When you are pregnant can you still have your period? More

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As the cervix begins to thin out and relax in preparation for labor, you may notice a discharge that may be tinged with blood. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-you-are-pregnant-can-you-still-have-your-period%3F-more ]
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Is it possible to be pregnant and still have a period?
Once your body starts producing the pregnancy hormone, normal periods stop. You might have light bleeding or spotting if pregnant.
Can you be pregnant and still have your period??
You can be pregnant and still have a period. Generally what you are experiencing is not actually a period, but rather implantation bleeding. When the egg implants into the uterus many women experience bleeding, which can be mistaken as a pe…
Still No Period… Am I Pregnant?
the best thing will b test.. coz u ll get to know whts happening otherwise u ll be curious all the time.. thinking abt it… and if consider ur last week’s blood stain that could be implantation bleeding which can occur 6,7 days after conce…

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Can you get fired in your probatioary period when you are pregnant?
Q: If someone finds out that they are pregnant but are still in their probationary period, would it mean that they would have to be kept on or is it more likely that the employer will find some decoy reasons to get rid of the person? I know that the employer would find another reason to fire that person, but would they be in their right to get rid of someone pregnant?
A: You can be dismissed in your probationary period, without any reason being given, apart from you were not suitable for the job.Being pregnant has got nothing to do with the reason for dismissing an unsuitable employee.
can you still have your period when your pregnant?
Q: i remember having my period last month. and i havent had sex since. and i believe i missed my date for this month. and ive been eatting a lot more than usual… hmm should i b worried?
A: You can experience vaginal bleeding that can very easily be mistaken for a period when you are pregnant, and it can happen at the same time your period would be due and it can be the same amount of bleeding as a period, but it is never an actual period if you are pregnant. And as far as that “I didn’t know I was pregnant” show goes, the women who said they had their period were experiencing bleeding that they THOUGHT was a period. If you listen to the doctors on that show they never once call the bleeding a period. If you think you are pregnant then you need to take a test.
Can you be pregnant and still get you period? If so for how many months? When will the test show positive?
Q: About three months ago I had unprotected sex. The next month I feel dizzy, nautious, and tired, BUT I get my period. I got it two more months after that. Lately I’ve been gainging ALOT of weight. It seems like overnight I’m gaingin like 3 pounds. This has been happening for like aa week. I feel like I have gained 5-8 pounds THIS WEEK! What’s going on? I just got off my period. It lasted 6 days. The normal for me is maybe 4 days. I’ve got my peroid for three months and now I’ve been urinating alot and am still very tired. I took a test the first month all of this started about a week BEFORE my period. It was negative. If you can make sense of all this please give me your opinion. I don’t know if you can have your period and still be pregnant. Am I just gaining weight quickly for no reason or am I prego? Please help!?
A: First I would suggest take a pregnancy test.But as for the period while your pregnant, yes you can but everyone varies in different ways. I had mine at least 7 mths. That is so miserable but it made my labor so easy. REEL TALK. So if you are congrats- hope your happy. If your not then stop stressing but still go to the doctor. Hope this helped you out.
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