Who is the first pregnant man

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Thomas Beatie was the worlds first “pregnant man”. Though he has all the insides of a woman, he is considered a man. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/who-is-the-first-pregnant-man ]
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Who was the first pregnant man?
Ling Mingwei. To see his pregnancy site, go to www.malepregnancy.com
Can Thomas really be considered the first pregnant man?
Being a father of two children, I can attest to the fact that birth is the most magical miracle I have personally ever witnessed. But, for at least the last couple million years women have been giving birth to children. Birth it’s self is t…
What do you think about the “first pregnant man”??
I admit, I felt weirded out about it before. But I watched an interview on TV and they seemed like a normal couple. I think he went on Oprah and Barbara Walters to help people understand more about his situation. If he hadn’t explained in t…

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Why do they call Thomas Beatie the first pregnant man when he’s really a woman who became a man?
Q: A man cannot become pregnant. It is physiologically impossible. Women are made for pregnancies. Why do people call Thomas Beatie the first pregnant MAN when its really a woman turned man? Are people just plain stupid?pc- “they” meant as in the media and the people. And when I say are people really that stupid I mean why do people believe Thomas Beatie is a man when he’s a woman.
A: because it makes a better headline than “man who used to be a woman is now pregnant because they still have a womb”Plus, folk who read The Sun need a simple story tag.
Does the ftm who is being touted as the wolds first ‘pregnant man’ confuse people?
A: Doesn’t confuse me. People need to learn and accept diviersity. And the difference between sex and gender:Gender is between the earsSex is between the legsp.s. He’s not the first. Some FtM’s have had babies for years.
What do you think of the First Pregnant Man Thomas Beatie?
Q: Well, I think shes not disgusting or sinful like some of those pathetic christian thinks, she is no freak but a lesbian woman who had breast removed and wants a child, theres nothing sinful or nasty about that. but I do have some negative view of her.She arnt no man! Her legal stats and out appearance does seems like a male BUT she have female reproductive organs, therefore she is a DYKE! and dyke gettin themselves knocked up is old news… I heard a better one, a kid find out his father is actually a woman when hes 15 accidentally saw his dyke father taking shower. So whats the big deal with Thomas Beatie? For being a pregnant dyke? If she think she became a man by having beard or breast removed, then all women who had sugrey for breast cancer or hormone disorder will all become man? or someone who had their mistake in their ID card? Thomas, you want a defination for man? here it comes – have XY chromosome!
A: Now why you gotta call all Christians pathetic? Anyway, she will always be a woman to me. Sorry but her biological makeup is that of a woman and not a man and furthermore, I can’t believe people are passing the story off as a pregnant man. Give me a break Jake!
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