When will season 2 of 16 and pregnant air

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The network is picking up a 2nd season of “16 and Pregnant,” but information about when it will air has not yet been released. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-will-season-2-of-16-and-pregnant-air ]
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How to get on 16 and pregnant?
16 and Pregnant. Maci is the classic overachiever at her high school in Chattanooga,TN. She gets good grades, is on the cheerleading squad and plays softball. She keeps in touch with her wild side by riding dirt bikes. Her boyfriend Ryan……
When is 16 & Pregnant Season 2 going to air?
i don’t know either but i watched that yesterday XD i cried when that girl caitlyn (i think that’s her name) told her story.

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when will the season 2 of 16 & Pregnant start?
Q: Has anyone heard when the 2nd season of 16 and pregnant will start. I know there is Teen Mom, but they are doing another season of 16 & Pregnant as well, anyone know when it will air?
A: I loved 16 & pregnant. Although, there is no date set.. I hope the do it soon though. 🙂
When is season 2 of 16 and pregnant going to begin?
Q: i lovee this show! but its been long since it has aired. i have been watching teen mom lately but i want to know when season 2 of 16 and pregnant will start?
A: They are doing a new series called “Teen Mom” following 4 of the girls who were on the show 16 and pregnant. It started about 2 weeks ago. NOt sure if they are going to do another season of 16 and pregnant. Teen mom is really good!
When will 16 and pregnant season 2 be online?
Q: I know the new episode aired last night on MTV, but I don’t have cable. I watch all of my tv on the internet, and I was wondering if anybody knew when the first episode is coming on mtv.com
A: i dont know.. just look on youtube sometimes people post the episodes on there..and its more funner to look at on youtube
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