When you have a period will you get pregnant on the Depo Provera shot

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If you have your period, you are not pregnant. You can get pregnant with the Depo shot, because nothing is 100% accurate. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-you-have-a-period-will-you-get-pregnant-on-the-depo-provera-shot ]
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Can you get pregnant on the depo-provera shot, with a continuous …?
The shot is over 99% effective so you are likely not to get pregnant even while bleeding. Your bleeding will probably stop after your next injection.
Can you get pregnant right after depo provera if you didnt have a…?
i was on depo for 4 years, i only got my period once or sometimes twice a year. i was only off depo for 3 weeks when i got pregnant with my daughter. i was also on the pill. so YES its possible, expecially since you werent on it that long. …

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The Pill and Depo Provera… Cant get pregnant. Did I screw my body up?
Q: ***This is very lengthly, but I really need someones help that has been through this kind of thing before, I dont have any insurance so a doctor is kinda last resort. Thanks to anyone that takes the time to try to help**When I first got with my husband (boyfriend since 2001) I was 15. After I turned 16 and was ready to move to the next step… I got on the daily birth control pill. I stayed on the pill for 5 months or so. Then I was on the depo provera shot for 2 years. Before the pill my periods lasted 3 days, or 4 at the most and could be timed to almost the day every month. Stayed the same while I was on the pill. When I started on the depo shot, of course my periods started getting weird. After the 2nd month I didnt have them at all. I had my cycle maybe one time a year and it lasted for 10 or 15 days or so, both times. Then I didnt renew my shot in February of 2004 and havent been on any birth control since. well for a year after I still didnt have my cycle at all. In february 2005 I started bleeding again, got a Unrinary Tract Infection (I can tolerate pain very well, but this kept me in bed and not eating for 2 days til i went to the hospital… it was HORRIBLE). After I staterd bleeding again it seemed like I didnt stop bleeding for more than a day for 10 months. If it stopped for a day, I was lucky. But, my husband and I would have sex and I would start bleeding again immediatly. Finally after that I got a 2 month break or no bleeding.Since then, I still havent had regular periods. a year or so ago I got to have sex with no bleeding for the first time in a very long time, I may bleed for a week or two, stop for a week, start again for 3 days, stop for a month, start for 1 day… you get the picture. VERY irregular and it stinks because my periods used to be so timed every month and only last for 3 or 4 days. Well, now I am almost 23 year old and want so badly to have kids with my husband. We havent used female birth control of any kind since I got off the shot in 2004. And the only time we have used condoms since then was if we didnt want to deal with the bad bloody mess. Anyway, we havent managed to get pregnant yet and I feel like this is all my fault. 1) I want to get on the pill again just long enough to regulate my periods, and wonder if that will even help, 2)And could I even get on the pill again with not knowing when I will begin my period? (3)Did I mess up my body forever by using the depo shot?(4) and finally… what should I do? get fertility tests? We dont have any kind of insurance, how much do they even cost for a male and/or female tests?Again, thanks for anyone that trys to help, i will be greatly appreciative for any help.
A: I know it will be expensive, but you need to apply for insurance and see a doctor ASAP. Go to the nearest Planned Parenthood and hopefully they can help.I was on the Depo Shot for over 3 years, and after I discontinued my periods did not re-start, so I went back on the pill for 2 years. The good thing about that was that it was a tri-phasic which re-started my body’s hormones. Then, when I went off the pill, it took about 9 months for ovulation to re-start. I am now 11 weeks pregnant, with no problems (wasn’t really trying). And, I’m 25, so I’m a bit older than you…Your body will be fine, just go back on the pill to re-stabilize and also please watch your diet. Once I improved my diet to be primarily organic and vegetarian, it helped a lot of my ovarian issues and I have no problems now whatsoever. Good luck!
Depo-Provera Shot for Thirteen Year Old?
