When your pregnant how long does it take for morning sickness to kick in

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Morning sickness can kick in anywhere from 5-6 weeks depending on the women. Thanks for asking ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-your-pregnant-how-long-does-it-take-for-morning-sickness-to-kick-in ]
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How long does it take for morning sickness to kick in when you ar…?
Your breast would be real tender…You would be unusaully tired at odd times…Certain smells will turn your stomache,you would be irritated,but things are different with every woman and pregnancy.But,if you think you are having morning sic…

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Hey preggies, how was your day?
Q: If I remember before I go to bed I ask everyone how their day was. Just because I know how stressful the pregnant life is.-I had my ultrasound today, I posted about it earlier. I wanted to clear that I know my baby is not distressed I just think that she is stressed. When I am stressed I usually hide from everyone, so I think she is taking after her mom so soon. And I hit my belly sort of hard on the edge of the counter last night. /: -I have been super hungry today. I started out with morning sickness and after my appointment I went to Burger King. I had eaten out a totaly of three times in the five months I have been pregnant. I am scared that I am going to gain too much weight and my doctor is old fashion and wants me to gain weight. I have heard women say how hard it is to lose baby weight. My baby weighs one pound like she is supposed to so I do not need to worry about that. And Mall*Mart did not have no Strawberry Chex cereal and I had to settle on Fruit Loops.-I have tried taking a nap because I did not get any sleep lastnight. Someone was yelling or having music turned up to high. When I go to sleep I turn the air on 50. My pregnant skin is always burning and hot. And someone turned it up to 75 and it made me upset.-I am trying to figure out if my job will let me have a few days off for when I go and have Sweet Pea. I work online for a Health Insurance benefit company and I have to sign in. I do not know if they are like everyone else and let you have it off. I have to sign in everyday. And since I work online I am not sure what they will say. I also do not want to call them unless if I am being induced, C-sectioned or at 36 just take time off. I mean do they HAVE to give me time off? It sounds dumb, I know, I just never had a baby before so I do not know what happens work wise.-I can put my hand on my tummy and feel Zoie kick. I can also lay down on my back and see her kick through my stomach. -What show do you look forward to each week? Like most girls I like I didn’t Know I Was Pregnant. But, I LOVE the Health Channel, Discovery channel, History Channel and National Geographics. I never miss Deadliest Catch, Jeopardy[I know it’s daily] and RUBY.-My scanner is broken so I cannot upload my new ultrasound pictures. I did get a dvd but it is so long that it is in different chapters. -.-‘ Tell me how your day was! [:
A: Well, im not preg at the time, atleast i dont think i am lol. However i have had 3 children and can relate to some of your thinking. I really think that its cool that you post these daily blogs, its sorta like a diary. Have you ever considered, saving this info that you write daily for your baby? If not, you should, this is a great way for children to one day read and see what it was like for you to be their lifeline for nine months..and also beyond lol! Anyway hope you have a good nite!!
pregnancy questions for all the mommies!?
Q: i thought this was cute when someone sent it to me via email, lots of good ones. take it please! i wanna learn how u felt and what not. have funnnn!FIRSTS:Is this your first pregnancy?: yess!How did you find out you were pregnant?: took a pregnancy testWhat kind of pregnancy test did you take?:clear blue easy digital How many?: 2 of that one and 4 first responseWhat were your first symptoms? nauseas, headaches and just didnt feel right.Who did you tell first? my sister. haha called her crying my eyes out Who was with you when you found out? myself. well people were at my house but i was alone in the bathroomWas baby planned?: not al all. but would never regret it. not the babies fault!When was baby conceived?: i dont know. around the 20th of august i guessHow far were you when you found out?: 4 weeksMy BABY:Due date: may 14th 2010Do you want to know the sex? at some times yes i do but than at some other times i dont.If you know, boy or girl? dont knowWhat are/were you hoping for?healthy one!Any names? girl-ryleigh and boy-bradenAny ultrasounds? at the hospital for an emergency oneHave you heard the heartbeat?no it was too early.Who do you think baby will look like? i wont care as long as he/she is healthyWill baby have any siblings?nope..not for a long timeHave you and dad felt baby move? no im far along enough yet.When did you start to show?: im not showing yet. just look bloatedHow long could you wear your regular clothes? well i cant fit my jeans anymore but sweats are amazing!Are you excited?: just a tad.MISCELLANEOUS:Did you have morning sickness?:more like all day sickness. Do you have any cravings?: haha i think i do. well whenever i see somethin than il want itDo you have any mood swings?: omg! yess i feel soo bad for the bf. hahaAre you a high risk pregnancy?: noo!Any complications?: just an occasional pinkish discharge which i was told is ok.Formula or breastfeeding? i wanna try to breastfeed.Have you bought anything for baby yet?: nope. wanna wait till i hear the heartbeatWho will help with baby after their born? my bf and tons of family What is your favorite thing about being pregnant? nothing yet lol i am always sick Whats one thing you miss doing since being pregnant? nothing yetAre you ready for baby? noo. dont have anything and still a long time to planHow many kids do you want? just 2Do you talk to your baby?haha not yet. maybe when he/she is kicking the crap outta me i might lolDo you still feel attractive? no i look fatt!Have you had your baby shower yet? no. im still early in the pregnancyDo you like kids? love them! How far along are you now?8 weeks4dayshope ya guys have fun with this!
