When you are 37 weeks pregnant, can you break your own water

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No, trying to break your own water can harm you and your baby. Let nature take it’s course, the baby will be here soon! ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-you-are-37-weeks-pregnant%2C-can-you-break-your-own-water ]
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How do i break my own water at 37 weeks pregnant??
Although the reason your water breaks when it does its because the baby’s ready to come out, however i have heard having lots of sex could cause someone to go into early labor and i’ve watched a medical show where a doctor told her patient …

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HELP!!! i am 37 weeks pregnant and no bloody show…?
Q: please help me… i have lots of questions. answer them all please as i need the answers.1) how do i know when i have dilated?2) what is this bloody show that you woman see that i dont? should every pregnant woman have it? does it hurt?3) why is it that i have pains but no water break? (some pain are very painful and some are bearable)4) why does my vagina hurts? is this normal?5) mid wife says my tummy have already dropped (gone low) but yesterday i noticed that it had gone much more low…. is there any more dropping to be done? i mean what is my tummy suppose to look like? 6) when do you think my baby is more likely to come and if you say in 3 weeks then what can i do to speed it up?i know its lot of questions but i need answers cause in my country you dont get to have your own midwife or doc, dont send sarcastic answers (i’ve heard some of you are mean) i am young and it is my very first pregnancy. i am expecting a baby girl and like i said i am 37wks plus 3days
A: Answer to number 1)….your doctor is bst to answer if you have dialated as its often hard to tell.2)Im 38 weeks and 2 days and still havent had my bloody show. The bloody show happens when the cervix starts to dialate but not all the time. Some women go into labour without having a bloody show at all, my mum had 5 kids and didnt show for any of us. Having the bloody show shouldnt hurt its just your discharge tinged with a bit of blood. Always check yourself when you wipe after the toilet and wear panty liners to keep check.3)Having pains if most likely contractions, the body has braxton hicks contractions (practise contractions) from about week 20 onwards but the body also has real contractions later in pregnancythat help push the baby down and become engaged (drop) The stomach tends to bunch up and harden and some slight period pain cramping can be felt but it shouldnt be severly painful uncomfortable yes and sometimes it may seem very painful but if it doesnt last or get stronger and closer together its fine (if you have pain time them and if they get worse and closer and dont go away with walking around and changing position, then it could be real labour and you should call your doctor/ midwife)4) the bagina sometimes hurts because the weight of the baby puts some much pressure on the cervix and groin region that you get slight twinges, and sometimes full on cramps…its normal.5) sometimes the baby drops slowely (like mine is right now) and even though it may seem very low if the baby’s head isnt “engaged” then it will get lower. The babys head sometime still floats free right up untill labour begins.ad number 6) your baby will come when ready!! There are plenty of things to TRY and speed it up but its bets left to nature, the baby will only come when its ready, but you can try nipple stimulation (pulling, sucking, rubbing of the nipples and areola to immitate the bay sucking it releases oxytocins that can bring on contractions) walking or having sex.Let us know how you go with it and if anything works for you!!Best of luck to you huni!!
37 weeks and i have a few questions?
Q: just wondering did your baby’s movement slow down before you went into labor or did they stay the same? did your water break on its own if so what were you doing?im due march 10th and im starting to get really scared and worried that i wont be able to do it how can i calm my nerves?how long did it take before you could fit into the clothes you wore before you got pregnant?ive been sick lately and when i cough my belly button gets harder and sticks out more just wondering why?
A: 1. My sons movement did not slow down at all towards the end. 2. My water broke on its own at 38 weeks. I was getting out of bed to eat breakfast and when I sat up it broke.3. Once you go into labor, its like adrenaline takes over and you don’t have time to be scared. Just realize that it will be painful, but that’s what epidurals are for! 🙂 Once I had mine, it was easy.4. I was a tiny, skinny 100 pounds and wore a size 0 when I got pregnant. I gained 42 pounds with my son. He is two and a half and I never got back down to a size 0, but looked healthier and fit at a size 3.5. My guess would be that coughing is just making your belly muscles tighter. It’s something that happens when you aren’t pregnant, but when your belly is big and your muscles are right there, now you can see it and notice it.
Group B Strep Infection?
Q: YES! Women of Yahoo, a REAL question. Arent you excited ? :)I spoke to my fiances mother and my own and they both said that they have never even heard of the testing. I am guessing it is fairly new. Anyways, I was tested last week and the nurse just called me and said that I tested positive. She didnt explain much…. can anyone help? I read that I need to go to L&D right when my water breaks or when I have active labour…. does this mean as soon as I feel contractions? I am a little nervous, as this is my first pregnancy and the nurse hardly explained anything on the phone. I know that I get an intervenous for meds while I am in labour… but what else should I really know?Thank you for your answers in advance! <337 weeks pregnantOkay, but do I have to go into L&D right when I start feeling contractions?? What is “active labour” mean in detail, really?So what are the chances that I will be induced for early delivery? 🙂 Im so done with being pregnant right about now. lol.
A: Nothing to worry about. Make sure that everything is well planned before you give birth. I take it you have been taking your antibiotic pills everyday since they are very important. Speak with your doctor and tell him you would like an induced labor.(I tested positive for group-b strep 4 years ago when i was pregnant with my second child and the Doctor suggested an induced labor 2 weeks before my due date)4 hours before you give birth you have to take antibiotics through an IV then the doctor gives you pitocin to speed up the birthing process and (get an epidural) then you’ll have your child. Everything is controlled and you run less to no risks of infecting the baby. (30% of adults have group b strep without knowing it, Group b strep is a bacteria that our body is able to fight off)(Newborn on the other hand haven’t developed their immune system and therefore run higher risks, which may even cause blindness in children when passing through the birth canal) Induced labor would be great for you as it was for me 4 years ago.Doctors are on hand to control and monitor every step of your birth before and after labor which is what you need when you have this bacteria. Group b strep never goes away, it’ll go and come back whenever it pleases but you will fight it off make sure if you ever have another child to get tested for it again as it will most likely return, and that way you will be ready.I had no pain during labor, It took 4 1/2 in the room, but most of the time i was sleeping or watching t.v. then the doctor said i was fully dialated and i had to push. 2 pushes and the baby was out, left the hospital together after 3 days. Now she’s a beautiful,healthy child with no problems. I hoped i helped! Remeber to not stress so much about it because stress is not good for the baby! relax and good luck in your labor!
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