When your pregnant for the first month do you get bloating and cramps

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Yes, bloating and cramping during your first month of pregnancy is a normal occurrence. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-your-pregnant-for-the-first-month-do-you-get-bloating-and-cramps ]
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When your pregnant for the first month do you get bloating and cr…?
Yes, bloating and cramping during your first month of pregnancy is a normal occurrence. ChaCha!

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Couple possible pregnancy questions? Pregnant women and moms please respond?
Q: Back information. Had sex with my ex May 31st. Figured out on an ovulation calculator I would of ovulated about… June 4. Had period like bleeding second to last week of June. Cramping, but no bleeding in July. Waiting to see if August’s shows up. The only reason I don’t have a pregnancy test yet is because I don’t have the money to pay for one, and I’m kind of too scared to tell my mom. (I’ve been having alot of trouble with my ex, and she already is disappointed in me.)Anyways, symptoms on and off for the last couple of months include:Extremely tiredFrequent urinationHeadachesMoody (movies have been making me cry!)HeartburnConstipatedBoobs have gotten slightly biggerBoobs more veinySore boobs (They randomly start aching on their own)Aerolas darker and biggerMy nipples have been erect alot more (Believe me, its not because I’ve been around more stimulatiing stuff or anything..)What I think are Montgomery’s tuberclesOccasional crampsI’ve been bloating… I’ve been losing weight on my hips, but my middle has been growing slightly, but I had figured this was due to myCravings (butter rum muffins and Snickers, yum:) ) which is all I was eating because I wasNauseous and they’re the only things I really had any desire to eatHeightened sense of smell (Been noticing smells around the house never noticed before, picking up on scents other people around me don’t..)Aversion to food (I have NO desire to eat what were my favorite foods like mozzerella sticks, chicken, etc.)Been noticing alot more vaginal discharge too. No change in anything except amount.Not sure if this would have to do with anything, but happened to lean down from my chair to grab a magazine, and got a pain up my right side. Also was curious about feeling my cervix. So did it, atleast what I thought was cervix. Sort of cylinder, with a small opening on the end, right? Well it was high up, barely could reach it, and the hole on the end felt like it was closed. For moms and pregnant moms:What were your first signs?When did you notice even a small baby bump?Did you check your cervix? What is it supposed to feel like?Any other comments appreciated. :)Please, on smart a** answers.
A: It sounds like you’re pregnant. I had almost all of the same symptoms except I did not start to show at all until I was farther along than you would be now. I would google a free teen clinic in your are and see if you can go get a free pregnancy test. It only take a couple minutes there and you’ll know right away if you are or not. It is best to know as soon as possible and not put off finding out so more options are open to you.
I think I’m pregnant?
Q: My hubby and I are “trying” for a baby. We timed sex before during & after ovulation. My last period was March 27th. Ok…I feel very different this month. My symptoms are all mild, but noticeable. I’m very very bloated & feel full all the time it’s just uncomfortable. I really have no appetite and when I eat I get full quickly. This is much different for me because normally before I start my period I am starving and eat everything in sight lol! I’ve been having mild cramps & twinges in my lower stomach for about a week now and my period is not due for 3-4 more days. I have heard people say that it’s not possible to have symptoms this early in pregnancy so I’m very confused. Ladies what do you think? What were your first symptoms & how soon? Thanks bunches;-) *** Oh yea, How soon can I test at home?I did forget to add that my boobs are quite sore especially when I take my bra off or try to sleep on them.
A: I had my last period march 30th and my boobs were very sore so I took a test last night and it was positive and i took 2 more and they were positive. Even though the preg test say they don’t work untill your missed period mine worked go get one now. If it’s negitive try again in a week or so. I’m only 2 weeks and it showed up). Yay! We have been TTC for a year)
Can I be pregnant, or is something else wrong?
Q: Since Jan of 2009, my boyfriend and I have been having unprotected sex, almost everyday. (trying to conceive). My last normal menstrual cycle was in early Feb 2009. It is now towards the mid-end of April. However, I do have very irregular periods, that sometimes skip a month or two and will never fall close to the same day as the last. So I never know when my ovulation will occur. When I do get my AF, im usually crapping really bad, my boobs heart like a B*****, and im very moody, and bloated. ok…So, for the last 5 days I’ve been feeling very fatigue and slow…if you know what i mean..I feel a little drowsy and nauseous at times but i manage. Yesterday and today, I experience what I thought might be AF. Yet, it wasn’t normal. Very light and pinkish/brownish in color. (sorry for the detail)…My boobs don’t hurt, I have no cramping, but I just feel more tired, hotter, a little nauseous at times through out the day and a little grumpy than usual. Could this be a sign of pregnancy. If so when should I take a test. And please, don’t just say after your first missed period, because I don’t know this, for I am irregular…If this is implantation bleeding, approximately after it stop/starts, when should i take a test?THANKS ALLthnks all for the info…I will keep yall posted =D
A: You could take a test now and see what it say. If it comes up negative then wait a week and take a test again. If it is still negative and you haven’t gotten a period by then go and get a blood test done. Also when you take the urine test take them first thing in the morning, that is the best time to take them because you wont be diluted.
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