When you are 6 weeks pregnant, can you take cough medicine

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Safe cough medicine during pregnancy: Robitussin DM, Trind-DM, Vicks Cough Syrup, Romilar, Halls but not the SA forms. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-you-are-6-weeks-pregnant%2C-can-you-take-cough-medicine ]
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When you are 6 weeks pregnant, can you take cough medicine
Safe cough medicine during pregnancy: Robitussin DM, Trind-DM, Vicks Cough Syrup, Romilar, Halls but not the SA forms. ChaCha on!

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Child endangerment?!!? parties, wild sex two little girls, LOTS of drugs, alcohol, violence?
Q: My sister jess and I have never been more than 15 minutes away from eachother in my whole 15 years of life. She is 24. When she was 17 she had a very bad drug problem and got pregnant with this guy’s baby. And quit drugs. Then she found a man kris (who was one year younger., (who so many people think is a piece of ****.. you will see why) And they had another baby when she was 20. The both have always been chain smokers to the extreme (at least two packs a day for both of them) When she was almost 21 she got in a huge car accident and broke her back, ribs, and collapsed her lung. She had a long healing process, but she is okay now. The only problem is she is extremly addicted to methadone. Taking as many as she can get. (she recently found out she was even allergic to it but that doesnt stop her) She is fully recovered now, and her and her husband are both extremly addicted to Methadone,, (HE TAKES HER PERSCRIPTION!! they share because she gets such a massive amount) But the thing is. HE gets to hold HER meds and do whatever he damn well pleases with them. She has to beg him to give her some. He is greedy and takes more than he is supposed to and he gives them away for free to all of his friends.The recently moved away from me:( They live an hour and a half away. In a huge house. The problem is, they are housing 3 teenagers who have parties every night plus all the people that come over just to hang out and “crash” and stay with them for a while. THAT HOUSE IS CRAZY!!! a bunch of 16-19 year old teens. Running around, smoking weed, stealing stuff from stores like cough medicine to get messed up on. kris and jess were out of meds one day and so they had to find something to improvise. So they bought Heroin Based Extacy! Kris took like 4-7 a day for 2 or so weeks STRAIGHT and my sister took less, but still, she was doing it!! and kris got addicted to the heroin for a while (he still buys them) and kris would just buy them with the money he could be using on his two children (6 year old (who doesnt go to school!!!) and a 3 year old!!) And he just passes them out for free to the people who are over at the house at the time! My sister did Cough medicine last time I was there and I had to wake up at 3 AM because i was scared she wouldnt be breathing with all the stuff she is on!!Now if thats not bad enough, the have recently turned into alcoholics. They get plastered EVERY day, and all day long! from like 3- whenever they pass out. With all those teenagers! So they are on their strong *** meds and tons of alcohol.Ok still not the worst part… EVERYONE IN THAT HOUSE CHEATS ON EACHOTHER SO ITS DRAMA 24/7!!! They all have sex with everyone, it doesnt matter who it is! they have Orgies (which are 2-10 people having sex together) kris has sex with guys!!! and gives and gets b-j’s from other guys!! and jessica is too ****** up to care! Seriously jess has f*cked like 2 other girls and like 6 other guys, they make out with whoever walks through the door! The little girls recently got kicked out of their own room and have to sleep on a couch.The sad thing is They get SO messed up on all these thing, at once most of the time, they do more than 3 things at once. And their kids cant even wake up their own parents in the morning. and they fall asleep with cigarettes and burn EVERYTHING. their house is trashed!!i dont know what to DO!!! they are so addicted, my sister was supposed to come visit me monday and every days she has said the same thing!!! either she cant make it, or she got too messed up to leave…PLEASE give me some suggestions!!!! My sister is overly addicted and too crazy and its scaring me, they also have fight nights where 2 of the teenagers at a time go at eachother and beat eachother up. There is blood on the floor, what are the little girls supposed to think?The teenagers that live and or crash there eat all the food, and everyone is too lazy to make food, i end up going over there and washing, stacks like you wouldnt believe of dishes and my neices always complane of being hungry!SUGGESTIONS!?
A: Ariah, I know you are scared but the best thing you can do for your sister and her children is to call police and child protective services..it will save your sister and her kids life…your sister could overdose and then your nieces or nephews will end up with the dad and you may never see them again…if you love them you will call the police and cps…sometimes cps will not take the kids out of the home and they end up dead so you might want to call the police…then maybe your sister can get help but you might end up with the kids if she and her husband get hauled in..looks like she needs to get away from the trash husband of hers….you need to step in honey at least for the kids sakes…that is if you love them …..find the strenght for yourself and help those kids and your sister
I’m in big trouble. The Biggest Mistake Ever.?
