When you are pregnant do you get constipated

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Yes, it is one of the symptoms of pregnancy. Try eating more fiber and drinking lots of water to help it pass. Do the ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-you-are-pregnant-do-you-get-constipated ]
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Do pregnant women get extremely constipated when being pregnant?
Constipation is a common symptom of pregnancy due to increased levels of progesterone which slows digestion! ChaCha for now!
Why do some people get constipated when pregnant??
why? I dont know for sure. But its very common and normal! Happens to most of us. Try taking prenatal vitamins that have stool softeners included or eat lots of foods with fiber!
Do you get constipated while pregnant?
constipation during pregnancy is very common. If it becomes very uncomfortable you should see your doctor or midwife about it.

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10.5 weeks pregnant, constipated, & bright red bloody stool? (Sorry if TMI)?
Q: I have been constipated since I found out I was pregnant at 3 weeks….I drink PLENTY of water & eat plenty of fiber, but still I only have MAYBE 1-2 bowel movements per week.I just had a very painful bowel movement that took a long time and a lot of work to get out if you know what I mean, but the toilet was FILLED with bright red blood and there was bright red CLOTTY blood on the tissue when I wiped. (And just to clarify- it was coming from my bowels, not from my vagina.) Again, sorry if this is TMI.I am FREAKING out. Has this happened to any of you mommies? What should I do?
A: I am also 10.5 weeks and have experienced everything that you’re describing. My doctor told me that I can take colace (stool softener) or milk of magnesia (natural laxative). I tried the colace, but it didn’t help much so I purchased the milk of magnesia and I’ve only had to use it twice since I started using it about two weeks ago. It has been awesome, it helps to soften the stool and also makes your bowel movements much easier. I haven’t experienced any problems or blood in my stool since. If the problem persists, call your doctor to see what they can do about removing or medically alleviating any hemorrhoids you may have.
Am i pregnant, or constipated, or just paranoid?
Q: I am really scared, considering im still a young teenager. Like three weeks ago me and my boyfriend were fooling around and his penis was touching the outside of my vagina, im pretty sure there might have been pre-cum. Like 4 days after that i started my period and it lasted for about 4-5 days, my period is usually short. I was really paranoid until but period started, then i found out that you could get pregnant even if you have your period, ive been worrying. It has been like 3 weeks almost 4 ever since the whole thing and ive been feeling really bloated and heavy and my stomach feels kind of sore when i push on it and if i suck in it kinda feels sore. I also havent pooped in like 5 days.Is it possible to show during 3 weeks pregnant? everyone just says that im going crazy, and that im not pregnant because the chance is so low. and i understand that but im just really scared.What are the chances of me being pregnant? Are they low? Do you think this could be just constipation?
A: Your probly not pregnant its been 3 or 4 weeks so the bloated feeling is probly your body preparing for your period. And being constipated for 5 days is kinda a big deal that will make your stomach pooch out feel bloated and maybe be a little sore and you probly feel tired when waste sits in your intestines for so long all the toxins make you tired and can act as a poison. the chances of you being pregnant from pre cum especially with no penetration are so low. don’t worry you could go get a pregnancy test but i know how hard that might be if your a teenager and it’s hard to hide just wait and don’t stress out stress can make you late on your period. But don;t worry I’m sure your not. And be careful you don;t want a scare like this again if your not ready to have a baby then your probly not ready for sex or anything close to it just be careful.
Pregnant and constipated..help!?
Q: 12 weeks pregnant with baby #3This is what i have tried under the okay from my doc..MirilaxMetamucilprune juiceglycerine suppositoriesMilk of Magnesiaveggies and fruitlots of waterFirst of all I don’t understand how or why my doctor now can’t give me a prescription laxative like my doc did with my first baby but anyway..So after all this not working at all, I did an enema, which works after about 5 of those little bottles full of warm soapy water being retained for about 10 minutes. I’ve heard some docs say enemas are ok and then some say it’s not. How can water up my rear be dangerous at all compared to taking medicines? It doesn’t get to the baby at all. AND…have any of you ladies ever tried the Dulcolax suppositories of any other OTC laxative your doc said was okay? Let me know what else I can do, i am miserable! I DO NOT want to go to the ER and have some nurse “un-impact” me! Eww and ouch!I also have IBS..severe constipation even when i’m not pregnant….*sigh*TY Monelle, I just couldn’t take it anymore, i broke down and took two correctol..I hope it doesn’t hurt anything! I mean really! How can it be healthy for the baby if I can’t eat because nothing is coming out?! lol
A: My doctor told me to take 2 Dulcolax pills a day and I did. It helped me, I didnt needed anything elsealso I have been eating Quacker Oats every morning for breakfast and It works amazing! They have pretty nice flavors and its fast to make!!!My doctor told me not to take any enemas of suppositories, actually read the instructions, it tells you not to take them when pregnant. I have no clue why, but thats what he told me
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