When women get pregnant do they start eating alot

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Yes, you do eat twice as much when you’re pregnant. What you eat and drink is the main source of nourishment for your baby. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-women-get-pregnant-do-they-start-eating-alot ]
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When women get pregnant do they start eating alot
Yes, you do eat twice as much when you’re pregnant. What you eat and drink is the main source of nourishment for your baby. ChaCha

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What are the chances of getting pregnant?
Q: We were first having dry sex and then he started to take my clothes off. We ended up both being naked and still having dry sex. He came a little but I dont remember how much.What are the chances of me being pregnant? Do pregnant women gain less weight when they eat because some of the fat is actually going to the baby?Ive been eating alot more but I dont see as much weight gain.Ive been craving certain foods really heavily and then the next day I’ll think “yuck i couldnt take one bite of that”. They’re not weird things that I’ve never liked before they’re things that I’ve always loved but one day I’ll crave it so badly and then the next I won’t want it at all.I’m a virgin so I’ve never had sex… but I want to know if anyones ever gotten pregnant this way.
A: They say sperm can travel from ones thigh to their vagina. I havent ever seen this cause before, although I have yet to see everything. I dont think you have any thing to worry about exspecially with you being a virgin.
Why do I want to become pregnant so bad?
Q: It’s becoming and obsession really. I’m just so sick and tired of it. I am facinated with everything about being pregnant. Almost 8 months ago I had sex with a guy that I had no business even talking to and I thought I was pregnant. At first I cried and cried and cried and wanted to die honesly. But After about a month and a half I started to love the thought of it. Even though I would have been a single mother I still was so excited. Not even a week after I started to get excited I got my period. After being 2 months late! It shocked me. But after I got my period I cried and cried and cried again. It was such an emotional time for me. And I’m still feeling it. Every time I see a pregnant woman or a little infant I think about the baby I could have had and who would be almost here by now. It just hurts so bad. For the last couple of weeks though this has grown into an obsession. I wear shirts that are tight around the breast but lose around the belly. They arn’t maternity cloths, but that’s what they look like. And I always eat way to much when I do so I will look pregnant. [I’m rather small, so when I eat alot I look pregnant.] How do I just move on and get over this? I am in a stable relationship now and in love but not ready for a child at all. I just want to get over this. Anyone ever felt this way? How do I get over this?
A: hey, i know how you feel. i met my boyfriend when i was 15 and when i turned 16 i got pregnant. i was so scared & had absolutely no idea what i was gonna do. then almost 10 weeks into the pregnancy i miscarried. ive never been the dame ever since. i keep thinking that im pregnant & tricking myself into feeling all the symptoms. Every time i miss a period i get so excited! and i dream about holding my baby. i’ve never told this to anyone actually lol. but im somewhat obsessed. I still have baby clothes and ive already picked out his & her names. i feel crazy sometimes. like i said no one knows i feel this way. My boyfriend and i are still together, through thick and thin, we’ve been through it all. about two years ago we decided that we were ready and wanted to have a baby. but ive never been able to get preggo since that one time. im heartbroken seriously. i want to have a child and love it. But maybe its not the right time for me. well just wanted to let you know ur not alone! i obsess too lol :/
Couple possible pregnancy questions? Pregnant women and moms please respond?
Q: Back information. Had sex with my ex May 31st. Figured out on an ovulation calculator I would of ovulated about… June 4. Had period like bleeding second to last week of June. Cramping, but no bleeding in July. Waiting to see if August’s shows up. The only reason I don’t have a pregnancy test yet is because I don’t have the money to pay for one, and I’m kind of too scared to tell my mom. (I’ve been having alot of trouble with my ex, and she already is disappointed in me.)Anyways, symptoms on and off for the last couple of months include:Extremely tiredFrequent urinationHeadachesMoody (movies have been making me cry!)HeartburnConstipatedBoobs have gotten slightly biggerBoobs more veinySore boobs (They randomly start aching on their own)Aerolas darker and biggerMy nipples have been erect alot more (Believe me, its not because I’ve been around more stimulatiing stuff or anything..)What I think are Montgomery’s tuberclesOccasional crampsI’ve been bloating… I’ve been losing weight on my hips, but my middle has been growing slightly, but I had figured this was due to myCravings (butter rum muffins and Snickers, yum:) ) which is all I was eating because I wasNauseous and they’re the only things I really had any desire to eatHeightened sense of smell (Been noticing smells around the house never noticed before, picking up on scents other people around me don’t..)Aversion to food (I have NO desire to eat what were my favorite foods like mozzerella sticks, chicken, etc.)Been noticing alot more vaginal discharge too. No change in anything except amount.Not sure if this would have to do with anything, but happened to lean down from my chair to grab a magazine, and got a pain up my right side. Also was curious about feeling my cervix. So did it, atleast what I thought was cervix. Sort of cylinder, with a small opening on the end, right? Well it was high up, barely could reach it, and the hole on the end felt like it was closed. For moms and pregnant moms:What were your first signs?When did you notice even a small baby bump?Did you check your cervix? What is it supposed to feel like?Any other comments appreciated. :)Please, on smart a** answers.
A: It sounds like you’re pregnant. I had almost all of the same symptoms except I did not start to show at all until I was farther along than you would be now. I would google a free teen clinic in your are and see if you can go get a free pregnancy test. It only take a couple minutes there and you’ll know right away if you are or not. It is best to know as soon as possible and not put off finding out so more options are open to you.
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