Where do you cramp if you are one month pregnant

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Usually there shouldn’t be cramping during month one of pregnancy. talk to a doctor and explain your symptoms. eat healthier foods [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/where-do-you-cramp-if-you-are-one-month-pregnant ]
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Where do you cramp if you are one month pregnant
Usually there shouldn’t be cramping during month one of pregnancy. talk to a doctor and explain your symptoms. eat healthier foods
Is It Normal To Bleed For 5 Days And Cramp While Almost 1 Month P…?
There are some women who will spot or bleed lightly while pregnant in the beginning. This is called the implantation phase where the zygote implants itself into the uterine wall for growth and development. If you are bleeding heavily though…
Is it normal to have cramps and spotting when one month pregnant??
No,it’s not normal however that does not necessarily mean that you’ve miscarried. I had spotting and cramps went to ER I was 5 wks and 2 days. Test were fine. I had an ultrasound but the it was too early to see the baby’s heartbeat. If you’…

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Can an ultrasound tell if your a month pregnet?
Q: i had an ultrasound today and its only a month but can a ultrasound tell if you were one month pregnant?me and my boyfriend mess round where his seamen can get in but we never had sex. i been feeling really sick for the last 3 weeks. first i kept feeling like i was going to throw up and then i got spotting for 2week and then stopped. Ive been feeling like i am getting my period again and it stopped again. Now ive been really emotional. i keep getting cramps. what should i do?
A: Yes it can.
please help! could i be pregnant or just getting a period!!?
Q: my period is due in a week and 3 days i never normally get sympots of getting a period till the day before, could i be pregnant if i am getting cramps where you normally get that at that time of the month they are really bad ones and also i have sore breats wat do people think?
A: a good friend of mine got pregnant and her first symptom was period like cramps. and you definitely get sore breasts before you know for sure. but id say you have a 50/50 chance. id love to know the answer because my period is in a week and three days as well, and i have been having terrible cramps for the past week.
If you miss one pill, can you get pregnant?
Q: I take my birth control every evening around the same time. I didn’t think about it until now, but I threw up after taking one. I think it was 30 min afterwards? I hadn’t had a drink in a while and overindulged. So…I didn’t take two to make up for it because I didn’t think of it at the time, and the pill is gone. I’ve been on birth control for a few years now.Now I’m on day 6 of my placebos and no period yet. I’m having cramps, but they’re lower abdominal and not in my cervix (I guess that’s where they usually are?). They’re a little different feeling – more pinching and less radiating pain. Kind of like getting a stitch in your side but much lower.It’s pretty unlikely that I’m pregnant, right? Would missing that pill mess up my cycle this month? I usually get my period on day 2 or day 3 of my placebos at the latest.I did miss my period completely one month over a year ago, but that was when I was stacking the pills. I’ve stopped doing that for this very reason.
A: Yes you can.
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