Who is Keyshia Cole pregnant by

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Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, a shooting guard on the Cleveland Cavs, is the father of expectant singer Keyshia Cole’s child. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/who-is-keyshia-cole-pregnant-by ]
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Who is keyshia cole pregant by?
why do u even wana know its not that interseting
How many months is keyshia cole pregnant?
keyshia cole is 9 month pregnant she is really to do in febuary
Are the rumors that Keyshia Cole may be pregnant true??
“Maybe this was already confirmed and I missed it but I will tell you the story anyways!” After Keyshia Cole was noticeably absent from Sunday’s American Music Awards where she was nominated for Favorite Soul/R&B Female Artist…

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who is keyshia cole pregnant by?
Q: YO Ameber!!! I Aint spreading no rumor….I was searching info on THIS site and some1 else said she WAS pregnant and she sure looked like it on the hip hop honours award show a couple weeks ago. SO why don’t u shut up if u can’t say anything nice u ugly chik!!!
A: Keyshia Cole Isn’t Pregnant so stop trying to spread rumors or whatever you tryin to do!!
What is the song that is about a girl who gets prego but her bf cheats?
Q: It reminds me of the song S.E.X by life jennings, but its not.It’s hip hop.I thought it was by keyshia cole, but i dont think it is.I know in the music video this black girl gets pregnant with a guy, and then she finds him with a new girl kissing infront of his car. Then she goes to go to get abortion.&& in the song it says that her moms bf beats her,..idk i think theres a bunch of little girl stories in there.At the end of the video all the girls come together with whoever is singing it, and the girl singing is it will be okay.
A: Ludacris Ft. Marie J Blige – Runaway Love http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Q8nRfC8NPQ
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