When should I go in for my first prenatal appointment

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If you know you are pregnant, you should call and schedule a prenatal appointment for your intake immediately. Congratulations! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-should-i-go-in-for-my-first-prenatal-appointment ]
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When should I go in for my first prenatal appointment
If you know you are pregnant, you should call and schedule a prenatal appointment for your intake immediately. Congratulations!
What to expect at my first prenatal appointment? i go tomorow at …?
Mine was the other day….basically they go over all of your medical history, give you more prenatal vitamins, do a pelvic exam, do a urinalysis, and give you a script for blood work (or do in office if they do it). Good Luck and Congrats!
What’s the phonecall to set up my first prenatal appointment goin…?
・ 1. Name ・ 2. Date of last period ・ 3. Number of pregnancy (first) ・ 4. Name of family doctor, if seeing an OB ・ 5. If needed, answer to question as to whether or not a referral has been sent if seeing an OB ・ 6. Optional – Answer a f…

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What to expect at first prenatal appointment?
Q: I will be going to the first prenatal checkup for this pregnancy on June 8. It is a little over 1 week away and I am too excited!! Anyways, since I miscarried last time I didn’t get to ever go to my first real appointment. Last time I went when I was 6 weeks pregnant and all we did was medical history, so they should have that all on file. Does that mean that she won’t ask for my medical history again? I went in Sept. last time, so she should still have all that on file. I am pretty sure that they will do a pap smear on me because the last one I had was in August, so I figure they will do that, but what else do they do?I wanted to get an update in for my contacts because I haven’t given one in a while. Everything is going good. I feel great. I haven’t had much sickness, just a little nausea here and there and one little problem with diarrhea. I have the same appetite, but I don’t have to force myself to eat, as I get hungry more often. I am super, super excited about my appointment and can’t wait until it gets here. I have also signed up for an account on www.whattoexpect.com and it is a really great site for free. I get to mingle with moms who are due around the same time as I am, and I can find out what goes on each week with each part of my pregnancy and the development of the baby. Very excited, but also scared. I am worried that I won’t be a good mom, but hopefully that will all change when my little bundle of joy gets here. Have a wonderful day!
A: At your first appointment they will check your weight, your blood pressure, pulse, and will do the transvaginal ultrasound. It’s when they stick a probe into your vaginal area to see what’s going on in there and see if your baby is okay and measure your baby, etc. . . .Your doctor will ask when your last menstrual cycle was and will calculate when your due date will be. They will also give you a sample of prenatal vitamins you can get with a prescription if you’d like and some magazines and stuff. =)
First prenatal appointment next week?
Q: What should I expect? I know that you have to give your family history and all that good stuff, but do they draw blood/do an ultrasound/pap smear, etc? This is my first time meeting with this doctor. I asked when I scheduled the appointment if they would do an u/s, but the receptionist said “It depends.” She didn’t seem to know much about what would qualify me for one. I’m going to be about 8 weeks along when I go in – shouldn’t they NEED to do an u/s just to make sure that the embryo is viable? I’d really hate to have to wait even LONGER down the road to learn that something’s wrong and that there may not even be a viable embryo in there, if that’s the case :(So anyone who’s willing to share their experiences on the matter, I’d really appreciate it!!
A: Every doctor does things differently. Some doctors won’t see you until after 12 weeks because of the possibility of miscarriage. Others want to see you right away to make sure things are going well. At my first appt. at about 6 weeks they did an internal exam, sent me to the hosp. lab for blood tests, and then of course took my family history. Then at 8 weeks I came in and actually met the doctor and they did an ultrasound on me. Since you are already eight weeks they may do it all on one day. The reason I didn’t get one at 6 weeks is because there isn’t much to see. So they told me that the cervix was closed as it should be and everything looked good and I had to wait two more weeks to see the baby. I would say the reason the receptionist said “it depends” is because of making sure how far along you are and checking the cervix, all that great stuff.
Is it common to have nose bleeds when you are pregnant?
Q: I am not sure how far I am. But my last period was in November 10. I have taken 5 home pregnancy test, all were positive. But I have noticed that every since I found out that I was pregnant I have been experiencing nose bleeds almost daily, none have been serious but I am concerned about this. I go for my first prenatal appointment on the 27. Should I go to see a doctor before this date?
A: I have seen it before during pregnancies. Because of the hormonal changes some women experience mucous dryness. Or it could even be caused by stress common with finding out about a new pregnancy. Keep track of when it happens and what you are doing. If it happens more than a couple of times a day call your doctors office and ask for advice. Until then use a room humidifier when you sleep and drink plenty of water. Plain normal saline drops work well and can be found at any store. Congrats and good luck.
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