] They did this until February when Tina decided to quit using and move south. Lacey’s dad died of a drug overdose in January. Lacey was left with no job and her dad had been helping to support them so since she wasn’t really a good liar she had to try to become one. Lacey started using heroin in February, a month after her dad passed away. She started shooting up in March. She’s changed so much since.Lacey lies to everyone who cares about her and has broken ties with almost everyone. She lies to her family, friends, and I think she lies to herself most of all. She still thinks she’s a “good person”. She has told me that her goal in life is to be a “good person”. But she’s gotten so far away from that. All she seems to care about is heroin and Jack. Her and Jack live in their car right now and sleep in parking lots. Every penny they get goes to heroin, gas to drive to get heroin, beer, and cigarettes. She did manage to get two waitressing jobs but the money isn’t enough. Jack convinced her to start stealing checks from his mom and she lies to her own mom who has had cancer since 2001 to get money from her any way she can. She had a friend a mutual friend between her and Jack that she kept going to for help, at first she was lying and saying it was for hotel rooms then she asked him to help her not be dopesick and he had given her over a thousand dollars. Lacey’s so worried about being sick she stole two checks from him so far [$175 each] and her last stint was to go to his house and say she wanted to leave Jack, but she needed the dope so he bought her $100 worth of heroin and she waited for him to fall asleep and snuck out the back door and walked a few miles to meet Jack and shoot up together.I don’t know what to make of Lacey. She used to be so sweet. She’s lost almost everything she had. She doesn’t have custody of her son right now because she has nowhere to go and she has no money to pay for food or diapers for him. She keeps saying she loves him, but she loves Jack, and Jack means everything to her.She has a guy that she calls up every two*continued*She has a guy that she calls up every two weeks or so [an old landlord of hers] and he gives her $60 for sexual stuff….not actually sex because he’s “too old” but everything but. She says she feels guilty but she wouldn’t be able to support Jack, and since he doesn’t work she feels she has to. So she’s basically a prostitute too but it’s a side job, she only calls that one guy but has hinted she would do it if she could find more clients.What went wrong with this girl? Is she a “good person” at all? Is she evil or just an addict? How can I help her? What would turn such a sweetheart into a lying, conniving homeless desperate? She’s still pretty attractive, except for the track marks on her arms. She’s still nice and cries at sad things and I do think she cares about people, but she cares about herself first.What do you make of this story? [It’s a true story by the way and this is going on right now]Any and all imput would be appreciated, sorry it is so lon
A: This is a sad story. And there is probably little that you can do. You see, this world is the world that she grew up in all her life. To her, this is the norm. And now, she is a heroin addict to boot, with all the things that you see going along with that. She has not really changed, other than being addicted to heroin and the changes that come with having to live under that shadow. Even if the addiction magically disappeared overnight, which it wouldn’t, she will always be drawn to problem guys and want to take care of them. And she will always use drugs at some point… even to the extent that is she WERE somehow magically no longer addicted to heroin, she would probably go back to using it again anyway. I am sorry to paint such a negative picture. Unless she decided she was finished with Jack (sounds unlikely) and decided to try to get her life in order, at this point there is really nothing that you can do. And if she did decide to seek help, getting rid of Jack and heroin would only begin to scrape the surface of her problems and she would need years of ongoing counseling. I hope somehow things will turn out better for her, but because of the environment she grew up in, her future is all but predetermined. Don;t give up hope, but don’t get too caught up in something that will only bring you pain.
Please help me take care of my prego kitty?
Q: Ok, so I know I ask a lot of questions on here, but my kitten is pregnant. She is 9 months old and my beautiful little calico girl, Chloe…..but I am scared because she is sooo tiny in her frame and I’m scared that it will cause complications with the birthing process. I have read soooo many things on what to expect and what to do for them when their pregnant. And I believe I have everything ready….I have her a cardboard box with her soft blanket in it and she has access to fresh food and water, and I have prepared a smaller litter box for her and kittens to be able to get into once they have to go…..the problem is I’m unsure as to when to expect them, as I don’t know when exactly she is do.I believe she got pregnant right before we got her brother neutered, which sucks because they were doing so well……..but one thing led to another and she got pregnant, I do not know how many she will have, but have already lined up homes for them with loving close friends and family…..I’m just so worried that they won’t make it, poor little guys……I don’t want to come home from work one day and find little dead kitties all over the place……that’s what I’m scared of, because I don’t know when she’s due and I’ve started separating her from her brother just to make sure, but I can’t quit my job to stay home and wait for them to be born……As for changes, I mean she’s so incredibly affectionate with me lately, she meowing ALL the time, she eating like a horse….and she’s sleeping a lot……her nipples are very swollen and when she walks, she looks like a cow with her swollen sides, but I haven’t felt the babies yet? I’m getting really really worried that she’s going to have all still borns because I can’t feel them……..I’m sure she will be giving birth any day, I’m just so scared that something is going to go wrong if I’m not there…….if anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated 🙂 I want nothing more than the safe healthy delivery of these little miracles and the safety of my Baby during the process…BTW…..to all those nutcases out there who freak out on people everytime they ask for advice on taking care of their pregnant cat…….just a word to the wise……SHIT HAPPENS, sometimes cats get pregnant and there’s nothing you can do but make ready a safe and loving environment for them to be born into and do your part in finding them GOOD homes. I love my two babies with all my heart and have never had a problem providing them with food and safety and so much love, that that is the reason they are both healthy and big sucks…..I would never do anything to hurt them, and think of them as my children. They are so precious to me and that’s why I want to make sure that this delivery goes well……..so before you jump down my throat about spaying and neutering my cat before this happens……..I have another thing to say to you…..for #1, I live 10 stories up in an apartment complex and no one else on my floor has pets…….there is NO possible way for them to get out and get anything or get pregnant by another cat……..as far as their health, I have had them since they were 7 weeks old and have them upto date on ALL their vacines, de-worm, etc, etc…….and NO I did NOT declaw them, as they do not use their claws that much and I do not believe it is neccessary……..material possesions do not mean as much as the love they give back to our family……..so, long story short……….SHIT happens and sometimes finances fall out from under you, when I got them, I was not expecting my husband to leave me for 2 other women……and then leave me with a ton of debts to pay off, On My OWN………….so the fact that I was late getting my little boy fixed, cannot be helped, I have done the best I can, and know at the end of the day that they love me back……….so I can only hope the same for these unborn babies yet to come into the world……Any advice would be grately appreciated :)Thank you
A: ok first off CONGRATS!!! you’ll be a grandma!!!! ok if her nipples are swollen take them and gently squeeze them see if you can get milk out if you do babies aren’t very far away! 12-36 hours if she is healthy i wouldn’t worry about her. Get her some kitten chow great for mamas and babies its a little more expensive but she needs it, let her eat. you are doing the right thing by keeping her brother away she needs peace and quiet. as for the cardboard box she might not have them there don’t be surprised if she winds up having them on your pillow or somewhere else, lol. the next thing you need to do is BREATHE, count to 10 and tell yourself that everything will be ok for your baby. now when the babies come just remember that cats have been doing this for millions of years if she starts having complications like profuse bleeding, not taking care of the babies, things like that you might want to get her some help. remember that cats are like humans they have water that breaks and mucus plug that comes out so keep an eye on her who-ha for the mucus that is the best indication that babies are on their way. don’t be surprised if she holds them in till you get home my mama cat used to do that she wouldn’t have the babies till i was there, lol. you’ll be ok if you need more advice feel free to email me [email protected]
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