When your pregnant is it possible to have light periods

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Not on a regular basis. You should see your physician or midwife if the bleeding is heavy and regular. ChaCha forth! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-your-pregnant-is-it-possible-to-have-light-periods ]
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Could I be pregnant and still have a very light period 2 weeks af…?
Yes, some pregnant women have light periods the whole pregnancy.
Is it possible that I’m pregnant with increasingly lighter period…?
Hi there, In no way do I want to frighten you and indeed – your situation may turn out to be completely different from mine – but your story has a lot of similarities to my own and so I felt compelled to reply. Almost 2 years ago I had a ru…
Is it possible to be pregnant even though your menstrual period o…?
Hello. Because you had your period its unlikely you are pregnant but there is a small possibility you may be pregnant because your period was lighter than normal for you. Do a pregnancy test in 7 days time.

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Irregular Periods, is it possible the fall pregnant just after your period has finished?
Q: my periods are irregular.my period finished a few weeks ago, him and i had sex from when it finished to now, around every 2 days.i have been feeling light nausea for the past 5 days, and hes been feeling sick too, which i heard that is symathy. He said he was like this when his ex fell pregnant, and that he never feels sick like he has been lately.he thinks i am, but i dont think i am because iv had too many scares. Im just wondering if its possible to fall pregnant just after your period?
A: Well of course luv!! You said you have BD until now, so you are not just talking about straight after a period, are you?!By the way… very sweet fella with the sympathy pains…!
is it possible to get pregnant when you have a period?
Q: my last period was jan. 11 2008, i have an irregular period. last feb. 10, i have a very light period that lasted for 4 days. i did not try to test cause i am afraid to know it is negative. we have been trying for 2yrs. can i possibly be pregnant? i need your advice.. thanks and God bless u all!
A: Anyone with an irregular period has a higher chance of concieving during their period. It can happen to anyone, but if you are irregular there is no way to pinpoint your ovulation date cause it’s all over the calendar. It is possible, just don’t stress and take that test. It’s better to know than to sit about and worry 🙂
Is it possible to still have your period when your pregnant?
Q: I had my period this month but instead of the normal cycle of a week it lasted for 2 days and was very light. A few days later I was sick to my stomach, this morning I woke up with terrible cramps. Could all this be signs of pregnancy?
A: Yes it is possible to still have a period and be pregnant. I had two periods after I became pregnant. And a friend of mine continually had her period throughout her entire pregnancy.
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