When will i have my next period

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It depends on what day your last period ended, but most womens’ cycles are about 28 days long! ChaCha again soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-will-i-have-my-next-period ]
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Many women have a menstrual cycle of 28 days. Some women have longer or shorter cycles and many women have irregular cycles. Assuming that your period is regular, you can expect it about 4 weeks after the start of your last period.
Your calculations based on that one month are about right at April 19. However, you can’t really figure your average cycle days on just one month. If the previous one was Dec. 13 to Feb. 2, that would have been 51 days, so it is hard to pre…
If you’ve just started your period, it could show at anytime. Periods take up to a year to regulate. You’ll need to keep pads with you where ever you go (in your purse, backpack, locker, etc) If you’ve been regular for a while it depends ho…

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When will my next period be?
Q: I’m a little confused as when my next period will be. I started my period today, 9-18-09. If I start birth control today, when will my next period be? If I start birth control on Sunday, when will my next period be? Also, with the months that follow, should I expect my period on the same days? I tried calculating when I would have my period, but it kept shifting over a couple of days. HELP!I’m using normal birth control, 28 days.um, I did receive them from my doctor. I DID read over the information. It says I can either start them the first day of my period or the sunday during my period. Thanks for you attempt at helping me, though.
A: I hope you didn’t take those by ear,because they need to be prescripted by doctors.And if your doctor gave you the pills,he should have informed you properly too.You take them all since today.The first 21 contain hormones..The other 7 are there so you won’t forget taking them,but have no actual effect on the body.When you start the last 7 pills you have,that is when your period will come.Not the next day,probably the 2nd or 3rd even.It will stop once you start taking the ones with the hormones in a new pack.Also,read the prescription carefully,so you’d know what to do in case you forget one (which happens sometimes,since we’re all human).I hope i helped.And talk to your doctor for more details.
How will I know when my next period will come ?
Q: I’m 13 and i got my first period on July the 19th and got my second period two weeks after. Is there any way that i can estimate when my next one will come? i dont suffer from PMS or get any cramps or anything and i have school swimming soon and dont want to get it then !
A: ok first off since you just recently started your period there is absolutely no way to know for sure when your next one will come. this is because you are not yet on a regular schedule. you should be on a regular schedule within at least 1 year. and you don’t get your period when you are IN water but when you get OUT everything comes out so i would highly reccomend using a tampon if your aloud. and lastly you and your mom or some of your close friends or sisters will eventually be on the same period schedule. i hope i answered your question.
How do I calculate when my next period will be?
Q: I have read about cycles etc, but it confuses me from when do I start counting the days to my next period? from the first or last day of my last period? If I get it on the 28th of one month is it likely to come on the 28th of next month, or do I have to count a certain number of days? I know everyone is different, but on average, how long of a gap is there between periods each month?
A: Its so simple…….Everytime you see a full moon buy some sanitary towels, or if you buy in bulk, 13 packs per year should be sufficient, but buy a spare pack just in case. If you have a calendar, they normally show the full moons cycle on them, use this as a guide.
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