Who had the biggest pregnant belly

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I couldn’t find the largest pregnant belly but I found the smallest waist size on a living person which is 15 in!! ChaCha on [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/who-had-the-biggest-pregnant-belly ]
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How to keep slim, 16-year-old had big ‘pregnant’ belly.?
Hey! To maintain a healthy lifestyle & get in shape try this: Try making small changes, if you really love a certain food that is ok, just cut down your portions, you don’t need to deprive yourself to be healthy. As for your overall die…
How big is the biggest pregnant belly ever recorded??
really big… I don’t think it’ll ever be known what woman has had the biggest ever pregnant belly in all of history. However, there have been several outstanding examples that have certainly been recorded for posterity. One such case was i…
Which celebrity has biggest belly when was(is )pregnant??
Melissa Joan Hart. Sabrina the teenage witch. I saw a pic in a magazine of her at 8 or 9 months. She was huge, I thought she was gonna have twins.

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who was the oldest and youngest pregnant woman you seen?
Q: Who had the biggest belly and smallest you seen ever?
A: I saw a girl who was 12 years old and pregnant once.I’ve also seen a lady on the street who looked over 50 and pregnant.When I was pregnant with my first child (I was 16), at 9 months pregnant no one could tell I was pregnant at all. None of the neighbours knew or anything and no one even asked. It just looked like i’d put on a bit of weight.Now i’m pregnant with triplets i’ve honestly never seen anyone with a bigger bump than me and i’m 32 weeks.
Gender Discrimination no longer exists? Then why was a Fired Pregnant Woman told to “Suck Belly In”?
Q: In an article titled: Lawsuit Claims Fired Pregnant Woman Was Told To ‘Suck Belly In’ :A plastic surgery office discriminated against a pregnant secretary who was fired after being told to suck in her belly so she wouldn’t scare away patients, government lawyers charged in an anti-discrimination lawsuit filed Wednesday.An employer cannot fire a pregnant employee based on outdated and speculative fears regarding how patients might react to her pregnancy,” EEOC Regional Attorney Jacqueline McNair said in a statement.Will this pave the way for men be asked to suck their bellies in, for fear that they’ll scare clients away? Oh my. I keep hearing how gender discrimination doesn’t exist, but then these pesky cases appear-do you think pregnant women should be fired for having big bellies? What’s next, pregnant woman will be fired for swollen ankles?http://www.thepittsburghchannel.com/news/14211563/detail.htmlQuite a few people in this forum DO think that gender discrimination doesn’t exist. Or they say that since laws EXIST to enforce pay equity and protect the rights of pregnant women, that it rarely occurs. We have lots of laws on the books that are disregarded every day, and only a few are enforced, based on what the powers that be think is important. Unfortunately, pay equity and pregnant working women’s treatment are NOT important to this administration nor many others, so it is rarely being enforced. Just because the law is broken, doesn’t mean that anything is done about it. Many take the short view, and think it’s good for business to pay peole as poorly as possible and get rid of anyone who will inconvenience them in any way. I think if you treat your employees fairly, you’ll get better employees and good morale, but that is not a popular view in this society.
A: I think this goes a little beyond gender discrimination and gets into hardcore sexism. For those who say it isn’t because cosmetic surgery businesses have aesthetic standards I would ask what secretarial duties have to dowith looks or physiognomy? You get hired for your skills nota certain look. Hasn’t it always been that way? Furthermore, where does that end. Do you fire the male doctors for love handles, spare tires, or male pattern baldness? Also, it denotes that this particular doctor has a pathologically diseased mind. He is the type who believes that pregnant women should not be seen. In his mind procreation is an ugly thing. I pity his wife if he has one.
for the ladies who are bigger and pregnant or have been pregnant?
Q: hello ladies!!im now 16 weeks and 5 days and in the last week my belly shape has changed(bearing in mind,i have extra padding(size 18 uk)) it use to go all round and now all my fat has moved forward to a bump shape-i know this isnt my bump and i was wandering one why my belly has done this and two has anyone else had this?i hope this makes sense and thank you for your help!!!!all nasty answers will be reported!!!!
A: hey hunni.I’m the same kinda size as you and have always had a kinck in the middle of my tummy, i’ve noticed that the bottom half of my tummy has gotten very hard and is starting to become more pronounced but i’m still not looking properly pregnant. cant wait for it to pop properly. started to feel my first kicks last weekend as well which is lovely, for now anyway. LOL
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