When you have your period are you more likely to get pregnant

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About 14 days before the start of a woman’s menstrual cycle is when she is most fertile and likely to get pregnant. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-you-have-your-period-are-you-more-likely-to-get-pregnant ]
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When you have your period are you more likely to get pregnant?
About 14 days before the start of a woman’s menstrual cycle is when she is most fertile and likely to get pregnant. ChaCha!
Is it likely to get pregnant while on your period?
Not likely, but MAY be possible. It really depends on your body and how it works. Most women don’t ovulate until a week or more after the end of their period, so pregnancy would not be possible. (The sperm can’t live that long.) But if you …
How likely is it to get pregnant on your period??
Pregnancy usually occurs between days 11 and 14. The first day of your period is Day 1, and the keyword here is USUALLY. Don’t rely on this method if you want to avoid getting pregnant. It is not foolproof. It is also possible for some wome…

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Is it before or after your period that you are more likely to get pregnant when you have sex?
A: either way
can you get pregnant from boyfriend’s finger with wiped-off pre-cum on it?
Q: I’ll be fifteen in two weeks,My period last started on the 16th of January, and would have finished around the 23rd.I’ve only had my period for just under two years, and I’m generally a bit irregular.It’s now the 25th February,And in between now and around the 23rd of Feb(most likely around the first two weeks since 23rd), my boyfriend and I were fooling around..I was giving him a hand job, he didn’t actually finish but he did have pre-cum.The thing is that he was very paranoid about me getting pregnant from it, and I kept telling him it wont happen, but he was still pretty nervous. I remember him washing his hands at one point, and at another point he just wiped it…You can make judgements on the situation but keep them to yourself as it doesn’t change the situation..But it’s been a bit less than a month, and I’ve been told that stressing can stop my period from coming which is what i’ve been doing all this week, And i’ve done a bit of research, a lot of stuff say different things like sperm die when it hits air, that it can swim into my vulva, all different things.And so my final question is,If your boyfriend pre-cums and gets it on his fingers, whipes it off, then fingers you, and you haven’t got your period since a bit more than a month ago,could you be pregnant, and why?A SOURCE would be nice, I know you may think you know information but ifyou got it from a good website where doctors write stuff or something, then I’d feel a lot more comfortable.Thanks.
A: Sperm only can survive a few seconds when exposed to air. The link below is a situation similar to yours. And yes, if you’re worried about it, your period could be late due to stress. Just don’t worry about it. Good luck.
when are you more likely to get pregnant before or after your period?
Q: my husband and i have a daughter and he also have four other children and we dont want anymore and he always want to ejaculate inside of me after my period but i really dont want to get pregnant, so i was wondering how likely is it to get pregnant after your period
A: It sounds like to be sure, you really, really need to use birth control (there are many kinds). But, if not, you NEED to learn when you’re most likely to get pregnant. It’s not safe to let him ejaculate inside you more than about 3 days after your period. You ovulate about 7 or 8 days after you stop bleeding and sperm can live 3 or 4 days. Below are some sites that can help.Kinds of birth control available: http://www.plannedparenthood.org/health-topics/birth-control-4211.htmPlanning when to have sex without birth control:http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/health_advice/facts/naturalfamilyplanning.htmhttp://familydoctor.org/online/famdocen/home/women/contraceptive/126.htmlhttp://www.plannedparenthood.org/health-topics/birth-control/fertility-awareness-4217.htmGood luck!
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