Q: I slept(unprotected) with my bf on the 6th of July & he pulled out few seconds before he leaked on to my tummy. It was the first time for both of us.I never planned on doing it till marriage,but it happened.Dumbest and the most stupidest thing i have ever done.I totally regret it. I have not been involved in any intimacy with him since then as we were busy with work & studies. I have been having these symptoms.1. PeriodI HAD MY PERIODS for July, August & September. For October it is due on the 19th. I had severe cramps on my July period & it was late for 6 days. I’m not sure if my all 3 periods were different, but the first 2 days were heavy & continued for 7 days as usual. 2.NauseaI started having headaches from the last week of August.(I work with the computer most of the time in office.Coughing due to a vomitish feeling, but never puked atleast even once. But this feeling disappeared when i got my period on 22nd of September. During this same week I got a cold as well.This week i stared having this vomitish feeling again but its not strong as i had before. Only a few times. It happens when i stare at the computer for a very long time though).(I had issues in breathing a week before i had sex, like something pressing on my chest.It wasn’t a regular thing.It faded alittle after taking Ayurveda medicine.1 & half weeks after sex,I went to an ENT doc as the breathing problem started again & had some sort of feeling that something was stuck inside my throat & felt vomitish. Got medication & was ok. A month after medication I started having these headaches & vomish feeling)3. DischargeI think I’m supposed to ovulate this week. Usually i get long stringy discharge, but instead,i got a watery discharge & few egg white discharge. I can’t remember the discharge i had for last 2 months.4. Breast tendernessWhen i pressed my nipples they hurt slightly. I didn’t get this symptom until this Monday. 5. Belly sizeI noticed that my belly is a bit bigger since last Sunday.It sticks out towards the left side. I’m a small made person & very thin. My waist size is 24 & a 1/2. Now it’s almost 25.Sometimes it’s hard & sometimes it’s flabby when i tap my tummy.6. Burping I burp,but tiny ones. Sometimes when i feel like burping it won’t come out.This started this month.7. ConstipationI do it everyday. But since Monday it was very few & a bit hard. But today it came out easily. Last night I had a banana. No frequent urination as yet.8. Since 1st October,i felt lazy to get up early morning. Sleeping time is usually from 10pm to 5.30am. But the rest of the day i carry on well. 9. Since this Monday there was a slight back pain. Not at the lower back,but bit below the neck. Not sure it’s due to the transport i take. I go by staff transport & its totally packed & have to be seated in an awkward position. I took 2 hcg home pregnancy tests (a test strip) last month, both came out negative.I took another on the 3rd of October,the result was blurry. There was only one line in it & the rest was blurry.(In my kit there should be 2 lines to be positive)On the same day i took another it came out negative. I’m sorry for writing my history,but without these info, I can’t get proper answers.These are my questions1. Are all of these pregnancy symptoms?2. Should i wait for a missed period to take another test?I don’t think I’ll take a blood test coz unfortunately i faint when they draw blood.3. By how many inches will the belly size increase on the 28th week?4. Am i pregnant or is my mind playing with me?My bf says that it’s due to stress.(I’m having an exam at the end of this month) I,m really concerned about my belly.5. Do all pregnant women have food cravings & heart burns? I didn’t experience much cravings, but i like spicy food, no heart burn for me as yet. I get hungry mostly during meal times.6. Can you see your tummy move like the baby’s heart beat at 13 to 14 weeks pregnant? My tummy moves like pumping of the heart & i’m not sure if it’s mine or the baby’s.My story is too long & hope i’ll get answersHope every thing is clear. Thanks
A: It does not sound like you are pregnant. All of your symptoms can be put down to stress, and obsessing over the thought of being pregnant. You can feel your own pulse. Pregnant people can never feel the baby’s pulse. Think yourself lucky and move on. See your doctor if you need further reassurance.
2 1/2 year old coughing all night?
Q: I have a 2 1/2year old son who has been coughing all night for the past 6 days. I know this does not seem that long…but when you go 6 days with no sleep for you or the little one, its too long. During the day he is fine.. no cough, sneezing nothing. I know it’s not allergies because he has those occasionally and itchy watery eyes, runny nose and vomiting (from drainage) always accompany. All he does is cough ALL night. He does sound slightly congested when he does doze off for a few minutes. Does this sound like a cold or allergies to you? Also, for the past 2 nights, I have had the same symptoms as him (only at night) but with lots of sneezing as well. I don’t know if we have the same thing going on, but can’t take much as I’m 34 weeks pregnant. I have tried giving my son dimetap, benadryl, and mucinex. Not only do they not work, but he HATES medicine and attempts to spit it out right away. I have to have a 20 minute battle just to get him to take it. I’ve tried the honey and lemon home remedy.. and he almost threw up and kept saying “don’t like it dont like it”. I’ve done that for 4 days but to no avail. I’m exhausted, frustrated and feel completely helpless for my son.. I am supposed to be “taking it easy” due to preterm labor but we don’t get any sleep and I have no help as my husband is in Afghanistan. PLEASE—SUGGESTIONS
A: It’s an allergy. it’s got nothing to do with day or night but with being on your back and being in the same place for several hours. Either one of those things could make things worse. Even if you are not asleep, it is harder to breathe lying down than siting up or standing up. And whatever allergens are in your house are likely to work against you more if you are in the same place for several hours than if you are moving around all the time. Carpets trap microscopic allergens. Vacuuming and/or sweeping, dusting, etc. is not helpful. So, if you have carpets, good luck.If you can afford it, install a HEPA air-filter in your house (costs about $1,000.00). If not, buy one of the little humidifier/air-filter thingies that cost $30 or so, for each room. Keep your windows open. Wash your sheets often. Keep pets and pet-hair away from your bedroom at night. Don’t let your kid put his/her nose close to a pet’s skin. If your kid still wears diapers, toss the diapers out of the house immediately after they are used. Don’t use a Diaper Genie or anything like that. Don’t wear strong perfumes around your kid and don’t use scented detergent or dryer sheets while washing clothes..Basically, do your best to avoid strong smells, strong chemicals, dust, excessive moisture, and hair. And you should be fine.
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