A: FIRSTS:Is this your first pregnancy?: Yes.How did you find out you were pregnant?: Took a test.What kind of pregnancy test did you take?: A dollar tree test and First response. How many?: One of each.What were your first symptoms? Strange dreams and sore boobs.Who did you tell first? My cousin. (yes even before my husband) haha.Who was with you when you found out? Myself.Was baby planned?: Yes.When was baby conceived?: Not to sure about that.How far were you when you found out?: 4 Weeks.My BABY:Due date: May 25 2010.Do you want to know the sex? Yes.If you know, boy or girl? Don’t know yet.What are/were you hoping for? I don’t care.Any names? Yes but rather not say.Any ultrasounds? One to make sure everything was okay.Have you heard the heartbeat? Not yet.Who do you think baby will look like? I’m not sure.Will baby have any siblings? Probably.Have you and dad felt baby move? To soon for that.When did you start to show?: I’m not showing yet.How long could you wear your regular clothes? Well kinda still fitting them.Are you excited?: Overly excited. MISCELLANEOUS:Did you have morning sickness?: All day sickness.Do you have any cravings?: Not really.Do you have any mood swings?: Yes.Are you a high risk pregnancy?: No.Any complications?: Just had some spotting but everyone prayed for me.Formula or breastfeeding? Formula.Have you bought anything for baby yet?: Yes. Who will help with baby after their born? My husband and Family. What is your favorite thing about being pregnant? Just knowing there’s a baby in my belly.Whats one thing you miss doing since being pregnant? Being able to just go somewhere without feeling sick.Are you ready for baby? Yes.How many kids do you want? I’ll see after this one.Do you talk to your baby? Not yet.Do you still feel attractive? Nope.Have you had your baby shower Still to early for that.Do you like kids? I love kids! How far along are you now? 6 weeks and 4 days.
I need help with my essay please help me!!?
Q: ok i just need you guys to tell me where there is run on sentences mistakes and where i can shorten it up with a description its due friday so please help asap thanks heres the essay Abortion A teenage girl is in the hospital with a baby in her stomach; the baby is kicking as hard as someone punching you repeatedly in the stomach. This girl is about to go through an abortion with her baby, it’s a scary thought of course, but she will do anything to stop the pain and sickness, to her its all worth it as long as she can stop the constant morning sickness and the pain of the baby kicking. This happens to many girls; they get pregnant and simply go through an abortion. To me abortion is insane, but no matter how much I hate the thought there’s nothing I can do about it; it’s their choice not mine. These girls are killing babies that have no chance to live; most girls get depressed about it and regret it, and once going through the abortion they’re not learning from their mistakes.Teen girls always are getting into dumb things like getting pregnant then ending up aborting it. Abortion is wrong for many reasons. One of the reasons is that they aren’t learning from their mistakes, they think they can do whatever they want with guys and if they get pregnant they can just abort it and everything will be okay. Parents freak out when their “little angel” gets pregnant so they encourage them to abort it, but what they aren’t realizing is that they are just letting them off the hook. Sure they can ground them but teens are use to being grounded, but if they have to take care and raise a child they will realize that they messed up. What I mean by messed up is they will see how hard it is to be a parent and that they can’t just go out and party ; it will show them that it is wrong to have sex at a young age, they will also start to love the baby. They will see why their parents freaked when they got a scrape or bruise or when they got pregnant.“The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion because if a mother can kill her own child, what is left for me to kill you and you to kill me? There is nothing between.” (Mother Teresa), I like this quote because it makes me wonder about why our world hasn’t realized this and why our government lets us kill infants if we aren’t allowed to kill each other; what’s the difference between a person like me and you and a baby? We are both alive and we both want a life so where’s the difference? I understand if the infant is dieing and there’s no other choice, but if there’s nothing wrong with it why kill it? I mean you could just give birth and try to raise it for about a year and if you still don’t want a baby let some other loving family adopt it, it is better if the child is with its original parents, but at least it will have some kind of life. There’s some woman that just can’t get pregnant with children because of medical reasons and they would give anything just to have a child. Then there are those who would kill a baby just to erase their mistakes, and millions of babies die from abortion because of the poor choices the mother has chosen. Why can’t we at least try to save some of them? Why do their lives have to end before it even begun?“The product, abortion, is skillfully marketed and sold to the woman at the crisis time in her life. She buys the product, finds it defective and wants to return it for a refund. But, it’s too late.” (Carol Everett); what I like about the quote is that it explains the depression that the mother has after abortion, she can try everything but nothing will bring back that child as soon as you make the choice your done no refunds. Many women try to fix their mistake from before by having another child. Some are ok with the idea of the abortion but as soon as they hold their next child they think back to the first baby and think “I could’ve had two kids”. Many girls go through a depressed stage after aborting a child. One can be emotionally hurt, they should talk with their families when they are going through this stage because your family will always listen and not judge you. Abortion is scary it hurts people emotionally and takes away the lives of the next generation. How are we ever going to learn that it’s harmful if we aren’t getting a lesson from it? Ask your self one simple question if I get pregnant what choice will I make?
A: Wow! This is one powerful essay and you definitely kept my attention. It is very opinionated but i do have to agree with your opinions. I only found a couple of mistakes. Dieing, needs to be dying and your self needs to be one word. Good luck!
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