When should you start getting signs that your pregnant

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Some women can start having pregnancy symptoms as early as 1-2 weeks after conception. Thank you for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-should-you-start-getting-signs-that-your-pregnant ]
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When should you start getting the signs of pregnancy??
The first two weeks after concieving you won’t feel anything. But You may not feel anything until the 3rd or 4th month. The only way I knew I was pregnant was because I missed my period, and I was 12 weeks. Everyone’s bodies are different, …
How long after you have unprotected sex do you start getting sign…?
2 weeks at the earliest, but many people don’t get any until are 6 weeks
What is the earliest a woman can start getting signs that she is …?
After a missed period is the arliest. A missed menstrual period is most often the first sign of pregnancy. Thanks for using ChaCha

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When do you start to have signs you are pregnant???
Q: I took Clomid this month and today is day 22 of my cycle. I started to get depressed like feeling yesterday and it has come and gone today. Normally I am a really happy person and nothing happened to trigger this feeling. I am feeling nauseated off and on more on than off and my breast started to hurt this morning and I have been so tired this week. I can’t tell if this is early PMS or if it is a small chance I actually could be pregnant. A sono showed I had two promising (sp?) eggs that should have released this month and I did ovulate and my husband and I had sex everyday the week of ovulation. What are your past experiences??? What do you think. I am not stressing about it either I hope it happens but if it doesn’t I will try again next month. My time will come. Thanks 🙂
A: 1.) I was 3.5 months pregnant and had no idea (found out at a regular pap smear, but looking back,2.) I was EXHAUSTED!!! It didn’t matter what I did, ate, how much I slept, etc. That was the #1 thing.3.) I didn’t have weird cravings, I simply wanted more salt than sugar.4.) Now we use Natural Family Planning (like the Rythym Method)- if you read a bit about how to examine (gross, I know) your discharge, you may get a better idea of a yes or no.5.) It never hurts to see the Doc! 🙂 Good luck, you’ll be in my prayers !
Does your cervix or CM have any changes to it when you first become pregnant?
Q: Does your cervix have any changes to it, when you first become pregnant? Like does it stay soft instead of getting firm like the tip of your nose? Do you still have any CM? Can it be white and stretchy when you first get pregnant? Does anyone who has experience with checking their cervix for Oulatation purposes, know the answers to this. I am talking about any changes that you can tell before you can even take a test. My A/F is not due until the 12th so I think it would be too soon to take a test. Anyone with any suggestion or anyone who knows anything about this please tell me what you know. This is a serious question. I am asking b/c I have had clear stretch CM for about 3 days and then changed to white stretchy CM and had been like that for almost a wk 1/2 now. My cervix still seems to be soft and high. My hubby and I have been TTC for sometime now. I don’t really have any other signs of pregnancy, do you think it is too soon for signs to start? and when should I test, the 12th?
A: Your vagianl walls actually change color, to a light blue/redish, due to increased blood flow. But this ins’t instant. It will change at about 6-10 weeks. Called Chadwick’s sign. Yes, your uterus/cervix does become softer. This occurs at around 6 weeks and is called the Hegar Sign.
what are the most relighable and best signs that your pregnant?
Q: i really need some help would you say im pregnant and what else or other signs should i look for? im 13 days late when ever i wake up in the morning or after a nap i feel sick to my stomach and very dizzy when i stand ive been eat more than usally and foods that i usually doont go for i also have been going to the bathroom alot it feels like 1000 times a day lol my stomach doesnt look to be getting bigger but it feels harder instead of soft. the last time i had sex was may 19th the day i got off my period as i thought but the next day around the after noon i started again and it ended 3 more days then ended like normal i really need the edvice is it to earlie to take a test whats the best one i should use? i want to thank all of you who can help i really need the advice
A: You NEED to take a test. I am 5 weeks… and I feel dizzy and sick.. and eating different foods than normally… do your breats kill? Casue that was a mahor sign for me….. If you take a test… I used clearblue digital (3 times lol) and it was awesome.
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