When you are pregnant can you throw up at night

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Yes, there are some women who vomit it night while pregnant. It can be caused by acid reflux. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-you-are-pregnant-can-you-throw-up-at-night ]
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What , besides pregnancy could make a woman throw up every other …?
i dont know. i have the same crap type problems… but i dont vomit i feel like vommiting. and i also have severe headaches. ima prolly die soon. hope not. but i feel like it.
Does throwing up at night while pregnant, really mean your having…?
I love old mid-wife tales. They honestly get better and better everytime I see one. I have a 2 year old, I had morning sickness in the morning times off and on through-out my whole entire 9 months of pregnancy. Depending on what I ate, and …
Does throwing up the next morning after sex the night before mean…?
she will not get morning sickness til about a month or so into pregnancy. 1 day is to soon to tell anything. 2 weeks she can go to a clinic to have a test done. If she is on ortho evra patches, she will have preg signs like vomiting, headac…

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waking up in the middle of the night hungry? 7 wks pregnant.?
Q: Hey everyone! Since I’ve gotten pregnant I’ve really noticed a difference in my sleep pattern which I know is normal… But what I really can’t understand is how I can eat a complete and fulfilling dinner, go to bed a few hours later, and wake up at about 3:30 – 4 am EVERY SINGLE MORNING and have the WORST hunger pains I’ve ever felt in my life! It’s so hard to get back to sleep when I literally feel like I’m starving to death (even though I know that couldn’t happen). The pains I get in my tummy are so intense that I almost feel as though I could throw up but I know there’s nothing in my stomach which is why I must feel so famished! It really breaks up my night to have to get up and make something small to eat just to satisfy my hunger and it is becoming very annoying. Once my feet hit the floor I can’t go back to sleep for an hour or more sometimes and I feel that it is ridiculous that I can’t make it through the night anymore without eating! Does this happen to anybody else and what do you do about it? Should i be eating different things for dinner to hold me over or is there nothing I can do? please HELP!!
A: This is perfectly normal your body is taking the energy from all your food and passing it straight to the baby. This is why you feel hungry, your baby is draining the food from you so quick.I would suggest having carbs i.e. pasta or potatoes for dinner and have a high protein carb snack before bed. you could even keep a packet of crackers or breadsticks by your bed so you don’t actually have to get up. you can just eat them in bed that way you shouldn’t really take too long to go back to sleep.Good Luck
This problem is keeping me up at night, Can you help?
Q: This might have some gross things in it. Not for the weak.So about a week ago, I woke up in the middle of the night clenching my stomach. It hurt so bad. So I went to the bathroom. I had SEVERE diarrhea. I went back to sleep but tossed and turned all night. When I got up, every member of my family was sick. So I assumed it was that. The only thing is that, I’m the one to NEVER get sick. But I let it go. Everyone else was feeling better by the end of the day.I felt better, but I wasn’t better. I still had a very loose stool. There has been a lot of red in it, but I eat tomatoes pretty regularly, so I figured it was just that. Except that recently I’ve been eating organic, home-grown fruits and vegetables only.The cramping was gone but the stool issue remained. Until today. I woke up with the same cramps and same diarrhea problem, only this time it was accompanied by puking.I don’t have a fever. I checked.I can’t eat anything without throwing up now.Every time I go to the bathroom (number 2), it just looks like spit. I don’t know what that is.Recent problems I’ve had are my lymph nodes. They have been swollen for 4 years. My doctor felt them, but said they were fine. Occasionally, they swell up and hurt extremely bad.Also, I’ve been having 2, sometimes 3, periods a month. But I think that is just because in my house is a pregnant sister and a menopausal mom.I don’t know if any of these problems are connected, but I could really use some help. Do you know what this could be? Do you know what will make me feel better?
A: You might have a hot appendix. But you have such a variety of symptoms that I’d go to a different doctor, or the ER. To help out the doctorT’d give up the tomatoes so they’ll have a better idea of your real stool color. You definitely need a blood draw, in case you’re septic. This sounds incredibly uncomfortable and I wouldn’t hesitate to get to the doctor. Please don’t wait. Good luck!
if you drink and throw up can it be a possibility I’m pregnant ?
Q: last night i was drinking and when i got home and laid down i was feeling sick but not a drunk sick. i throw up and got up at 10:00am this morning but i never throw up before can this be a possibility i be pregnant
A: Before I knew I was pregnant I went to drink my normal girly drink and could barely swallow it. The getting sick part however has nothing to do with pregnancy it just means that you are sick or hungover or you were thinking about it too much and made yourself sick. If you keep getting sick then maybe its morning sickness – but that wouldn’t be connected to the drinking.
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