When pregnant and not knowing yet, when you start your period do you pee more

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Once your body starts producing the hormone hCG and your pregnancy is established, your period stops; you may urinate more often. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-pregnant-and-not-knowing-yet%2C-when-you-start-your-period-do-you-pee-more ]
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When pregnant and not knowing yet, when you start your period do …?
Once your body starts producing the hormone hCG and your pregnancy is established, your period stops; you may urinate more often.

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Moms with more than one kiddo only…when did you “know” you were pregnant with your 2nd?
Q: Before you missed your period or took a test…did you “know” you were pregnant again? Did your body clue you in? Did you have a hunch? That mom-sense kick in? How soon did you “know”? Ok I my husband and I have a daughter already. She’s nearly two. We were trying to get pregnant this summer, but the attempt was short lived. We stopped “trying” when I decided to enroll in university to finally finish my degree. So of course Murphy’s law dictates that I would NOW get pregnant..It’s only been about 2-3 weeks and I can’t take a test just yet…still too soon for the home kits and with no insurance I want to have a little better idea than just a hunch before I go traipsing off to the clinic for an official test.Again, already have a kid and I know the symptoms. So my question is…for your subsequent child(ren), how soon did you “know” without the aid of a pee test? PS – My current “symptoms” are frequent urination, tummy bloating (swelling…not to be confused with growth…just a little fluffier than before…this happened with my first as well – by the end of week 8 – it was back to normal before I started to actually show around week 16ish), craving similar (although slightly different) to my last pregnancy, and abnormal fatigue.All of these things are easily explained but I have a feeling. When did you know? When did you start feeling the symptoms? Particularly on the subsequent pregnancies?
A: LOL well you got pregnant the moment you enrolled back into school. No seriously I just “knew” that I was pregnant with my 2nd child about 2 weeks after I conceived. Urine test did not show up for me until my 4th month, but I just had the strongest feeling. Symptoms showed up slowly around the 2nd and 3rd week. Being tired, just not feeling good. Good luck!
Not Your Typical Am I Pregnant Question.?
Q: Ok, so it is an am I pregnant but there is it a bit more too it.Ok a few months ago I had a miscarriage and about 4 weeks ago my bf and I did the deed, I was due for my period the next week, one the way driving home the next day I was in a car accident rolled the car ended up in hostipal, three days later I got spotting, which I put down to a very light period due to the stress of the crash, a week after I though that maybe it could be because im pregnant so at 2 and a half weeks ; I stupidly took a pregnancy test [silly me I know] which of course said negative. It put my mind at ease and I went about my life as normal.Last week though I started feeling really really tired a lot, my boobs hurt, I had to pee every 10 minutes (& still do) someone smoked near me and I almost threw up at the smell, this morning when I got up I had a cup of coffee with some vegemite toast and threw up at the smell of both.Now im wondering id still only be 4 weeks pregnant so is it soon enough for me to do a test; 2. Is it even possible for me to be pregnant yet since my miscarriage was only like 3 months ago and 3. Is it possible that im making myself sick because I do want another baby, and if so could I be causeing all these symptoms without knowing? Well there you go, I no its a bit of a complicated question and if you need anymore information just tell me and ill be quite happy to answer. :]Also I was in second trimester when I had my m/c, when I did my last test it wasn’t in the morning it was actually late afternoon.
A: You can get pregnant before your next period because you ovulate about 2 weeks before you have a period. In order to get pregnant after a miscarriage your HCG hormone levels need to go back down to zero and depending on how far along you were when you miscarried depends on how long it takes to go back to zero. The light bleeding could have been what is known as “implantation bleeding” which is when the egg burrows in the uterine wall and irritates it so that you have light spotting which is usually light pink in color. The light bleeding could also be from the impact of the crash/stress on your body causing a werid period or break through bleeding. I got pregnant a few times 3 months after miscarriage, but sadly they ended in miscarriage again. 4 weeks is not too soon to take a pregnancy test and have it read positive, but in case it comes back negative test again in a day or 2 in the morning w/FMU (First Morning Urine) since that has the highest concentration. If you want to test during the day without having the urine diluted and giving off a possible false negative just drink something an hold your urine for @least 1hr. It is possible that your symptoms are present because you want to get pregnant so bad that you are causing your body to start to have symptoms.
What do you think, Pregnant? ?
Q: I have been trying to conceive for a while now. This month I feel like the chances are good. We stopped tracking and worrying so much but we did try the most on my fertile days. I cramped the other day and when I woke up to pee I had pink discharge (kindof like bleeding) but that was only when I wiped that one time. Im supposed to miss or start my period on the 10th. I have not had any PMS cramping besides the one followed by the light pink discharge. I have been pretty nauseated, The other day I was walking through walmart and threw up in my mouth (sorry sick i know but i couldnt make it to the bathroom) and lastnight I felt so nauseated that I made myself puke because I felt like it wouldnt come up. I have been peeing ALOT Ive had heartburn and dull headaches, I also had a positve Ovulation test about 3 days ago. I know I wasnt ovulating so I was like ”what the hell?” So I looked it up and it said the ovulation tests can also pick up HCG because LH and HCG are similar so if youre pregnant the ovulation test will be positive if you have HCG in your blood. I know I wasnt ovulating so It had to be HCG. I dont know. I dont feel like im going to start my period and usually I would feel icky by now. tomorrow is the 9th I can test on the 10th if i hadnt got my period yet. but I just want more hope. let me know what you think and your experience if you have any
A: It seems like a good possibility. Especially w/the whole nauseated thing.Tell me if your eggo is preggo. I hope the best for you. Good luck hon!
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