Where do i need to go to qualify for WIC

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IN WIC participants must be pregnant/nursing or children to age 5, nutritionally at risk/income eligible. 800-522-0874 for closest [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/where-do-i-need-to-go-to-qualify-for-wic ]
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Where do i need to go to qualify for WIC
IN WIC participants must be pregnant/nursing or children to age 5, nutritionally at risk/income eligible. 800-522-0874 for closest

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why is my WIC lady being rude because I want to cancel?
Q: I started receiving WIC benefits when I got pregnant with my daughter because my husband got a huge cut in his work hours and I had to quit working completely due to complications. My daughter is now a month old and my husband has found a great job making allot more then we have been used to having. We still qualify for the benefits based on our income but I did cancel wic because we arnt in such need for the assistance as we where before. My wic lady yelled at me because I canceled and has been treating me like crap ever since… she is also a RN and does home health visits once a month for baby and even though I am no longer on WIC she is coming over today for a home visit which I think is really weird and I personally do not want her here after this if she is going to be treating me like crap how do I deal with this lady today?
A: Not to be nosy, but how old are you and have you been on antidepressants?I have found from my experience (though we don’t receive WIC but through our drs office and whatnot) that the “professionals” are a lot more nosy when it comes to young mothers, and moms with PPD.I am 22 years old and on meds for PPD and I have dealt with people getting much too in my business about things too.You are not obligated to let anyone into your home, and personally I would not allow it.Our son is well taken care of, healthy, and has a good home and yet people are always bugging me…its ridiculous..We recently had a situation where he rolled off the bed and fractured his skull. CPS was notified since he is under 2 years of age and because I am a young mom and on meds and they came by the house twice and I refused to let them in. There is no abuse going on, we are a normal family. And while I understand its their job to check in on these things, I am not about to just let them in my home. They can talk to his dr or come over with a search warrant.They did eventually get the police involved and I allowed them in, and they looked like fools because as they said when they came in “he is clearly not abused”.But whatever. don’t let her in.
I need help right now!?
Q: I know some one out there can give me a name of some where I haven’t tried yet.I am 21 years old, Married, Pregnant, My husband is Military, He deserted us and pretty much just doesn’t give a crap any more. We went through some domestic violence issues and El Paso Texas turned over everything to the Military and no charges were pressed. Because he deserted me and our unborn child I had to move back here to NM. I have tried Family Services and Advocacy, Red Cross, Barnett services, United way, The on post Chaplin here On KAFB and down there at FT Bliss, FRG, Churches, Free Cycle, Craigslist, and my friends and family. I had to get an apartment up here in New Mexico and my husband refuses to help and his Chain of command will not help or force him to do anything. We are at the very beginning of a extremely bad divorce process, Its going to get nasty here very soon. I need help with paying bills and baby stuff, and groceries. I don’t qualify for WIC or Food stamps because as long as we are married his income is my income even though we are not living together. Texas doesn’t have a legal seperation law, like New Mexico does other wise I wouldn’t be in the situation. If any one has any ideas of how I can get bills paid and get baby stuff I would really appreciate it. I am having a c section in 9 days and Id like to come home to having stuff for my baby and food to eat along with gas, electric, and a phone in case of any emergency or questions I may have given this is my first child and my last. I really need all the help I can get. With no GED or HS diploma and being pregnant I can not get a job. And after not only having a c section I am getting my tubes tied I will not be able to travel for 6 weeks. So getting a job right away is out of the question. So if any one knows of any other programs I would be very grateful.
A: There has to be some kind of program to help you. Its hard to believe that they just wouldnt do anything about it…just because hes in the military. Go the local news station and tell them whats going on, I know where I live they always try to help people out with things like that. If someone is stranded with no help….well…theres always help. But the services will always find some program/way of helping. I would go to your town office and ask them if theres any programs around there that you might qualify for. Theres no way they would just let you get so far down and out that your homeless…try going to a food bank as well to get food. Im sure even if you told DHS that you are married but your stranded because your husband left you and hes in the military. Just demand help thats what i would do.
Is it possible to get assistance for daycare?
Q: I have to find a daycare for my 7 week old daughter. I’m not thrilled about it, but her grandma is not working out right now, as she is really busy and a little stressed out. I’ve looked into several daycare’s and before I make a decision, I want to know if there is any way I can get assistance for childcare. Here is info about me that may or may not be what makes me eligible: My spouse and I are not legally married. We are common law, but do not have names on anything together. We both work, and while we don’t make a lot of money, we make a decent living -let’s say we bring in around a little less that $4000/mo. together. It’s not to say we still don’t struggle from time to time as things become more expensive every day and we do have other obligations such as a car payment and rent, groceries, etc. When I was pregnant, I tried to get on Medicaid twice, with two different incomes and as much as it hurt my pride, I didn’t even qualify anyway. I don’t believe in sitting at home on my butt and drawing off the government, which is why I think the “system” is so screwy…you see so many “deadbeats” who qualify for everything under the sun but the people who are making a REAL effort to try and better their lives cannot get anything at all. It’s a tangent that I don’t even want to go off on.Someone who had experience working in Medicaid before told me once that I needed to apply for WIC first (which I haven’t done yet) and once I get that, I should apply for Medicaid and they will see I’m already on WIC, so that will help me get assistance. Well, I don’t need Medicaid anymore, but I was wondering if this is the same situation to get help with daycare?I also wondered what daycare assistance was like, what it covers, where it comes from? I think it’s called CCS, but I really don’t know. Do all daycares take this? Other than CCS, are there any other forms of assistance out there for child care? Anyone who has any knowledge on this, let me know what your opinions about it are, and what experiences you have had.Most of the daycares I have looked at, toured and researched want around $200/mo, and while I don’t see how most people afford it, I guess they do. Please let me know if any of you have knowledge on this subject or advice on what else I could do. I have looked into two different private sitters and they also will not take any less that $200/mo. I think it’s almost outrageous, but I’m not giving up. When I was in college, I worked at a daycare, and it was not that expensive…I guess the rates went up a lot in the last few years!I’m sorry, I did not mean $200 a monthThe daycares I have looked at are $235+/weekly. My mistake.Also, the $4000 is combined income. I just figured that I could take only mine and use that as the primary since we aren’t married. Mine is maybe a little over $2000, and I will strictly be the one paying for daycare. I also pay all of rent, electric, phone, groceries, andwe don’t have internet and our entertainment is limited due to work schedules, so please don’t think this is a pity party. We DO definitley have our priorities straight, thanks. I’m proud of what we do have.By the way, if you don’t have anything CONSTRUCTIVE to add, then please reply to someone else’s question
A: I’m a social worker in Michigan and I know a little bit about these things. First off, you make way too much money to qualify for federal government benefits, such as WIC and Medicaid. If you bring in 4000/month, that is around $48,000/year. The federal income guidelines for a family of three are $17,600 and below. I’m not sure what state you’re in, so I don’t know if you would qualify for any type of assistance through the state government but it seems unlikely. In Michigan, we do have a childcare assistance program for working parents. The income guidelines for this program are 1900/month or less. Also, not all daycare centers accept the state childcare payments, and those who do have to follow strict policies set forth by the state. Our state website has a list of centers that accept these payments. If you’re interested in looking at Michigan’s childcare program, go to www.michigan.gov/dhs and click on the child care link.Edit: In response to the other person’s answer, I work at a Head Start program and we are a preschool that only works with 3 and 4 year olds. Also, we follow the federal poverty guidelines and like I said before, the income for a family of three has to be 17,600 or below to qualify.
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