Q: I have a 13-year-old daughter. She lives with my mother and her husband. I have ALWAYS told her if she decided she might want to have sex to PLEASE let me know. I assured her that I would not be mad, nor would I “flip out.” She told me a couple of days ago that she wants the Depo-Provera shot so she won’t have a period during the summer. I want to believe that, but I was a teenager and I remember how it goes. I do not think she needs to be having sex at 13 and I have given her my opinion. She is also realistic enough and can admit her faults enough to tell me that there is not much chance of her remembering to take a pill every day. As strange as it sounds, she is responsible enough to realize she is irresponsable. I don’t want her getting pregnant anytime at least in the next 10 years. My family is too old and I am too sick to take on the care of an infant. I believe she will ultimately have sex when she wants to and there is really nothing I can do about it – this side of chaining her to her bedroom. I have stressed to her that it is a HUGE step and that she is very young to have sex, but that I would respect her decision. I also think it is her body and if she wants birth control for any reason I will support her. She is much more developed physically and emotionally than other kids her age – but that’s just it – she’s still a kid. I have also pointed out that despite being a virgin and her boyfriend says he is a virgin, they should still practice safe sex – even if she is on birth control of any kind. I don’t want to break my promise to her and I surely do not want to betray her trust in me. I just want her to trust me, be educated on sex and birth control, and be able to make her decisions with all the tools I can possibly give her. I guess I just want to know if anyone else has experienced this and what was your reaction and do you regret the way you handled it. any feedback would be greatly appreciated.I don’t think I’m too laid back – I would love to scream NO!!! However, the reality is she is going to have sex when she wants to and I’m not so naïve that I don’t realize this.I have talked to her since she was about 9 or 10 years old about how sex is not just something you do; that it has consequences, that our faith believes that sex before marriage is wrong; and that she is the only one who can make the decision to have sex .I have completely informed her that despite being on birth control, she and her partner STILL have to use condoms. I’ve had the Depo shot and was never informed that “a birth control shot increases cancer risks 100 fold.” That’s scary. But still not as scary as having my 14 year old daughter becoming pregnant. As for being her friend, I really don’t care if she likes me or not and she knows that. I’m not here to win a popularity contest. I’m here to teach her how to life life.And I agree that she is too young decisions. I also know if she wants to have sex, she is going to have sex. I can do one of two things: 1. Educate her, tell her the reasons why it is not something she needs to do and help her get birth control, or 2. Flip out, confine her to her room, let her go to school ONLY, and have a bitter, hateful, defiant teenager on my hands. I want to keep my promises, and keep her trust. We have always had very open communication. And I am not trying to “be her friend.” Why do you think that? I am trying to be a realistic parent and not stick my head in the sand and ignore anything regarding her sexuality. I am going to try to convince her that now is not the time to start having sex. However, I would never try to control her – that’s what my mother did and I was too scared to tell her I needed birth control and I ended up pregnant at 15. My body (I was 5’6” and about 95 pounds soaking wet) couldn’t deal and I miscarried.. I NEVER want that to happen to her.I have spoken with her doctor, a medical clinic, and our Health Dept. Her doctor and the clinic both want to counsel her before doing anything – and that’s a good thing. She needs to be informed. As for the communication; I started talking to her at around 8-years-old about sex and boys and birth control and babies and guys who cheat or leave when things get tough, etc. I set the stage at an early age. I also told her something that I was never told. Why do women bleed after their first time? The blood signifies a covenant between the two people who have sex and God. It’s a commitment, a bond, and a promise. THAT’S why it supposed to be saved for the wedding night. I wish someone had told me that when I was her age. Thanks! I had not thought about the patch simply because I have never used it myself. I am so sorry that you and your mother didn’t have an open relationship – I know what that’s like and it is something
A: I understand your concern since you are her mother but her is the reality, I lost my virginity at 14, I never had an open relationship with my mom but I was lucky enough to have learned safe sex practices through sex ed in my school since 4th grade. When I was 15 I told my mom I needed to talk to a doctor about my painful period cramps which when in the exam with my doctor I told my doctor that my real intention was to get on BC because I was having sex.You are right in knowing your daughter will do what she wants, no matter what you think about it so the best way to react is to be open to her. I wish I could have talked to my mom about everything that happened in my life, especially my sexuality.Please don’t let her get on the deposhot though, many women have problems conceiving after getting the shot and the shot also depletes calcium and seeing as she is so young that is not good at all. If anything how about she trys the patch which is equivalent to the pill or teach her about proper condom use.
Pregnancy test too early? some help please….?
Q: Hi, My periods are on the first of every month (dont ask me how i manage that) LOL well I was on the depo provera shot since december 05′ – may 06′ I finally got my periods back in january ever since i got them back I have been trying to conceive another child which will be my second. Ok well no luck so far but, When I was ovulating earlier this month around the 18-20th I had sex all those nights with my husband, I have been stressed thinking I will never get pregnant after the depo, and thinking about giving up. I took a pregnancy test today because I read on www.peeonastick.com and they say you can take a pregnancy test 4 days before your scheduled period is suppossed to come well I used this mornings urine and the test read negative…should I just wait until a COUPLE of weeks if I even miss my period. I am so stressed. I want another child!!! I fear i will never have another one…..gosh please any insight for me..or past experiences? Thanks so much
A: Wait it out. It’s not over till you get your period! Everyone’s hormone levels rise at different rates, so you could be pregnant and get a positive test 5 days before or two weeks after!Good luck!!
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