When on birth control can you get pregnant when your on the last week of your pills

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The last 7 pills of a 28-day pack are spacer pills, but if you took the rest of them correctly, you shouldn’t get pregnant. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-on-birth-control-can-you-get-pregnant-when-your-on-the-last-week-of-your-pills ]
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Can you get pregnant when taking the last week of pills for your …?
you can actually potentially get pregnant during any stage of taking the pill…..they’re not 100% believe me, i know!
Can you have sex on the last week of your birth control pills and…?
The week on reminder pills is just as safe as the rest of the month. That is because if you have taken all your pills correctly (not missed any, never took them late) then you haven’t ovulated and there is no egg that could get fertilised. …

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can you still get pregnant if you have sex while on the last week of birth control?
Q: I’m taking the pill and I was on the last week of a pack (the pills that you’re supposed to have your period on) all week i was on a heavy period untill the 5th day i stopped, so i had unprotected sex, then the 6th day i did again, but i took the pill almost 3 hours late, and then on the last day when i was taking the last pill i had sex again. My question is since the last week of pills is for having your period and they supposidly dont have the hormones in them then can i get pregnant from having sex? or does the birth control still contintue to work?
A: My gyno says that you can get preggo having unprotected sex on your inactive pills. In fact, she says that if you really want to be safe you should wait 7 days after you start the active pills again to start having unprotected sex. Keep in mind that if you are not taking your pills at the same time every day they are going to be alot less effective. However, a period is because your egg moves down and does not become fertilized and the lining of your uterus is falling away so chances of getting pregnat while on your period are lower than right before hand when the egg is waiting or right after because one has probably not fallen yet. If you have trouble taking your pill ontime talk with your docotr about taking a Depo shot. Mine says you can only be on them for three years though because it can cause certain nutrition shortages. They last for like a year so the drawback is that unlike a pill, IUD, or ring if you decided to try and get pregnant it takes alot more than 48 hours for it to leave your system. I don’t think you have a period with these. There are also things called IUDs that your gyno puts inside you during an office visit like your checkups to keep eggs from falling and don’t have any hormones in them. They are good for a few years at a time and you can use them as long as you want. I don’t know if you have periods with these.Diaphrams she says, do not work most of the time because you have to have them in exactly the right spot and they can move during sex. I had a surgery that made me unable to take the pill anymore so she also gave me a Nuvaring. It is a clear ring and you insert it yourself using a tampon holder and it stays in for 3-4 weeks. It releases the hormones directly into your vaginal tissues and you simply remove it after 3 weeks, have a period and put in another one. Niether my fiancee or I could feel it at all.If you are good about taking your pill the same time every day then I suggest something I had called Seasonel. It works just like the regular pill birthcontrol except that you only have to have periods 4 times a year, or if you don’t ever plan on having kids, you can keep taking active pills and won’t have to have any periods which was awesome. You can do the same thing with the Nuvaring and leave it in 4 weeks at a time instead of having inactive weeks but if you want to have kids later in life it is reccomended that you go ahead and have the periods at least every three months. Of course talk with your doctor first since I don’t know your medical history (you will have to regardless because they are perscription) but these are the options for girls besides getting your tubes tied.
Has anyone here gotton pregnant, or known someone, who got pregnant while on birth control pills?
Q: I’m particularly interested if you or that person was on antibiotics. WHat happened? I mean, did you think you were pregnant before your missed period? What symptoms did you have? And, when do you think you conceived?My issue is that last week, from Monday I started taking anitbiotics (amoxicillin)…I was on my last full week of active pills (my bc has 3 weeks of active pills, then I take one week off to get a period). I thought I was ok, since I was on day 21 of a 28 day cycle…I figuresd ovulation is supposed to occur around day 14. However, I have been feeling “not right” the last few days. I’m eating weird, very very tired, and having really vivid, strange dreams. I took a HPT on Saturday, it was negative. However, usually my period doesn’t come until Wednesday (tomorrow). Today I feel particularly naseous…I haven’t thrown up, just feel like I will. I’m waiting until a Thursday, if there is no period, to take a test. Until then though, can’t get it off my mind…Will you share your experiences? Thansk!
didnt get any answers last time, please help when did i become pregnant?
Q: my cycles were 28 days long for as long as i can remember, i was on a 28 day birth control pill for about a year and a half. the month that i stopped taking it, i stopped because i ran out so my cycle was not interrupted. i ran out of the pill in june, and my period was on the 30th of june. i should have ovulated on the 14th of july.i got pregnant in july, i was with my boyfriend every day until the 19th. i was with a different partner on the 21st and that was the only day i was ever with him.in august i had an ultrasound [8-13-08] and the baby measured to be 5 weeks and 6 days old, which puts conception at the 17th of july.in september i had an ultrasound [9-11-08] and the baby measured to be 10 weeks and 1 day old [10 weeks and 4 days some parts of her anatomy] which also puts conception at the 17th of julyin november [november 19th] i had another ultrasound and the baby measured to be 19 weeks and 6 days which ALSO puts conception to the 17th of julySince all of the ultrasound dates add up, and roughly correspond with my last period date, can i be pretty sure i didn’t conceive the 21st?everyone involved in my pregnancy is aware of the situation. i was told by my DR that its unlikely that i conceived the 21st because everything matches up, and that early ultrasounds aren’t off by more then 4-5 days.. so i have two questionsHow common is it to ovulate 21 days after your last period and not 14 days after?andCan i be pretty sure i conceived on before the 21st?i didn’t cheat on him he cheated on me and we broke up the 19th after i found out. ALSO: I TOOK PLAN B THE 21ST AFTER BEING WITH THE OTHER GUYNOTE: IF YOU ARE ALREADY PREGNANT AND TAKE PLAN B IT WILL NOT EFFECT THE PREGNANCY. IF THE EGG HAS NOT IMPLANTED IT WILL MAKE IT SO IT CAN NOT IMPLANT. BUT IF THE EGG HAS IMPLANTED IT DOES NOTHING.thanks, i called the PLAN B hot line and spoke with a representative, who was also a nurse and told her about my situation, and gave her the dates, she also said i was most likely pregnant before i took the plan B on the 21st, aseptically because my fertile period was passedthanks, i called the PLAN B hot line and spoke with a representative, who was also a nurse and told her about my situation, and gave her the dates, she also said i was most likely pregnant before i took the plan B on the 21st, aseptically because my fertile period was passed
A: Well, it seems to me that it is your boyfriends baby and not your “one night stands”. However, I would get a paternity test just to be safe and give everyone a peice of mind about the whole thing! Since you said that a lot of people know about the situation it may be a good thing for you to prove who is the father so nothing can be said!Good Luck!
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