Who is M.I.A. Pregnant by

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Rapper M.I.A. is pregnant and performing at tonight’s Grammy Awards show. Jennifer Hudson won a Grammy tonight so far. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/who-is-m.i.a.-pregnant-by ]
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Is the girl from MIA pregnant
Yes, M.I.A. is pregnant and her due date is February 8th, it has not been reported if she has had her baby yet. ChaCha On!
Is mia hamm pregnant?
What episode in degrassi does Mia get pregnant in?
She already had Izzy when she first appeared, she was 2 years old then. She already had Izzy when she first appeared, she was 2 years old then. actually mis was 14 si izzy was really 1

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Why is the EX-Wife blaming ME?
Q: First of all, let me apologize for such a lengthy piece. But, it’s necessary to give you a full picture. My now live-in BF is divorced with 2 kids from a previous marriage. He and I have a long history. When we first met he was married with a small son and although it ISN’T true, his former wife says that I am the reason he left her. He and I started seeing each other AFTER he left home but, she insists, he and I were having an affair before. So, after almost 2 years of her drama, she and I have a LONG talk and , I agree to let him go (for their son). I told him that he should give his marriage another chance and I left him. It was apparent that his wife was not going to divorce him any time soon and I was tired of the drama. So, rather than going back to her, he chose to leave the state because he said he loved ME and could not go back to her. Whatever. I kept my word to his wife and didn’t see him again. He eventually went back to her 5 years later (AFTER their divorce) and they had a little girl (I think she got pregnant in hopes she could trap him for good this time). Well, he ended up leaving her AGAIN and moved out of state AGAIN. Anyway, throughout all this time, he rarely saw/supported his kids. FOURTEEN yrs later he calls me out of the blue (I still had the same number), we talk for a few months long distance, he relocates here eventually, he and I back together casually… As I was always told by my OBGYN that I wouldn’t get pregnant naturally, I never used protection. So, to our shock, I get pregnant. He’s happy and I am cautious but, happy. I went ahead and had the baby knowing full well that I would never be able to count on him to regularly support his child (seeing how he is with the other 2 kids). But, he chooses to support OUR child. I’m constantly telling him that he should go to see his other kids too, call them, give his EX money. GOD KNOWS that I have NEVER tried to sway him against his responsibilities with his EX and those kids. He CHOOSES, to go M.I.A. for long stretches. Thanks to my barking though, his EX has seen more money NOW than she’s had BEFORE he and I got back together again. But, I can’t change or force him to do this forever. The ex-wife is still IN LOVE with him and has never filed for any child support legally for fear she will lose him for good if she involves the court system. She has always been on the sidelines to take him back after any of his failed relationships. But, even after all this time, she still prefers to say that I AM THE ONE, who controls his money and won’t let him go visit his kids. Why is she STILL blaming me for his faults??? When he was unemployed, I purchased groceries for their kids at one point because she had just lost her job too. I just can’t seem to win here, not that I am trying, but, I just don’t get why she is so unfair. These problems are between HER and HIM. Why does she still have to hold me accountable (after now 16 yrs)?Yes, it’s true. He isn’t much of a catch in the parenting department but, NEVER did I think I would get pregnant. I would not have willingly fathered a child with him knowing all this. The first time we were together, we were like rabbits for almost 2 years and I never got pregnant. I never thought that I would at 39 when I didn’t at 26. It was God’s plan, I guess. But, I couldn’t be happier with my little man.
A: She is holding you accountable because she cant take a step back and realize that the problem was her, she is in denial. Most women who lose their husband and find out they are with someone else will jump on the ‘Blame the new girl friend train’ Its sad for them because without admitting your faults you cant grow. But you shouldn’t concern yourself with all the drama. You have a baby now, so that’s where your focus needs to be.Personally this guy doesn’t sound like a good guy and perhaps both of you need to realize that about him.
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