When pregnant do you get hungry a lot

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Smell and taste senses are heightened, you can experience extreme hunger pangs one day and aversion the next. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-pregnant-do-you-get-hungry-a-lot ]
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Do you get hungry a lot when you’re 2 weeks pregnant??
No, this is not a symptom of pregnancy.

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Do you get hungry a lot during the day when your pregnant although you jus ate 1 hour ago?
Q: Is like you just have to keep eating all the time. Is pretty tiring.
A: i’m like that and i’m not pregnant. i think it depends on the kinds of foods you are eating. you need to eat filling foods. if you eat protein, it takes more to fill you up.
Do you get hungry a lot when you’re 2 weeks pregnant?
Q: Is it normal for your stomach to make alot of noise [[the noise your stomach makes when you’re hungry]]??
A: No, this is not a symptom of pregnancy.
8 weeks pregnant. hungry all the time, any suggestions?
Q: When I eat, I dont eat a lot. (even though I usually feel like i can!)But my problem is when I get hungry I feel nauseous and I seem to be getting hungry a lot now. Any suggestions on what to do to keep from feeling like a pig all the time! and any suggestions for healthy foods or snack I can get to eat at work. I work 8 to 5, cant usually eat much breakfast, lunch at 11 and I dont get home till 7, by then im starving! lol okay thats a bit dramatic, you know what I mean though 🙂
A: omg you are JUST like me!!! today I’m 8 weeks! I’m hungry & sleepy ALL THE TIME (same office hours, i get home the same time if not later!!!!) what i have done is to bring small snacks with me where ever i go!!! like on the weekend i had to bring my cheeze wiz & triscuts with me to do laundry!! lol today i brought 2 peaches with me for breakfast & a snickers for later. now im eating my lunch & whatever i dont eat now i will eat right before i leave the office. i feel like im gonna be sick if i let myself get too hungry, so ive started to constantly eat small snacks every couple of hours… try it, i swear it helps!!! oooh by the way congratulations!!!!! if u wanna chat im me…im on my lunch now!!!
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